When I met you,my world changed -A Shivika ff by Tanz(Part-18)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part-18 of my ff. I’m really really sorry for being sooo late….but what to do I rarely get time after studying and whatever time I get, I sleep (I’m really lazy ?) but now I’m here….So, let’s start, shall we?

Precap – Both Shivaay and Annika have realised their feelings and have decided to propose each other to know about the other person’s feelings.
Next Morning 6 am
In OM it’s not a normal scenario to see people walking here and there so early but today was something special. Everyone was excited. After such boring days at home, they were to go for a picnic, the mere thought of picnic made them excited, so it’s preparation was also one full of enthusiasm and excitement.
When everyone else in the mansion was busy deciding their clothes, what eatables to take,and what not, there was an very important meeting going on in the big room near the pool. This meeting was attended by three people, Om, Rudra and Shivaay. Although Shivaay had thought of telling everyone else about his feelings after he was sure that she feels the same but then for knowing about her feelings, he had to propose her but he was a novice in that too. So he seeked Rudra’s help to figure out how he was going to propose and Om’s help to advice him if that proposal seemed proper or not or if it seemed to flirty. Who else could advice him better than his own brothers.
Shivaay ( a little tensed):” Ok first I will ask her to close her eyes, then I’ll take her to….”
Rudra :”Come on bhaiya…you are repeating it again and again as if you are preparing for an history exam… it’s not that hard.”
Shivaay: “Rudra, it may be easy for you…but it’s not easy for me….do you even realise at this time my nervousness is at its peak…I don’t know how I am going to do it….”
Om : “Calm down…calm down Shivaay….. breathe in(Shivaay breathes in)…good…. now…. breathe out (he breaths out)….a bit better now?(Shivaay slightly nods his head) See you don’t listen to this idiot….”
Rudra:”Haww….Om you’re very bad…This is a full proof method as this proposing trick is already tried by me”
Om :” Exactly Rudra….it is a full proof method but for you and not for Shivaay. He is a different person ….. Don’t worry Shivaay, it’ll go well…just say what comes from your heart…. You know in love, people turn into poet…do shayaris and all…I don’t expect you to do a shayari but I do expect that you would say or do something which will make Annika fall in love with you all over again.”
Shivaay:” But how am I supposed to know what that ‘something’ is ? ”
Om: “Even I don’t know but You’ll do it yourself… Believe me your heart will make you do it…. Now​ don’t be tensed….I know it’s hard but don’t you have to act normal in front of Annika?(Shivaay nods) . Ok I think our work here is done Rudra….I mean half of it…. Let’s go and complete the other half. All the best Shivaay…. we’ll meet in the evening now.”
Rudra:”Yeah we’ll meet our Bhabhi in the evening. All the best Bhaiya. Rudy baba ki kripa Aap par Bani Hui hai…hehehe….bye.”
All three of them hug each other and then Om and Rudra leave from his room and go directly to Daadi’s room.

Annika’s house:
Saahil : ” Annika Didi stop it now….Will you drink whole water of the colony?…. you have already gulped 3 bottles of water…. I think that’s enough for your digestive system……Oh God…. I’ve never seen anyone more nervous than you are right now….and for what? Because you have to propose SSO….”
Annika (facing Saahil) :”You won’t understand it Saahil….Let me see how calm you would be when your time comes….”
Saahil:”You don’t have to wait for so long….Only my cute smile is enough to make a girl fall in love with me…..(they both laugh)….Ok jokes apart, how are you planning to propose SSO?”
Annika:”Good question….. very good question…..how am I planning to propose him?….I have no idea Saahil…. I’m blank…. I’m going to screw it all up….”
Saahil :”Why fear when Saahil is here? That’s not a big issue, I’ll help you plan it…..So there is a movie which I saw… their story was somewhat similar to yours so I think it would do. So in that movie, the heroine​ wears a black saree….”
Annika:”No Saahil, I can’t wear saree today….. today is picnic remember? everyone would suspect something is wrong…”
Saahil :” Ok.Ok. We’ll plan about your outfit later. So this heroine​ goes to a party with the hero, they have not proposed yet. They both get drunk unknowingly ….”
Annika:”No Saahil. You know that I don’t drink…”
Saahil:”Oho …..when did I tell you to drink….Just listen to the story….So while returning back, the girl asks the hero to stop the car and she gets down and then suddenly it starts raining…the hero also gets down…..then….”
Jaya enters and interrupts in between…
Jaya: ” Saahil dear your Annika didi and your SSO are unique…..no story can match theirs . Don’t you want their story to be original…..(Saahil nods)So leave this task on your didi. I’m sure she’ll tackle it herself…”
Annika :”How am I going to tackle it all by myself…..noooooo…. I need someone’s help….”
Jaya:”Do you need someone else’s help in any thing else?No right….then why now? You are Annika….Just say what comes from your heart and your work will be done….Ok? Now cheer up….Did you call Om?”
Saahil’s POV
Although I didn’t want to agree with her but giving it a second thought,I think she’s right… Annika Didi’s and SSO’s story is entirely unique….Okay I have to nod I guess. I really don’t know if she’s acting or she has really changed but I like her this way…. I hope she stays like this, loving and caring…
Saahil’s POV ends
Annika:”Yes Maa….I have called Om and he will make sure that Shivaay stays back and that he gets to know nothing about my intentions.”
Jaya:”All’s well then….. let’s go now else we’ll be late….”
Saahil(excited):”Yes let’s go…. we’ll have a lot of fun….and you Annika didi….all the best for whatever you’re going to do…”
Annika stares Saahil for sometime and then they leave for OM.

