Hii guys…its nikita and I’m back with e-8.. So here we go… And this is a full on devakshi ep..
And guys I’m very upset.. Because I get very less comments they hardly reach 10 without my thank you comments… So plss comment..

Precap: shraMan’s love realisation and radha rani to take revenge..

Sona: sumo!
Sumo: haan di?
Sona: you love shravan? Right?
Sumo: (blushes) yes..
Sona: so what is love?
Sumo: its a very beautiful feeling.. Par dii aap kyu pooch rahe ho.. You are already in love!
Sona: what?
Sumo: yess.. You love mr.obhodro..
Sona: kuch bhi! Pagal..
Sumo: okay.. Close ur eyes..
Sona closes
Sumo:kaun dikha?
Sona: DEV!!

She gets happy… Oh my god! She felt it for the first time…
Dev on the otherhand, I love you sona!

ShraMan go to Ishwari…

Sumo: aunty…
Ishwari: suman.. Don’t say anything..
Sumo: but auntyy
Ishwari: shravan.. You did not tell me..
Shravan: maa wo…
Ishwari: mei toh pehle se hi jaanti hi thi!
Sumo: aunty….
Ishwari (smiles) idhar aao..
They go and touch her feet..
Ishwari: khush raho.. Chalo now go.. I have to sleep…

Dev calls sona…

Dev: I have to talk to you….
Sona: right now? Its 11 dev!
Dev: yes… But I have to!
Sona: fine… Kahan aana hai?
Dev: Main street park… Black dress pehena..
Sona: fine…

Sona is looking gorgeous.. Open curled hair, black suit with white plazo… Red lipstick and smoked eyes….
She reaches there and sees that there is a projector kept there… She presses the button… And it displays:(their means devakshi)

Their nok-jhok moments, their loving moments… And some very cute pictures…
Then there is a picture of dev and her women (face is blank) in a cartoonic way..
Dev’s voice is heard..
“Naa jaana tha ki aisa hoga..par aisa ho gaya… Na jaane kyu? Na jaane kaise! (I never knew this would happen but it did.. I don’t know why.. I don’t know how)

Dev goes and sticks a picture on the face of the women…yes it is sona’s pictures… Then next picture: yes.. Yes sona I LOVE YOU..!!

Sona is in tears… She is speechless…. She just runs and hugs in…
She whispers… I love you! I love you!

They hug tightly…. Just then a bunch of claps are heard…. Yes! It is ShraMan and Ishwari clapping…!

Devakshi compose themselves and goes and hugs ishwari and shraman… Just then a shot of gun is heard… And someone falls down on the ground…

Recap: a body of blood is shown.. Shravan looks in the direction from where the gun was shot.. He is suprised. “Tum?”

Who is it? Is it dev? Is it shravan? Is it sona? Is it sumo? Is it ishwari? Moreover, who shot? Just keep reading and guys.. My ff would end at 10 episodes… Hope you like reading it…

Credit to: shraman


  1. Shalini

    I am reading your ff for the first time and it was very good sorry excellent. Keep it up.

  2. tani

    Great episode finally devakshi confessed…interesting precap… Why are u ending Ur ff so soon? Waiting forthe next episode..

    • shraman

      Thank you.. And I hav to end my ff cause I don’t wanna drag the plot much.. So.. But don’t worry I’ll be writing another one..

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