When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 12-B)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part-12 (B) of my ff. I am really very happy to get all your support and I wish to get it further.I am really sorry for being a little late(maybe) so, let’s start….
Precap: 3 guests:Gauri, Saumya and Mallika and Rudra’s introduction.

In sometime, Annika was talking to Mallika and Gauri as if she has been knowing them since ages,it seems Rudra was correct. She had met Saumya earlier , a week after she had joined ,so she was acquainted with her. All of them mixed well , talked about random things and had some snacks along with that. Now, the organizer, Rudra came forward and announced.
Rudra:”Now enough of this chit-chat.I haven’t arranged this party to sit and gossip like aunties. So now fun time . We’ll play a game.”

Saumya:”What game?”
Rudra:”Oho Sumo, let me complete. We’ll play a game. It’ll be passing the parcel, but with some changed rules . So, as usual the pillow will be passed from one player to another but here’s a twist, this time not one but two people will be punished, the one who gives the pillow and the one who takes the pillow . The pillow giver and the pillow taker will take out one folded piece of paper​each from this bowl and they will exchange it with one another . Then, whatever is written in that piece of paper, they have to do it, there’s no choice. And after their punishments , the pillow taker will be excluded and the game will continue . So, are you guys ready for it?”
Saumya:”and the punishments are written by you?”
Rudra:”of course, who else would have written?”
Saumya:”Ok.Can I back off from the game?”

Rudra:”No one is backing off, you understand that? Everyone present here has to play this game. I mean come on it’s just a game.Are you afraid of me Sumo?”
Saumya:”No No I’m not afraid of you…”
Rudra:”So let’s start the game. All take your places and sit in a circle . Ramu kaka will stop the music and then the punishment, so let’s get started.”

All of them began sitting in a circle. Starting from Annika and moving in clockwise order, they were seated as: Annika, Saumya, Shivaay, Rudra,Mallika, Gauri,Om and Prinku . Annika was happy by the fact that till now she was able to maintain a safe distance from Shivaay but deep down , she had an urge to talk to him. Shivaay also couldn’t talk to her till now and he decided that he will tell her about why she was sent that job offer after the party was over .

The music started:
UP mein din dahade
Window aur chath pe taade
Hum dekhe aankhen faade re
Arre arre..
Tujhpe tiki hai meri naughty nazariya..
Tujhko bana kar ke (x3)
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania
Tujhko bana kar ke
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania
Rani bana kar ke
Le jayenge Badri ki dulhania
(Music stops)

The pillow is in Prinku’s hand and now Om and Prinku take out papers from the bowl and exchange them.
The paper in Prinku’s hand reads:”Sing two lines of a song, which you like”.She sings a few lines of ‘Raabta'(the older version). Everyone claps for her and now it’s Om’s chance to get punished, his paper reads:”Tell one thing which you haven’t told anyone yet”.
Rudra:”Come on O, now you have to tell your and Gauri Di’s story. It’s your punishment right?”
Om:”Ok Ok…. I’ll tell it but in short, details some other day because we don’t have that much time….”

Rudra:”But that’s……Acha say in short.Atleast we’ll get something.”
Om:”Ok So as you know Gauri is a struggling artist, we met through the same thing we both love, art. Three months ago, I had gone to an art exhibition where we both met , the first meeting was not a sweet one.I was going through the paintings at one corner when she ran into me and the smoothie that was in my hand fell on her, conditioning her hair(Om laughed , remembering the incident and Gauri’s face became purple,a mix of red and blue)How can I forget Gauri’s face…. Well, as expected we had a great fight. We sweared not to see each other’s face again but dear Destiny had some other plans.We met yet again .Àn art competition was held and the organizers invited me as one of the judges.She took part in that competition and the judges, including me decided to give her the 1st prize for her painting.When she came on the stage to receive the award ,we both were shocked to see each other.Neither did she notice me this whole time, nor did I. Somehow, we both managed to share the same stage. After everything was over she came to me and said,”Why are you following me Haan? I know people like you very well… Don’t dare to do this again.Last warning.”and without giving me a chance to clarify,she went from there…”
Rudra(interrupting in between):”Gauri Di did you really say like this?”

