Hey guys.. Here’s e-9…. 2nd last episode…

Precap: devakshi proposal.. Someone is shot.

Dev: sumo..!
Shravan: sumo..!
Everyone is shocked… Yes! Sumo was shot… But by whom?
Shravan looked around and was shocked…. You? How could you..

It was dark there but then a lady steps out revealing her face in light…

Ishwari: radha ji..! Aap?
Radha: yes… Yaad hai naa??
Ishwari: we just told you to leave.. U were insulting suman.. And you shot her for that?

Ambulance comes in..

Shravan picks her in his arms and puts her in the wheelbed.. He holds her tightly.. Just then the ambulance door was supposed to close.. ShraMan’s hands are seperated..

Doctor: only 1 person can go..
Sona goes..

Shravan is heartbroken.. He sits down and crys… Radha runs away… Devwari console him.. Shravan.. She’ll be fine.. Shravan goes and runs to the hospital…

Doctor: she has been shot badly.. She is still unconscious.. You can meet her..!

Shravan goes in…

He looks at her in pain.. He holds her hand..

Shravan: sumo! Pls wake up..! Don’t you remember , we are ShraMan..!


Shravan and sumo were walking.. People were driving rashly and sumo was about to get hit when shravan pulls her..
Shravan: nothing could happen to you..
Sumo: I are here.. Without you I am incomplete
Shravan: hey.. That means we are ShraMan.. Shravan+suman..
Sumo: yes..!

Flashback ends

Shravan: sumo! Suman.. Pls utho…
Dev comes in
Dev: shravan, sambhalo apne aap ko..
Ishwari: shravan beta..
Shravan: nahi maa.. Fine.. Agar tum nahi uthogi toh……

Suddenly sona comes in..

They notice that she was shot too..! That time when radha rani shot the gun.. Sona and sumo were shot.. They notice now..

Shravan runs to her: sona dii! Aapne bataya kyu nahi?

Sona: sumo! (Breathing heavily)

They get her treated…

Precap: a fun week at goa

Hey guys.. How was it? Okay one spoiler: my ff would be a romantic sad ending.. Very sad.. Anyways… Please comment..

Credit to: Shraman


  1. Aarti

    O teri!! Both our heroines got shot..btw shraman i wud suggest u a season 2 of your ff

    • Shraman

      cause… not always in love you can have a happy ending.. sometimes story just need to end that way.. but not exactly a sad ending.. devakshi-shraman would be together.. but not with a happy ending

  2. sana

    its good i silent reader of ur ff yaar plz dont stop it
    n accorfing to me they will die or smthing like dat m i right
    do say bcoz u only tell dat u cant write season 2
    plz doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooontttttttt endddddddddd d ff i lv it
    sry i dint cmnt as i read in hurry
    but today u made me cmnt
    eagerly waiting for next

    i think u know me i m d one who write shravan to cnfes his lv for suman
    did u remember me
    do tell me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.