When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 9)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part 9 of my ff . I know I’m late and I’m really sorry for that. Thank you all for your support. Now let’s start……..
Recap : Both Shivaay and Annika think about the same problem but from their point of views.

Next Morning(at Annika’s home)
Annika : “Saahil , now is not the time for doing your homework. You will be late and will be late too. Do it in your school now.”
Saahil :”Annika didi just 5 minutes. I’ll complete it.Please.”
Annika :”No 5 mins Saahil , I know it will take you half an hour to complete it and we don’t have that much time.Were you sleeping yesterday?”
Saahil : “But…..Ma’am will scold me….”
Annika : ” It’s good to get a scolding once in a while . Now hurry up.”
Saahil made a cute face towards Annika but nothing affected her.At last Saahil gave up and got ready for school.Annika left him till his stop and came back home to take her bag . She didn’t want to make a bad impression that too when she was going to talk about something very important. When she entered the house , she saw Jaya talking to someone on phone.She went towards her bedroom without disturbing her.
Jaya : “What are you saying? The Shivaay Singh Oberoi came to drop her. I don’t believe it.”
Caller(Jaya’s friend) :” I saw it with my own eyes . Annika was sitting on the front seat with him.”
Jaya (seeing Annika coming out of the room):”OK OK ….She’s coming , I’ll talk to you later. ”
She ended the Call and while going towards Annika, she was thinking,
Jaya (thinking):”I never thought that this girl was so clever . Wow. She trapped Shivaay Singh Oberoi in her sweet talks. Well, it’s great for me. If she marries him , I’ll live in the Oberoi Palace. But for that first I’ve to be in her good books.”

Now she had reached where Annika was standing and she spoke in almost honey coated voice.
Jaya : “Annika beta did you eat something?”
Annika was surprised at this sudden burst of love.
Annika: ” Yes Maa . I had my break fast with Saahil. Do you have any work?”
Jaya : “Can I talk to my daughter only when I have some work?”
Annika :”No Maa I didn’t mean to say that.”
Jaya :”It’s okay Annika beta. I wanted to ask something if I may.”
Annika :”No need to take my permission Maa .You can always ask me anything you want.”
Jaya :”Annika won actually I wanted to ask with whom did you come home, yesterday night?”
Annika : “Oh ,sorry Maa . I forgot to tell you that I got a new job in Oberoi Mansion.My new boss , Shivaay Singh Oberoi came to drop me home . He is a very nice person Maa.His whole family is so nice.”
Jaya :”okay okay…..you were getting late na.Now go.”
Annika:”OK bye Maa.”
Jaya( with a fake smile): “Bye.”

Annika left from there and reached OM .There she was told by Khannaji that Shivaay was waiting for her in his room .She enquired about Shivaay’s room from a servant and went towards it taking a deep breath . She stood at the door and saw that Shivaay was sitting on his orange couch ,reading a file . Before she could knock at the door,Shivaay spoke,
Shivaay :”Come in Annika.I was waiting for you.”
Annika(confused): “But how did you know it was me ?”
Shivaay :” I can sense you Annika . ”
Annika :”What? Do you have some magical powers Billuji? I knew it that there was something wrong.”
Shivaay(realizing what he had just said) :”What? Are you mad Annika. I don’t have any magical powers . I had called for you .So you would only come Right? ”
Annika(almost inaudible):”Billuji…urgh…..kanji aankhon wala baghad billa…..Even my chameli is more intelligent than him…”
Shivaay : ” Did you say something Annika?”
Annika :”No Billuji nothing.”
Shivaay :”So will you keep standing on the door or come inside .”
She entered the room and went near him. She was about to say something when Shivaay got up from the couch and went towards his cupboard to take another file .
She decided to let him first come and sit , then she will talk to him. Till then she decided to have a look at his room.
Annika(thinking):”These rich people are strange . Such a big room he has and see how dull colours are used .But this pool….(peeping out from the window)…I mean yes it’s beautiful but who has a pool inside the house .Oh leave it ,who am I to judge them.”

While she was lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice that Shivaay had come with a file and was now offering her a cup.
Annika(coming back to reality) :”What is this Billuji?”
Shivaay: “It’s Americano .Have it, you’ll like it.”
Annika(looking at it):”It’s OK Billuji.I don’t drink Sairabano.”
Shivaay:”It’s Americano Annika.”
Annika: ” Yeah whatever. Okay give,I’ll try it.”
Annika sips from the cup and spits it on Shivaay who was standing in front of her, making weird expressions.
Annika:”Yuck….Billuji I will drink poison in place of this kaali coffee. I’m sure It’s the effect of this bitter kaali coffee on you too.”
Shivaay :”What did you do Annika?You are really impossible. You spoilt my shirt……uhhh…now I have to change . Don’t move from this place ,I’ll be back in a minute.This girl is really crazy and she’ll drive me crazy.”
Shivaay leaves from there in anger.Annika is standing there and after sometime thinking something , she smiles.
Annika(thinking):”It’s good I spit that kaali coffee on him.Tadibaaz kahin ke. What does he think of himself.Well done Annika.”

