Hi guys.. I’m back.. I’m very happy reading the comments.. And yes.. in today’s part the flashback’s will be shown, so it will be a bit longer.. hope you enjoy it…
Till now, devakshi are on a coffee date… shravan has gone to drop sumo home..
Shravan: Look, your home’s here..
Sumo: yea, thanks..
Sumo leaves but then comes out again: You wanna come in for a cup of coffee?
Shravan: um… why are you troubling yourself..
Sumo: its okay.. we’re friends… come on in…
Shravan.. friends? Um…okay
They go in..
Dev and Sona comes to coffeehouse
Dev: Ms.Bose.. I have decided.. I will tell you my past…
Sona: Dev, its okay.. im fine…
Dev : no.. I will..
Shravan : Sumo, I want to tell you my past…
Sumo: um…. You sure?
Shravan: yep…
A woman is shown.. Yes, it is Ishwari.. She is pregnant.. His husband , Rahul Malhotra comes home with a girl…
Ishwari: Rahul, what is this?
Rahul : She is my wife… I love her
Ishwari: I’m your wife!
Rahul: No… remember, yesterday you signed some papers? Yes.. those were divorce papers..
Ishwari: how can you do this? I have your child!
Rahul : oh pls Ishwari.. stop this drama and leave..
Ishwari: But where will I go?
Rahul : just leave!
Ishwari left… 4 months later, now she was a successful business women… “ISHWARI ENTERPRISES”
After a few days.. she had her child: Dev Dixit… She even changed her name to Ishwari Dixit..
After a year.. it was everywhere on news that Rahul Malhotra, the successful lawyer, and his wife is dead.. And it was everywhere that who would get the property and the child.. Then according to the will, the whole property and child was given to Ishwari Dixit.. Ishwari gave away the whole property to a charity.. but raised the child as her own.. the child’s name was Shravan Malhotra..
She raised both the kids and Dev got the company , ISHWARI ENTERPRISES and shravan got his dad’s company , MALHOTRA AND ASSOCIATES. Now Dev is a successful business man, whereas Shravan is a successful lawyer..
Dev: And that’s the reason why I hate Shravan.. he’s the son of my mom’s worst mistake..
Sona is crying.. Dev, it’s alright.. this happened 20 years ago.. I guess it’s time you forgive him.. like auntyji.. she never was partial with you two.. was she?
Dev: no.. maa treated us equally…
Shravan: and that’s why Dev bhaia hates me..
Sumo: I’m sorry Shravan.. but don’t you think it’s fair of him?
Shravan: I understand that , suman but… it’s 20 years… And why should I pay the price of my father’s deeds?
Sumo: but…
Shravan.. you don’t know the whole story.. this is as far as Dev bhaia knows… there is a part of story that no one.. no one except for maa knows.. she has never shared it with us….
Sumo: then why haven’t you and dev bhaia asked her??
Shravan: maa says that dev does not know about the other part of the story… I know there is other part but I never know what that is…
Sumo: okay…
Dev: I’m sorry.. without any reason I made you upset ( meine bina baat tumhe emotional kar diya)
Sona: it’s okay.. but can we not talk about this..?
Dev: sure..
Their chitchat continues…
Ishwari thinks…
“it’s high time.. Dev hates Shravan… It’s high time I think that they know the truth..”

Before we go.. plss comment.. and there’s a question
Plss tell… based on the highest votes I will write further..

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  1. ok what you can
    Suman and shravan should fall in love and express it to eachother with a very romantic background.
    Dev should fall in love first and not express it to sona,and sona will fall in love with dev but not express it because she is scared that he will get angry.
    After that there can be a love triangle when suman starts to fall for dev,and shravan starts t fall for sona.
    In the end,dev will marry suman,but will divorce very soon,claiming for the desperation of sona,and shravan will marry suman happily and dev will marry sona happily.this can be the overall concept of your ff.oops!sorry?I just decided what it must be like!sorry sorry sorry!you can do this concept and divide the situations in different episodes,or you can completely change.sorry shraman,I just thought I could share this idea with You

    1. Look at my reply in the next comment nisha.. That’s kind of my plan..

      1. Firstly its nishi.okay no need to say sorry baba it May be a typo error?Your idea is fantabuluous!!!!!great thinking skills Shraman!!!continue writing!

    2. Not bad……..what a thought!!!!!!

  2. superb episode Shraman…. Precap is intresting.. i think u should only decided that who will first fall in love as its your story… but sona and shravan first 😛 😛 …. sry if hurt u … when will u post next part??? egrly waiting ….

    1. Look.. I have an idea.. Let’s do it this way.. Sumo falls for dev.. Sona does not know of her feelings.. Shravan falls for sumo.. Sumo and Dev date and then it goes on.. But then sumo realises her love and goes to shravan.. Dev, on the other hand heartbroken falls for sona.. Sona falls for dev..interesting?

      1. yes … u can go on with this idea …… its very intresting….. superb doperb idea ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 lovelly… i m very exited 😉 …. egrly waiting for comimg up episodes….. hurrey 😉 🙂

      2. Yes its interesting…..

      3. Nice thought!!!ya it will attract so many fans!!!!???????

  3. Very good keep it up

    1. Thanks 🙂

  4. Fantastic……..

    1. thank you.. Keep reading:)

  5. Nice goinggoing shraman

    1. Thank you admita.. Its your first comment here.. Thanxx .. Good to know that more and more ppl are commenting here..good to have you..:)

  6. Very nice but i cant wait for next episode to know the flashback

    1. Thanxx

  7. Hey plzz d boys should fall for d girls first

    1. thanxx

  8. Hey episode was good and in last chap u asked me r told me???

  9. I am a girl..

  10. not d counter things plz… things will get awdward den… if u want to give a love triangle plz introduce new characters.. but not sumo for dev n shravan for sona.. keep it simple yet beautiful… dats my suggestion.. well u r awesome .. u write really well… ❤

    1. but i wrote the episode that way.. they wont date.. but dev and sumo will share a strong bond of friendship.. dont worry.. it will be simple n beatiful…

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