When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 12-A)

Hello everyone,this is Tanz back with part-12 (A)of my ff.I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all those good wishes for my result.It’s not out yet but it will be soon so I’ll keep those wishes safe for that day.This part has 3 new entries which are not really new, you’ll know.You’ll find their character sketches at bottom cause I don’t want to spoil the suspense. So let’s start now…..

Recap:Rudra makes Shivaay and Om agree to his organising the party.

Annika’s POV
I am standing in front of a mirror and getting myself dressed to go down for the party but really I don’t want to go there. Around Billuji , I have a michimichi feeling and I don’t like it.
I had made a full-proof plan to avoid him tonight. I would have been​ sleeping peacefully now but I have to go that party now,all thanks to Rudra. What was the need to plan this party? I could have said no to Rudra but the pleading face he made, I couldn’t say a no to that place . Oh! Such a nice person I am.”Annika Di get ready fast and come down as soon as you can. All are waiting for you.”I heard Prinku say this while she closed the door behind me.I quickly put on a pair of dangling silver earrings that complemented my black dress, a gift from Rudra or you can say a bribe to agree for the party. Come on Annika, you can do it . You just have to maintain a distance from him. But why do I have that michimichi feeling,I thought while getting up from my comfortable seat . I blushed slightly remembering Saahil’s explanation for that.He said,”You don’t believe it now Annika didi but you are in love with the Baghad Billa” “No I’m not and you are talking all rubbish.I can never be in love with him . He’s totally opposite to me.”,I retorted.”Exactly,opposites attract.Don’t you know that?”,Saahil had a perfect answer.

“You are saying as if you have experienced love or as if you are a Love Guru”Annika tried hard to stick to her point. ” Oh leave it Annika Didi you won’t understand it now because now you are only having this michimichi feeling but you’ll have to accept it , when you’ll start hearing bells ringing.”Saahil gave up but not without giving her a warning.
“What bells?”a confused Annika asked him.
“Pyaar ki ghanti”(Love bells)Saying this Saahil left from there.
Now, coming back to the present I found myself at the door of the room. I think Saahil watches too much romantic movies and that’s why he was suggesting all this . It is not practical. Time to go now.Focus Annika, just focus on what you have decided.
POV ends

Annika comes downstairs and sees everyone busy with someone or something. Rudra,the temporary organizer , is busy in arranging the food items and snacks and Saumya is also helping him.Standing Close to them are Prinku , Om and another girl who are talking to each other . She moves her eyes all around but she can’t see the person whom she’s searching. Om sees her standing near the stairs and calls her where they all were standing. Annika goes there and hugs Saumya .
Annika:”Saumya, you here? What a pleasant surprise! How are you?How is your Aai doing?and when are your holidays ending so that you come back in OM?”

Saumya:”Oh take some break Annika Di.I’m fine and Aai is also doing well . My holidays were going to end in a couple of days but this duffer and Lambe baaki waale bhaiya insisted so I came here today itself .I think I’ve answered all your questions….any more left or may I ask some now?”
Annika:”Now I can’t remember any more so you may ask what you want to.”
Saumya:”Ok So, How is our cute little Saahil doing?How are his physio sessions going?”
Annika:”Saahil is fine and he is a brave boy .In a week or two , he will have the operation . But that’s not fair, you didn’t ask about me…(pretends to be angry)”
Saumya:”I knew you were fine,I can see that with my own eyes, that’s why didn’t ask…..”
Annika:”Arre don’t get sad.I was just joking.(turning towards the girl standing with Om) and you must be Gauri? I’ve heard a lot about you from Om.So how are you dear?”
Gauri:”I’m good Annika Di and I’ve also heard a lot about you from the same person.”
Annika:”You are really lucky to have a person like Om . I would love to hear how you both met and how you fell in love with each other.”
Rudra:”Yeah,me too.O hasn’t even told me or Shivaay bhaiya till now.O now you have as Annika Di is saying.”
Prinku and Saumya:”Yes, we also want to know.”
Om:”Ok, We’ll tell but after some time.”
Rudra:”No O that’s cheating, you have to tell now.”
Shivaay (coming from behind):”He will tell it today Rudra, don’t worry.Till then, don’t you want to know who has come today?”
Shivaay:”See yourself.”