In OM, Daadi’s room
Daadi : “So Shivaay is totally ready to propose her na?”
Rudra:”Haan Daadi….. Don’t you worry. Shivaay Bhaiya will definitely propose Annika didi today. Don’t know how exactly he’s going to do it(he gives a stare to Om) but yeah he would .”
Daadi :”And Annika? What about her? What did she say?”
Om: “Yes Daadi Annika called me early in the morning and asked me to somehow make Shivaay and her stayback at the mansion….. this was already a part of our plan , so I told her not to worry and that I would handle it…. It’ll be interesting to know who proposed first…I think Shivaay will propose her first.What do you guys say?”
Rudra:”No way. I can bet with you that Annika di will propose first”
Rudra:”Annika Di….”
Rudra:”Annika Di…..”
Daadi:”Chup karo….bilkul chup…..you start fighting anywhere like cats and dogs…..are you small children?(both of them look down and almost together , say’Sorry Daadi’ hearing which Daadi starts laughing) I was just pulling your leg….How afraid you were…..hahaha…..ok important things first, does anybody else know about what is actually going to happen other than the 4 of us?”
Om:”No Daadi… no-one else knows about it till now…”
Rudra:”wait….4 people? But we are only 3…..who is the 4th person?”
Om:”Jaya aunty Rudra…. you are really a duffer…. Saumya has given you the right name…”
Rudra:”Don’t say like this O….I accept that sometimes my tube light flickers and then starts after some time but atleast it starts right?”
Om(almost inaudible):”Only if you had one Rudra…..So sad…(he sighs and then speaks out aloud) Ok I won’t say anything to you, happy now?”
Rudra(With a cheesy smile and hugging Om):”Oh Ok, I knew it….In some corner of your heart, you had some feelings for me…..I was sure it would come out one day and here it comes…..”
Om(breaking the hug):”If your melodrama is over , can we get along with our work?”
Rudra:”Yeah why not?When did I stop you?”
Daadi:”Ok. Ok. Let’s go now…. everyone would be waiting and Annika’s family would be coming any minute now…. We’ll tell about it to everyone else once reach the picnic spot… I’m sure all of them would be as happy as we are…. especially Pinky…..her years old wish to get her son married is going to get fulfilled afterall.”
All three of them, reach the hall where soon Annika’s family also reached. All seemed very excited, specially Saahil, for whom this picnic was organised. He was a little upset that his didi and SSO could not join them but the sense of happiness at the thought that his didi was going to get the happiness she had deserved in her life, overcame it.

It’s the end of this part. I think ​that this part was a small one and I’m really sorry for that. The reason is that I had decided to end the ff with this part but it was taking me way too long to complete it due to lack of time so I decided to post the part which was done. I am thankful to All those who have commented on my ff and gave their valuable opinions , keep doing the same. I don’t know when the next part will be posted but I promise that I won’t leave this ff without ending it even if I post after a month (I hope that situation never arises).
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