Hi guys.. today I will reveal the second part of the story.. and plus let me tell you, I am nikita.. I am 13 years old.. I have been commenting here often recently.. but before I was just a silent reader.. anyways, back to the story
Dev: maa, I shared everything with sonakshi.. she’s a nice girl..
Ishwari: I know baba… she’s very sweet..and her sister, suman.. she’s so beautiful.. how nicely she blended with me and shravan…..
Dev: and..
Ishwari: and…. And… !
Dev smiles.. he gets up to go out and shravan comes in..he ignores him while shravan tries to say hi.
Shravan: maa.. ab to bata do (tell now)
Ishwari: I know shravan.. you are not able to see your brother looking so hatefully at you but…
Shravan: maa.. its high time.. tell or..
Ishwari: fine.. I will but I want suman and sonakshi here too.. they should know it too…
Shravan: if that’s so.. then fine
Sumo , sona and shravan are sitting in ishwari’s room.. dev refuses to come..
Sumo: aunty… I’ll handle..
Sumo: excuse me , dixit.. what is your problem? You hate shravan.. right? But you don’t hate me or sona or aunty! What is your problem… nicely justified that you hate shravan.. now atleast give a chance to him to show you his love…!
Dev: (happy as she was the first one to force him to talk to someone) okay sumo….
Sumo: good…(happy as Dev was the first one after sona to call her SUMO)
They all go and Ishwari reveals the story
Ishwari and rahul are in the court… judge announces.. “One child will be given to Ishwari dixit.. and the other to rahul malhotra..” “case closed”
(yes, ishwari had twins.. unidentical twins.. shravan and dev..according to the court shravan had to be given away to rahul.. shravan and dev are real brothers)
Dev and shravan are shocked.. Sumo and sona are happy.. Ishwari says: tum dono bhai ho.. real brothers..
Dev: maa.. par..
Sumo: oh c’mon dev… its enough.. karan-arjun patch up now..!! (karan-arjun is a famous quote in india used for brothers who hate each other but then patch up )
Dev smiles and hugs shravan.. they both apologize and patch up. 
Sona: party to banti hai..(this asks for a treat)
Dev and Shravan : sure..
they both smile at each other..Sumo and Sona go home to dress up…
sona: sumo… mujhe to dev ne bataya (dev told me) who told you the story?
Sumo: (happily) SHRAVAN!
Sona: ohho.. left you one night with him and now you are dating him..
Sumo smiles and says: nahi yaar.. he’s a very good friend of mine though…
Shravan gets ready and thinks about sumo.. “you’re so sweet.. wait a min.. why am I thinking about her? Do I like her?” “maybe.. wo bandi hi aisi hai ki koi bhi uspe fida ho jaye (she’s like that ki anyone can go mad after her)”
Doorbell rings.. sumo goes opens it..
Sumo: oh ! dev.. pls come in… arre shravan.. come in … (she smiles at him sweetly)
Shravan: look at you! All dressed up.. you sure look pretty…
Sumo: bachpan se..(since birth)
They share a laugh..
They all go to the restaurant… shravan goes to pull a chair for sumo but is irked seeing that dev did it..
Sona and Shravan talk… shravan gets irked seeing dev and sumo’s bond… dev smiles as sona and sona smiles back.. sumo feels kind of weird to talk to dev.. so in between she even pretends to listen to dev but is actually talking to shravan using expressions.. Shravan is happy knowing that despite of talking with dev , she did not forget him.. they all enjoy..and have dinner
Plss comment..and remember now.. im nikita.. enjoy! and I have decided that sumo and dev will date.. but then sumo will realize her love for shravan.. whereas shravan already loved her.. dev, on the other hand heartbroken as sumo left him.. will start dating sona and will realize his love for her.. sona will also start liking dev…(thanxx to tanya,bhoomi and nishi for suggesting) plss comment

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  1. vry nyc yaar….
    couple exchng( for while only) is good……..
    bt keep devona linked by small momnts… plz nikita…
    n one thing more you r jst fab in your age…….

    1. thank you.. i know i’m pretty small than you.. but actually there was one line in between.. in the last parah.. it did not come here.. it said that “dev feels irked seeing shravan and sona’s bonding too” well.. i am small.. but am i a good writer? hoping to know..

      1. ya u r good… 🙂

      2. Thanks..

  2. u r superb Nikita … Shraman bonding is so nice… u r really very talented … at this age u r writing so good…. Waiting for next episodes …. Lots of luv dear… :-* :-*

    1. Same thing is applicable to nishi also as she is just 7 yrs old… Love u nishi and niki :-*

      1. Thank you.. This means a lot.. Keep loving my ff like this only

  3. Why did Ishwari not tell this before tht dev n shrvn are twins ? Did she want dev to hate shrvn or smthng else ?

    1. No.. It was not that.. Actually ishwari knew that dev and shravan got very angry listening rahul’s name.. But she saw that day by day dev started hating shravan more.. So she felt its the right time now..

  4. unique concept..couple exchange

    1. Thanks but not exactly couple exchange.. It will be just that dev and sumo will share a special friendship bond.. But then as you read.. Sumo feels a little uncomfortable so she feels safe and happy with shravan more.. And sona does not feel anything about dev or shravan.. And dev just expects a little more from sumo than friends

  5. So Nikita u r little sisi episode was good

    1. Happy to know that.. Keep reading the ff..:)

  6. Relaxed to know their past…u r concept was very good….

    1. Thank you.. Keep reading..

  7. Seriously just love what a brilliant fanfiction by you Nikita 🙂 seriously kamal ho tum!!!

    1. Thank you so much…. This means a lot to me……<3

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