Hi guys.. Sorry for the late update actually I was busy writing a two shot so anyways..back to the story…

Till now, shravan has started feeling jealous for sumo.. And a pooja is being held in dev’s house..

Sumo is getting ready.. Shravan comes and knocks on the door…

Shravan: chale? Everyone is waiting
Sumo: yea sure.. Let’s go…
Shravan: you are looking beautiful…
Sumo: thank you..!

Dev and Sona are already in the pooja… Ishwari is doing the aarti.. Just then ShraMan enter.. Radha rani is shocked seeing them together.. They do the pooja and instead of radha rani, Ishwari calls sumo and tells her to distribute the bhog.. Radha rani, on the other hand, irked seeing all this.. Makes a plan..while giving the bhog radha rani purposely pushes sumo.. And the bhog plate falls but shravan holds sumo.. Edkv plays in bg.. Everyone is suprised…

Radha: oh no! Bhog has fallen down..! Anarth! Abshagun! (Something bad will happen! Its not good)
Ishwari: radha ji, nothing will happen..
Radha: you..what’s your name.. Su…summ…
Sumo: suman
Radha: yes you suman! Why are you here? Haan? This is not your house.. Neither I think you’ve been invited.. If you don’t know how to work then why are you? You can’t even hold a plate properly.. Wonder how you cook! Pity on the family who has you!! You are an outsider.. Stay an outsider.. And ishwari ji, you are correct..nothing bad can happen as she is an outsider..

Sumo leaves crying.. Shravan goes outside shouting “sumo!sumo!”


Shravan: sumo!I’m sorry
Sumo: you shouldn’t be here, shravan.. Go in
Shravan: not without you!
Sumo: I’m an outsider.. I have been insulted.. And plus .. Who cares that I have been insulted
Shravan: I do! I can’t see you insulted!

Sumo looks on

Sumo: wh..why… Why?
Shravan: Because I love you!

Sumo is shocked.. What?

Shravan: yes.. I love you! Do you?
sumo (crying) : yess.. I do…
Shravan: toh phir chalo (then come)

He holds her hand and brings her in…

Shravan: ms.radha.. How is the food?
Radha: amazing! Loved it.. Why?
Shravan: sumo cooked it!

Everyone is shocked.. Radha rani drops the plate… Shravan: pls don’t insult her! She has made the food! The so called bhog.. She made it too.. And what abshagun are you talking about..! The biggest abshagun..the biggest problem are you! So plss…
Radha rani: this is not good.. I will take revenge.. I won’t stay quiet.. You see
Shravan: yes we would!


Okay guys since this is ep-7.. I guess this ff would end soon.. Just after uniting ShraMan and DevAkshi.. And doing something with this Radha.. Okay so till then keep commenting..:) and sorry if this was a whole shraman episode.. Next would be devakshi’s as dev realised his love.. So romantic moments..

Credit to: Shraman

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  1. Shraman finally confess…devakshi soon to confesd ..perfect episode

    1. Thanks.. Their confession was not romantic.. I’m sorry about that.. But I promise that devakshi’s would be

  2. sweet sweet sweet ! loved it… ❤

    1. Thank you..:)

  3. Nice one Nikita…..

    1. Thanks

  4. silent reader


    1. Thank you silent reader..

  5. Waiting for devakshi luv confession..sad dat you’re gonna end dis ff

    1. Confession’s in the next episode.. And don’t worry I will keep writing os and two shots..

  6. Lovelly nikki❤…. So cute ??

    1. thank you bhoomi…

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