Gauri:”Yes Rudra, I had said that because at that time, I really didn’t know he was such a good man at heart.”
Rudra:”Ohooo…. good man…hmmm…”

Om:”Shut up Rudra and let me complete.(Rudra nodded in a yes and allowed him to continue but not without a final wink)So, she went from there in an angry mood but later came to know about me from a friend of hers, who had been coming to my gallery from a long time….”
Gauri:”Then I apologized to him for being so rude with him. We started meeting more often now and one day Om proposed me and I accepted the proposal and now we are together.End of story​.”
Om:”Don’t you think you are missing something?”
Gauri(looking here and there):”Am I Om?I don’t think….So let’s continue the game…”
Rudra:”I know you are hiding something and I’ll find it sooner or later.For now, the game. Prinku now you sit out of the circle and let’s continue.”
The music starts:
Aisi kya Chali Hawa,

jo le gayi meri sanso ko mujhse dooor, tere paas
Aur mujhe hua ehsaas ki
Tu tu tu tu meri ri ri mai tera Ra hone Laga….
(Music stops ) The pillow is now in Mallika’s hands. So Rudra and Mallika take out papers from the bowl and exchange.Mallika’s paper reads:”Who was your first ever crush,not celebrity crush”
Mallika:”Well most of you might be knowing it but for game sake, my first ever crush was Shivaay.Maybe we were in college 1st year then…”
The word Shivaay gave a sudden jolt to Saumya,Gauri and Annika but it gave a 440 volt jhatka to Annika. ‘The girl with whom I was talking from a long time had a crush on Billuji,first crush…Maybe they loved each other now….No No what are you saying Annika.It can’t be possible…but what if it is….no it’s not, Billuji has never mentioned her… Maybe they are just friends….but what if they are more than friends….what would I do?’Annika’s chain of thought was broken by Saumya,

Saumya:”Shivaay bhaiya, your first crush… I don’t get it….”
Mallika:”You don’t get it because you don’t know the whole thing.He WAS(stressing on ‘was’).Yes, we were in a relationship for some years but it never worked out. So, we broke up and now we both are happy with our own lives, as friends…Right Shivaay?”
Shivaay:”Yeah right.”
All this time, Shivaay was noticing Annika, how her expressions were changing.First a big O, then the surprise turned into anger and when she heard ‘just friends’ there was a sign of relief. Shivaay felt good seeing all this.
Rudra’s paper read:”Demonstrate an activity you do daily”
Rudra:”I do many things….What do I do daily?”

Rudra:”Oh yes, actually you are right Sumo . But I need a partner….you have to become my partner.”

Saumya:”But why me?”
Rudra:”Because the other girls present here are my sisters and I can’t flirt with my brothers…So you are only left.Also, you were the one who suggested it.Come on it’s just acting.”
Saumya:”Ok but do it fast….urghh kaha fas gayi mai…”
Rudra(with a mischievous smile):”Hey beautiful….What are you doing all alone in this lonely night. I think you won’t mind some company of a handsome man…”
Saumya(in a low voice):”Handsome and you…..hehehe”
Rudra:”Oh are you saying I’m the most handsome guy you have ever met…so sweet of you.You know what I like you…. Friends?”

(forwards his hand for a handshake but when Saumya doesn’t forward her hand he hugs her, giving her a shock)
Saumya:”Wha…What was th…this?”
Rudra:”Oh don’t be shy I know you didn’t want to shake hands because you wanted a hug from me.”
Saumya:”No way….yuck…I am not interested in hugging you, not even a teensy bit”
Rudra:”Even I am not interested.Act over guys… let’s continue with the game.”
Saumya feels bad when Rudra says this.He was so rude with her all of a sudden.
The music starts:

Dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
(Music stops)Now the pillow is in Gauri’s hands.

