When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part-13)

Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part-13 of my ff. I am sorry for being late,I just couldn’t find time to write but here I am now . Thank you all for all your comments and I’m really sorry I couldn’t reply to all of them ,I’ll try to do it as soon as possible . So let’s start with this part without further ado….
Recap : The party organized by Rudra in which Shivaay tells the truth to Annika during the game after which Annika leaves without saying anything.
Next Morning in OM.

Shivaay comes out from his bathroom ,buttoning up his shirt and still thinking.
Shivaay(thinking while brushing his hair) :New Day,New Hopes .Let’s hope for the best . I just hope Annika forgives me but I have to do something to gain her forgiveness. Think Shivaay , what can you do? I can give her a gift or should I cook something which she likes….BUT I don’t even know what she really likes…She never eats here in OM….I have to find out…BUT how…I can’t ask her …NO. Then how? Saahil might be knowing it . Yes…I should call him…Ok.Let’s do this.”
Shivaay goes out from his room while dialing Saahil’s number . In all this , Annika is the hurt one but Shivaay was the restless one. HE didn’t get a proper sleep last night . The reason being his concern for Annika . He had been outside Prinku’s room twice,just to see if Annika was sleeping properly . The first time he went to see ,he peeped through the glass window to see that she was sitting on bed, thinking .Prinku was asking her to drink some water but no use.She just sat like that motionless . Not being able to see her in that condition, Shivaay came back to his room .
Shivaay blamed himself for her condition . Earlier also, he had hurt her but this was not the same. This time her Self-respect was hurt, the one thing most precious to her. Again, he went gain to peep through the window, this time he could see Annika lying on the bed, her back towards him. Thinking her to be asleep he came back to his room with atleast some sense of relief.
By now, Saahil had picked up Shivaay’s call.

Saahil :”Hello”
Shivaay:”Hello Saahil, this is Shivaay”
Saahil :”Oh the great SSO has called me…hmm…Yes?”
Shivaay : ”I don’t know which language you and your sister speak…both of you are impossible…”
Saahil :”Have you called me to tell this? So should I hang up if it’s over? You know I’ve lots of other works to do…So if you’ll excuse me…”
Shivaay :”Aree I’ve to talk about something very important…umm..it’s about Annika…”
Saahil:”Oh So you want to convince Annika didi after all that you’ve done…”
Shivaay :”Yes…but wait how do you know…Did she tell you?”
Saahil :” OH Mr. SSO you’re forgetting that she’s my sister much much before she’s your friend.She tells me about everything…What do you want me to do just say it clearly…I don’t have much time….”
Shivaay :” Of course…how can you have time,you’re the president right?”
Saahil :”excuse me?”
Shivaay :”Oh really sorry..So coming to the point,I just wanted to know what is Annika’s favourite dish? I will cook whatever she likes and say sorry to her till she forgives me…I just want this much help of yours.”
Saahil :”Her favourite is Aloo poori …. And remember I’m telling you only and only because we’re friends .Just make sure My Annika did is smiling by the time I come to OM .Ok?”
Shivaay :”Ok done….As you say Mr. President…Thank you much….bye bye”
Saahil :”yeah whatever…bye”
Shivaay disconnects the call and smiles. It’s a smile of satisfaction . Shivaay calls Khannaji and asks him to do all the arrangements in half an hour . He turns around to see that a lady was looking at him.

Shivaay : “I’m sorry .Do I know you ?”
Lady :” You’re Shivaay Singh Oberoi Right?”
Shivaay :” Yes ,but I don’t recognize you.”
Lady :” It’s Ok. You don’t know me. I’m Jaya, Annika and Saahil’s mother. ..”
Shivaay : “ But Saahil is not…”
Jaya :” I know Saahil is not here, I’m here to meet my daughter Annika. She had called me yesterday to tell that she was staying here for the night . I came back today in the morning ,and I made this(pointing towards a lunch box in her hands) for her..”
Shivaay :”But…”

