Hi guys… this is a new ff mil jaate hai to bane kuch rang pyar ke aise bgi (combination if edkv and krpkab)
now.. this is a intro…
CHARACTERS: Dev Dixit: a business tycoon , loves him mom and his brother, shravan
Shravan Malhotra: A lawyer, lives with his mom , ishwari and brother , dev
Suman Tiwar (Sumo): A caterer, lives with sumo (her best friend) , runs a tiffin center (PCT)
Dr. Sonakshi Bose: Works for Dev’s mom as a nutrionist. Lives with sumo
Radha Rani (negative character): Neighbour of dev
Ishwari: Mother of shravan and dev. Divorced. (negative n positive role..based on mother’s feelings)

PLOT: shraman have not met.. sona and sumo are best friends. sumo started living with sona after her parent’s demise, runs her mother’s PCT. Dev and Shravan are brothers, their surnames are different due to a reason which will be shown in one of the episodes..

Plzz comment and tell me if you like it.. And i will be using words like bangalan ( due to radha rani ) so pls make sure that i have no offense against begali ppl.. Thank you..

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  1. nyc start …
    actually i had cnfsn about surnames of shravan n dev bt u cleard it in last….
    i wll wait for this secret to be revealef……
    post next part soon…..

  2. Both these shows r d best combo for ffs

  3. I love ur ff tittle a lot……….surnames r different…. Eager to know.

    1. Hi guys…thank you everyone and the confusion abt surnames would be soon cleared and the Bose family would come … And thank you for liking my title name..

  4. Nice intro. BTW why don’t u include Bose family in Ur off I mean their nok jhok n comedy…post soon

  5. Nice….

  6. When you introduced suman,do I think you wanted to type sona,but actually the auto correct changed it to sumo if I’m not wrong right????

    1. Yes sumo lives with sona

  7. And yes, i hope you would not mind if my ff was long? Plz tell me so according to tat I can write..

  8. Nice start… keep it up… post next part soon .. 🙂 🙂

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