Mihir and Mihika-In love… Chapter 1

It’s a fan fiction abou Mihika and Mihir of YUM. The true love they lost before. They r in love again.

Characters- Mihika, Mihir, Abhishek, Ishita, Raman, Vandu, Bala, Amma, Appa, Simi, Ashok and whole Bhalla family..
It’s morning. Mihika is about to leave 4 office. Just then Amma came and says: Mihika. Today someone is coming to see u. Come early.
Mihika: Periyamma, why didn’t u told me. Tell them not to come.
Amma: Yethukku? Why? What’s the problem.? I saw the guy. He is very handsome.
Mihika: I am not ready. And who told u to add my profile in the matrimonial site. Such a big just chapter just ended. And u?

Tell them to come another day.. Bye
Amma: Stop Nillungo

Scene shifts to office.

Mihika is seen worried and just then Raman comes there and ask her what happened?

Mihika: Nothing jiju. Periyamma is just thinking about my second marriage. But I am not ready for it.
Raman: I will talk to Amma. She will not force u.
Mihika: No jiju. She would not listen to you.
Raman: Are u worried about something? Look Mihika. Right now,I am not your jiju. I am your friend. You can tell me any thing.
Mihika: Jiju, I don’t know why but I am not feeling good. I think it’s high time for me to go from here.
Raman : Look Mihika, Life is not always same. It’s May have twists. But someday your problems will come to an end.
By the way, I was u here to invite u for the party. Today 7p.m. You must come.
Mihika: yeah sure.

Later sometime Mihir comes to Mihika to ask about a file.
But he see Mihika worried.

He ask her: What happened?
Mihika: Nothing. I was just thinking about my bad luck.

Just then a phone comes to Mihika. She receives it. It was Ashok’s call..
Ashok: Hey My darling.
I mean my ex- darling.
Mihika: What do you want?
Ashok: You. Not forever just for a couple of weeks. Then u May go.
Mihika: Look, Ashok I’m not going to surrender under your threat. So stop calling me.
And she cuts the phone

Mihir: Why did Ashok call, you.
Mihika: He wanted me on his bed for a couple of weeks.
She cries. He consoles her.
She says By the way why did you come here. I told u to stay away from me.
He says By staying away from u, can you be happy.
She turns her face away from him.

He says Why r u being so harsh?
She said Bcuz I dont want to ruin your life. Never mind. Here’s your file.
Go away. Stay away from me.
Mohair gets out of the cabin.
He says to himself, Whatever u say Mihika I know you love me. I LOVE U TOO, MIHIKA.

At Bhalla House, Ishita calls Raman And asks Have u spoke to Mikhu.
He says, Yes, I Spoke to her she is really depressed.

Ishita: Why does all wrong happen with her? U come fast pls.bye
Raman : Bye.


Credit to: ☺Anaina?


  1. Neha

    Very nice….But please update regularly..and I know it’s a mihika mihir ff…but please add some ishra scene too..

  2. Anaina?

    Thank u guys for your replies. I would surely consider about it. There would be updates in every 3 days. Thank u very much for reading my fan fiction.

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