Jaya :” I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been a very bad mother. I’ve been too bad that I can’t even be called a mother . And most of all, I’ve been wrong to Annika . I’ve treated her as if she was not even a human being. So many humiliations and yet she never said a word against me . I know it’ll be very hard for her to forgive me but still I’ll try and keep trying till she does . and this is just a small step towards my goal. I’ve made her favourite aloo poori for her . I have made this with love of a mother . I hope my daughter accepts me.”(She ends with tears in her eyes)
Shivaay :” She will. That’s my promise and Shivaay Singh Oberoi never backs off from his promise. Even I’ve hurt her and I’m sure she’ll forgive both of us . She is a pure hearted person.”
Jaya :”Yes,her pure heart has changed me. Earlier, I was blind to it but not now . I will regain my daughter. Thank you so much beta for supporting me in all this.”
Shivaay :” There’s no need for all that aunty , I’m just like your son . Actually you’ve saved my time. Now you just give this lunch to me and in some time your daughter will come running to you by herself . You just wait here for sometime, please sit on the sofa . “
Shivaay calls Khannaji.
Shivaay : ”Khanna, I want the preparations done in 10 minutes and perfectly.”
Shivaay ends the call . He had a shine in his eyes.
So this will be it for today. I hope you like it . This has helped me to kill some part of my anxiety due to the upcoming results and I hope it also helps others who are are waiting for their results to distract them for a while . And all the best to all of you who are waiting for your result whether it is tomorrow or day after. And Sumitha, luckily I am able to post before your result, maybe they were waiting for me….
Please comment if you can.
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    Thank u so much for these update and really it divert my mind and coming to the epi it is really amazing . All the best for ur result . Waiting for the next drrr

  9. Awesome episode tanz???…
    Shivay and sahil’s conversation was too good ?..
    Hope Annika forgives Shivay…
    And I also hope that jaya ( ani’s mother) is not doing any kind of drama in front of shivay…
    Well,but its all upto you dear….
    I was eagerly waiting for your ff..
    Post soon… ?
    And All the best for your results…..

  10. aaawww hope Anika’s forgv both

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  13. Sanskriti(ya it's me??)

    Heyaa tanz, how are you all okay??.
    If you are okay then let me tell you I’m not,b because this episode has left some doubt in my chotu as brain?.
    I’m some what dumbo so please excuse me if my doubt hurt you?
    My doubt is that you have already informed about Jaya being negative,so if she is negative then yeh aloo puri kaha se aagaya, why did she make aloo puri all of a sudden,
    Actually this was my doubt and I have even figured some answers or I can say guesses
    1] she became sweet because Anika is helping out Sahil so that he can become normal
    2] Abhi yeh second nainathara tho nahi Haina,i mean she is acting sweet for money,like using Anika against shivaay[somewhat like that].
    I know I’m dumbo and a biggggggg one..
    Meaningless doubt I know,but I think this doubt is gonna gift me a sleepless night..
    And forgot to say the epi was flawless… Shivaay’s concern was just AWWW.
    Please post the next one ASAP???

    1. Tanz

      First clear my doubt,why are you commenting as a guest????
      Now, coming to your doubt, I don’t think I can handle negative characters in my ff.So yes, Jaya is trying to turn herself into a good mother. It took her 3 weeks to come at this aloo-poori level but she’s trying whole-heartedly.
      I think now you won’t have a sleepless night and no you’re not a dumbo.Every doubt regarding the ff is welcome, however silly it might appear.And,thanks a lot Sanskriti ??

  14. Nita D

    Awesome episode Tanz….

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    Superb dr……I hope she forgives both……and waiting for Shivay and anikas romance to kick start…….

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    Hey Tanz. Its really amazing. I adored this episode very much. Fabulously well written. You are awesome…
    Coming to the chappy I am very excited. Solve the misunderstandings soon and make them meet?
    Will be wishing to see some lovey- dovey scenes between them?
    Do post the next one soon. Much love to you. I am waiting❤❤

  24. Madhuani

    Shivaay’s concern was nice.
    Shisa convo was too good.
    Loved it.

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    Fabulous as usual Tanz..really..SSO is so caring’
    Mr. Prisedent..yesss it totally suits Sahil
    happy that Jaya aunty has changed
    Even the next part is awesome
    LOve your writing style
    Love ya!

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