So,I end the first part here.I have no idea if its a long or a short update because I’m typing this on phone.I want to tell something very important now, i.e. I won’t be able to update this ff now on a daily basis.There are 2 reasons for that.
1)Something’s wrong with my PC and I have to now,for sometime, type it on phone.
2)My school for class 11th are starting from tomorrow and I don’t want to compromise with my studies .
So , due to these reasons now the updates will be reduced to once or twice a week or at most thrice a week.I’m really sorry for that but I can’t help it.
Please do comment if you can,

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear❤❤❤ I love it and I’m getting crazy for your FF since I read it for the first time

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sam???It really means a lot for me

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome sweety??

  2. Awesome one yaa!!!!! Loved it a lot!!!
    Nd plzz do post it asap!!

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Bhavana. I’ll try to update soon.

  3. its very good ff dr by the by im also going fr 11 but my classs r from june only urs is too fast i guess but still u dont compramise in studies but u have to keep ur words twice in a week u have to post ur ff

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Shan… Actually we have summer vacations in June and half of May and every year 11th class in our school starts from April end but this time as the boards ended late so they have started from May .
      BTW All the best to you too for 11th. I’ll definitely try my level best to keep my promise.

      1. Tanz

        This autocorrect….urghh…

  4. SamSun

    awesome one tanz. anika’s thought at the end made me laugh. and evil jaya planning to use anika!! well all together it was fab.
    BTW best of luck for 11th hope ur first day goes fab like ur ff. which stream have u taken??

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot SamSun.I have taken science (PCM).

      1. Anu16

        Nice episode…. me too Science Pcm…. by the wat I’ve started reading ur ff…. its awesome

      2. Tanz

        Thanks Anu?

  5. Akshaya

    Aww cute

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Akshaya

  6. Dhar

    Loved it yaar amazing episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Dhar. I’ll try to update soon.

  7. Sanskriti120

    Tanz aagayi ?????. Hahhah!!!.
    Episode khidkithod ekdum!!!!!!. Jaya ??????. Uski jaan lene ka Mann hain. Update soon??

    1. Tanz

      Hiiii??aur batao sab theek?……???Thank you Sanskriti and I’ll help you in killing Jaya…. I’ve done a little bit research on killing a person ?? I’ll try to update soon.

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. I liked it!!
    Its ok dear, take ur own time. Study is important to everyone. And all the best for ur 11th.

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Gayathri.

  9. Alekhika20

    Lovely updt

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Alekhika

  10. Pooja26

    haha shivika r always be tadibaaz 😉
    amazing part dear…..
    post asap…
    ya study well…..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Pooja. I’ll try to update soon.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…. Update it when u get free time..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Nikita?

  12. Niriha


    1. Tanz

      Thanks Niriha

  13. Haridhra

    Awsm..yaar it was a good epi..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Haridhra

  14. Diyaa

    That was a nice update Tanz. Among other things I liked Saahil’s interaction with Anika. I liked how she was gentle yet firm with him-a good mother figure. Evil Jaya…I can see her planning mischief. Well, take your time, have fun in class 11th and also study hard, and post when you can. I’ll keep checking the site for your updates. Wish you lots of luck for the exciting new year at school ?

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Diyaa Di . That Saahil-Annika’s interaction is an inspiration from my own life….I don’t know about fun,from first itself teachers have started scaring us and those big fat books are scary too….but I’ll try to give my best. Thanks again for your wish.?

  15. Fabulous

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Banita

  16. Superb update

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Ankita ?

  17. Jerry_36

    Really a super awesome update Tanz. Sorry for being late☺

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Jerry and it’s ok.BTW I loved your previous do…..this is also great but that was my fav….I hope you get something similar to that soon?

      1. Tanz

        Previous dp*

      2. Jerry_36

        I will replace it with the previous one once again☺

  18. Neha_Pheonix

    Amazing Tanz, I had read earlier but failed to comment due to lots id studies. Your version of Shivaay is so understanding. The way he is helping Anika is adorable. Sorry,for commenting late, overall superb update!

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Neha Di and it’s completely fine…?

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