hi guys… @anu bose family would come.. So here’s ep 1

A phone is kept on the bed. Continuously ringing..
Someone is shouting
sona your phone. Sona!
A girl comes in n picks up the phone.. Ki! Shotti? She jumps happily
Another girl comes and raises her eyebrows in a look asking what?
Both girls are revealed to be sona and sumo.
Sona: maa,baba,Elena,Dada,dadi are coming…
Sumo: that’s great…
Sona: chalo I’ll leave..Mr.dixit would get angry otherwise.
Sumo: go, otherwise Mr.dixit would become Mr.obhodro..
Both laugh and sona leaves..
Dev: Dr.Bose actually we have to go to a party tonight …
Sona: how can I?
Dev: Dr.Bose actually me and ma have to go out and we were going to have dinner there so you have to take care of maa’s diet..
Sona: Mr.dixit what about my sumo? She lives with me and I cannot trust my neighbours on keeping her home alone toll midnight..
Mr dixit: then why don’t you call her here? I mean she and shravan are of same age.. So..
Sona: yea sure that would work..
Sona calls sumo and convinces her to come over.
Precap: sona and dev leave. Sumo comes and knock on the door and shravan opens it.

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  1. nyc epi….. very clear to understand……..

    1. Thanks…

  2. Guys, i hope you like it… if you feel this is boring, so i would stop writing and pls tell me if you want it long.. thank you!

    1. actually the story is vry interstng….
      u shd keep wrtng
      .if u cn make it ltl lnger thn it wld be better

  3. Wow party..n shraman night stay..hmm

  4. Superb… Your writting is very good and clear … but can u make it more long … plzz

  5. Nice episode n precap

  6. Good episode… Shraman going to meet the first time interesting

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