A girl enters with a bright smile adorning her face. She was wearing a black and white patterned crop top along with a plain black long skirt.As soon as she reached till Shivaay, she was attacked by a bone-crushing hug of Rudra.
Rudra:”Oh Mallika Di it’s so good to see you after such a long time. Didn’t you miss your Rudy , I missed you a lot….”
Mallika(trying hard to get out of his tight hold):”Are you trying to kill me Rudra?”
Rudra(leaving her):”Why?”
Mallika:”Oh Thank God, you broke that hug.That would’ve killed me for sure . I missed you too Rudy. I missed each one of you….umm except the new ones…I don’t know them…Rudra can you introduce them to me?”
Rudra:”Ofcourse,When Rudy is here no fear….”
Saumya(quiet low voice but audible):”That’s the only fear, you duffer..”
Rudra:”Sumo, did you say anything?”
Saumya:”No Rudra, nothing.”
Rudra :”Ok so let’s start.Everyone, She is Mallika Di and Mallika Di she(Pointing to Saumya) is Sumo..I mean Saumya.She’s my class mate in college and she’ll be staying in OM till her studies are completed.Most important thing about her is that she loves to eat,she can eat anytime and anyplace…”
Saumya(giving him a good stare):”I think that’s enough Rudra.(looking towards Mallika)Hello Mallika Di, nice to meet you.”

Mallika:”Hello Saumya,nice to meet you too. I think you and Rudra are having a fight.Isn’t it?”
Rudra(ignoring Mallika’s question):”So , moving forward.She is Gauri Di, O’s girlfriend. I think the last statement is enough to explain her personality as she fell in love with this O.”
Gauri:”How should I take it as Rudra?”
Rudra(with a cheesy smile):”Of course as a compliment Gauri Di.”
Mallika:”That’s quite a compliment Gauri,nice to meet you and I really want to know your love story.”
Om:”Not you too Mallika…”
Mallika:”What me too?”
Rudra:”Don’t worry Mallika Di, today they will tell about their story.So, moving forward. (Pointing towards Annika)She is Annika Di .She is the only one who can win from Shivaay bhaiya in an argument .I don’t think I have to say much about her, You’ll come to know about her today itself in the party.”
Mallika:”Hi Annika , nice to meet you.You seem to be an interesting person…”
Annika (smiling):”Thanks Mallika and nice to meet you too.”
After the introduction session all of them started chit-chatting.Annika made herself busy with the people she had just met but she was occasionally disturbed by the constant stare of​ a person whom she didn’t dare to even look Shivaay had been looking at Annika from the moment he entered . He was mesmerized by her beauty, but much more by her innocent smile which came on her face now and then. He wanted to go and speak to her but he didn’t want to disturb her, and waited for her to finish her chatter.

So this is the end of part -12(A). I’ll post 12(B) soon. This was getting too long so I decided to post it in two parts . I hope you liked it but the real fun awaits…So now, the character sketches:-
Mallika : Shivaay’s ex girlfriend and now friend. Rudra has given her the ‘best elder sister’ tag and she’s the one who calls him Rudy.
Saumya : A young bubbly girl, the same age as Rudra.They both go to the same college and are even classmates but they might appear to be scarce cater cousins when they fight, which is most of the time.She loves to eat and her favourite is aloo ka paratha.
Gauri : She is a year or two younger than Om. She is Om’s girlfriend. A very composed girl. She is a struggling artist.
(I know Gauri is not the same as the one in DBO, the main reason being I don’t watch DBO much)
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    Hey Tanz !! What an episode yaar ! Loved it very much. Anika is fighting with her inner self to maintain a distance from Shivaay. So cute and that bagad billa ,wants to talk to her. It will be really interesting to watch the two of them mending their ways….
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  20. Diyaa

    Hey Tanz​! It was a very interesting intro to 12B. I can tell that a lot of important and fun events await. I am very happy that Gauri is not same as in DBO. I watched it a little in the beginning. In spite of liking Shrenu Parekh a lot, I disliked the way writers shaped Gauri’s character. So I am waiting for your version eagerly. Hope to read the next part soon.?

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    Party preparations are done now going to read the incidence of it.

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