Hey guys… I’m very thankful to all of you who made this ff a succes @bhoomi @tanya @lovely lady @[email protected]@sumo @tani And many more.. (Sorry if I forgot your name)

Anyways.. Here’s the last episode…

Sumo and sona are in the hospital still unconsious.. Shradev are sitting outside tensed… Just then the police comes in… They report everything and radha rani is sent to jail for lifetime…

Doctor comes and says that suman has been hurt badly. She is conscious but she can only live for a week.. The same situation is for sonakshi..

Dev: how is it possible? What kind of a hospital is this?
Shravan breaks down….

Ishwari consoles them…

Sumakshi are discharged and shradev decide to spend the week most happily they can.. Ishwari , devakshi and shraman go to goa..
There they enjoy a lot .. Beach times… They even get married there… They both celebrate their own first night…. Ishwari is disappointed.. Why? Why did my two sons marry these two girls? Why?

Shravan: maa?
Ishwari: why did you both marry the girls? they would die.. Divorce them.. You both should leave them and live your life..!
Dev: maa.. We love them..
Ishwari: mei ya wo..
Shravan: fine.. Aap raho…

Today was the last day.. Sumakshi were weak.. Dev , shravan , sumo and sona decide.. If we cannot live together, we would die together…

Sumo: what are you saying? Pls don’t do this..
Shravan: I love you! I cannot..
Dev says the same to sona..

They all are sitting.. Guns in their hands.. Their last words to each other…. I love you.. They shot each other.. Tears in their eyes..

It was reported that they shraman died at the same time and devakshi died a min. later..

A few years later…

A house is shown.. Filled with pictures of devakshi and shraman.. And a lady is shown reading a book.. Named..”They fell in love..they died in love”.. Many ladies are sitting..

Lady: and that’s how they died in each other’s arms.. Written by: Ishwari Dixit..

The lady is revealed to be ishwari.. She had written a novel for them..

“I was a fool.. I did not understand their love.. They died.. Last words were “I love you” I wish I hadn’t done that.. I wish that they could have been treated.. But they died.. They died”
Tears fall down from her face.. Now she is living in a small flat full of their pics.. Doing charity work and getting just 4500 money each month..
She is still upset for what she did….I killed 6 lives that time.. 6! SIX lives..

A lady: 6?

Ishwari: sumakshi were pregnant..

” I love you ”

The end…..

I know its an emotional end…. But love is like that guys.. I hope you were happy reading it…

And here’s a note:
I have written 2 ff’s so far.. Here on edkv n krpkab page.. Its been an immense happiness writing here as your comments encourage me.. I’m just so thankful.. And here’s one thing.. I’m not gonna stop eating your brains.. I’ll be writing two-shots and one-shots.. Thank you once again for the immense support.. Keep loving..

Nikita (shraman)

Credit to: shraman

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  1. devakhi&swasan

    awesome 🙂 love u for this beautiful ff

    1. thank you…

  2. sana (twinj fanJ

    emotional ending…. der was a tear in my eyes yaar
    will miss u and ur ff
    my guess was right dat dey will die
    plz cm back soon with another ff

    1. Sure… Thank you so much for supporting

    2. i will miss you guys too.. but i’ll be back soon.. dont worry

  3. U ended it soooo beautifully..hats off to u

    1. thank you so much.. it means a lot

  4. It was awesome and very emotional. Thanks for your ff. It was great. Please keep writing more story’s.

    1. thank you shalini.. it means a lot.. surely i would keep writing..:)

  5. awsm epi………..
    i jst loved the ff…..
    btw i hv a ques…. why ishwari said that she hd killed them???

  6. Wow..what an amazing episode…
    I will u and it off……

    1. thank you

  7. I will miss u n it off…

    1. i would miss you guys too..

  8. because.. ishwari had said that why did you marry these two girls? so shradev thought that her mum would not support them and would force them to marry someone else.. plus after sumakshi it was only their mum left with them and if her mum was not supportive then……

    that’s why… so indirectly she was responsible for their suicide.. if she hadn’t said that maybe shradev would not have suicided.. thank you for the support and love lovely di

    1. @lovelylady here is the answer

      1. LovelyLady

        thnx dear…
        btw i think u were not hrt by my ques… u hv wrtn beautifully

      2. of course not di… its okay.. and thank you

  9. Awesome episode yaar

    1. thanks

  10. Bhoomi

    Superb ending… Emotional but superb ?…. So beautiful ending…. ?? .. Come back Soon Niki ?.. lots of luv ?

    1. thank you bhoomi di.. thank you so much..

  11. Hey!u forgot my name!haha just kidding di!!i don’t was so emotional and beautiful di!!you are so talented!!

    1. sorry.. actually .. im really sorry .. meine ye last episode bohot jaldi mei likha tha..!! ofcouse you did support me.. and thank you!!

  12. it was amazing .. keep the good work going… u write really well… ❤

    1. Thank you sumo..

  13. OMG! what a beautiful n emotional ending loved it to the core…… Its said naa.. Love stories r beyond life and death.. Anyways hope u r back with a bang soon n write more edkv n krpkab ffs 🙂 🙂

    1. thank you tani.. thank you so much

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