Rudra:”Ok I think it’s time to change the rules a bit, now the one having the pillow in his or her hands will only be punished…. What’s the fun in punishing a person again and again.Right?”
Gauri:”Why Rudra are you afraid of being punished again?”
Rudra:”No I’m not afraid it’s just that….that….yes….that I don’t want to waste time you know.”
Saumya:”Oh really Rudra?”

Rudra(looking here and there):”Yeah, really….”
Gauri:”Chalo leave it…..now new rules…Ok… It’s my chance to get punishment na.Let me take the paper from the bowl.”
Gauri takes out a paper which reads : “Tell one good thing and one bad thing about the person sitting on your right”
Gauri:”So,one good and one bad thing about Rudra….Ok….(Thinking a bit)…The good thing is that he loves everyone and takes care of them and the bad thing is he’s too much of a flirt.Nice girls won’t like this flirty attitude of yours Rudra…”
Rudra:”Is it so Gauri Di… Don’t you like me?”
Gauri:”Oh god started again… let’s continue….”
Music starts again:
Nashe si chadh gayi oye

Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi (x2)
Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
(Music stops)The pillow is in Saumya’s hand.Saumya picks up a paper and it reads:”What’s your favourite dish and who makes it the best”
Rudra:”Wah…Wah…even this bowl knows what Sumo is thinking about…Well you know I had written this question keeping Sumo in my mind but I never knew,it would really come to her….WoW how great I am…”

Saumya:”Shut up …. you are a duffer and not great….Now If you would let me,may I answer the question…”
Rudra:”When did I stop you….Waise we all know the answer…”
Saumya(ignoring him):”Although I like to eat many things but my favourite is aloo ka paratha made by Aai…”
Om:”Yeah I agree…aunty has some magic in her hands…”
Rudra:”Ho Gaya ho to let’s continue the game…”
Saumya:”Om bhaiya do you smell something burning?I think someone is jealous because he can only drink his bakwaas protein shake”
Rudra ignores her and plays music:

Kya naache tu Dilli
Hile hai London
Matak matak jaise Raveena Tandon (x2)
Aag lagaane aayi hai ban-tan
Goli chal gayi dhaayn
Nakhre vilayti, ego mein rehti
Nakhre vilayti ego mein rehti tashan dikhati full
Arrey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull.

The pillow is in Shivaay’s hands now.He picks up a paper and it reads:”Tell something to the person who has given you the pillow which you have wanted to tell since long”
Shivaay thinks for sometime while Annika looks at him with curiosity, thinking what he might say.After some thinking , Shivaay looks at Om and in actions asks him something and for that Om nods in a positive.
Mallika:”What happened Shivaay…Say fast.”
Shivaay:”Yes I’m saying… Annika…umm I should have told this earlier…but believe me I didn’t have any bad intention.I just wanted to help you . I knew you would not accept my help so easily so I had to do that Job offer drama. I knew about your financial condition. Yes, it was me who asked Khanna to call you,I would have given this job to you even if you could not manage the jagraata but the way you organised it, I had no regrets. I did that contract with you because I knew you would not accept the money just like that. I am really sorry for hiding this all from you. If you want you can leave this job now itself and return the money whenever you have….Please say something Annika.”

Annika was dumbfounded.She didn’t know how to react to this sudden blow of truth.With tears rolling down her cheeks, she just stood up and ran towards Prinku’s room without uttering a single word.Shivaay knew then he had a big task at hand .
Shivaay:”I think the party’s over now.You all can go and sleep now . Gauri and Mallika you stay here only for the night because it’s already late and Prinku please take care of Annika.”
Saying this Shivaay went to his room.Soon everyone else retired to their respective rooms.

Finally, it’s the end of part-12(B).It took me much more time than I had thought of.I hope I was able to stand up to your expectations….All these songs are my personal favorites for a party and I’m really sorry if someone doesn’t like them and I didn’t include any english song because it was a party for Annika…which I think, didn’t turn out much good for her.Thanks for reading it.?
Please do comment if you can.

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