When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 11)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part-11 of my ff . I am so glad that you all are liking the characters of my ff and also to get your support and I hope to get this support further too.So let’s start without further ado…..

(After almost 3 weeks after signing that contract)
Shivaay was going towards the hall of OM through the side of the pool while talking to someone over phone when he saw Annika sitting by the pool,all lost in her thoughts.He disconnected the call and went towards her . He called her name twice,no effect. His experience so far had told him that she was definitely thinking about Saahil’s operation. Thinking of an idea to bring her back from this thoughtful version of hers which would seem impossible to someone who knew her well, Shivaay quietly got back and went to his room.In a couple of minutes,he returned with a glass of water in his hand . Then he started pouring the water, slowly slowly on Annika’s head . At first, Annika did not realise but when she felt something wet on her head , she abruptly turned around to see Shivaay standing there, contendedly pouring the remaining few drops of water left in the glass. Annika turned into a fresh red tomato,ready to burst any moment.
Annika (in angry bird mode):”Billuji, what’s this?”

Shivaay(acting like an innocent child, looking here and there):”What?”
Annika(pointing towards her head):”This.Don’t try to act smart.”
Shivaay:”Why would I act to be smart when I already am smart? And that thing on your head is called water or H2O but how would you know the second term,I don’t think you have studied properly in school.”

Annika:”What do you mean Haan?I was a very good student at school.”
Annika(stammering a bit):”Haan…..Haan ….why would I lie?”
Shivaay:”Okay so tell me what is the product of 234 *25.I am asking a very easy question….”
Annika:”I would have even answered a hard question just wait a minute ,I’ll tell you the answer”
Shivaay:”Okay I’m waiting….(after 5 mins)Annika you have the answer today itself. If you don’t know the
answer just say it.”

Annika:”Wait na I’m telling.”
Shivaay:”Leave it now, I’ve done what I wanted to do.”
Annika:”What did you want to do?”
Shivaay:”To make you normal.”
Annika:”Do you think I’m not normal?”

Shivaay:”Yes….I mean I wanted to bring you out of your thoughts.You don’t look good in serious mode. See Annika, I know that your brother has to undergo an operation soon but you don’t have to take tension about him , the doctors are doing their work properly. ”
Annika:”I know that Billuji but being a sister, my worries are normal and….”
Shivaay:”But these worries don’t suit you and I’m afraid that you would repeat that stunt again and I don’t want my pool to be haunted by your ghost.So promise me that I would not see you sitting beside my pool, lost in thoughts .Not only is the pool a restricted area but also are the other places in the mansion.Can you promise me this Annika?”
Annika(smiling weakly):”Yes Billuji , I can promise you this . Even you need someone to eat your head to keep you on the right track and who would do this work better than me.”

Shivaay:”Oh yeah I forgot that , thanks for reminding me .Now to save myself, I’ll go and do my work and you too go and do your work and believe me everything will be fine.”
Annika(holding his hand lightly):”Thank you Billuji . You are a really good friend.”
Shivaay smiles and leaves from there and Annika too gets busy with her work.Rudra ,Om , Prinku and Saahil come home after watching a movie and some shopping.Every after his physiotherapy sessions since last two weeks, Annika brought Saahil to OM but not without the prior consent of Shivaay who had no problem from it.Saahil,being the Xerox copy of Annika and even much more than her .He was as lively as a child could be, always so full of energy everytime.The person whom he loved the most was Annika and he loved the fact that his sister was REALLY happy in OM.
After having supper,Saahil tells Annika that he wants to spend that night at his friend’s house because Jaya was not at home.After much pleadings,Annika finally agrees and drops him at his friend’s house and comes back to OM to wrap up her work . It’s around 8 when Daadi sees her and calls her and Annika goes to her.

Daadi:”Annika puttar,are you leaving now?”
Annika:”Yes Daadi,my work has finished . I’ll leave in 5 mins”
Daadi:”But Annika there’s no one at home right?Your mom has gone to some temple to pray for Saahil and Saahil has gone to his friend’s house.How will you stay there alone?Stay here in OM for the night and leave tomorrow morning.OK?”

Annika:”But Daadi how can I…”
Daadi:”You won’t agree easily….So, consider as my order.You have to stay .”
Saying so, Daadi left from there.
Annika:”Oho…What do I do now?I can’t deny Daadi’s orders but I can’t even stay under 1 roof with Billuji.His presence always gives me a MichiMichi feeling….Ok.. Don’t think too much Annika it’s the matter of a night only.You can do it…You can do it(turns around to go to Prinku’s room and starts walking repeating the same lines)You can do it..(collides with Shivaay)”

Shivaay:”What can you do Annika?”
Annika:”Oh nothing….it was nothing…”
Shivaay:”Are you sure because I heard you repeating those lines again and again?”
Annika(wiping her forehead):”Of course I’m sure….(trying to change the topic)But what are you doing here?”
Shivaay:”Oh Yes…Daadi told me that you are staying here tonight so I came to tell you that you can sleep in Prinku’s room.”
Annika:”Ok thanks I’ll go.”

Annika abruptly leaves from there.Shivaay finds it a little fishy but then he goes back to his room to find Om and Rudra waiting for him.Rudra is busy admiring himself in the mirror and Om is sitting on the bed holding his head.
Shivaay:”You two here?”
They both look at Shivaay and Rudra makes a cry baby face while coming towards Shivaay and keeping his head on his shoulder says,

Rudra:”Haww bhaiya…Do we need permission to enter your room now?O, this is not our Shivaay bhaiya.Come let’s go.”
He starts to leave and again I’m holds his head and Shivaay holds Rudra by hand,
Shivaay:”Are you done with your Nautanki?Or is there something other than this Nautanki because seeing Om’s condition I don’t feel so…”
Rudra:”Yes bhaiya, there is a very important thing I wanted to tell you but see this O…..He has a problem with my plan…”
Shivaay (almost inaudible):”Ohh…Not another bad plan…”
Rudra:”Bhaiya are you saying something?”
Shivaay:”No Rudra,Tell me what are you planning?”

Rudra:”Ok.So as you might be know that Annika Di is staying here tonight.Right?”
Rudra:”And these days she is really tensed about Saahil right?”
Om(standing up and coming near them):”So Rudra wants to organise a get-together type of party for Annika where you,me,Prinku,Rudra and Annika will be present . The most important thing to be noted is that Rudra is going to arrange it. I’m telling you beforehand, it’s going to be a disaster…”
Rudra:”Om that’s not fair…You killed all the suspense . And mind you it is not going to be a disaster… It’s going to be the best party ever.The whole world will remember how perfectly Rudra Singh Oberoi had organised the party.Right Shivaay bhaiya?”
Shivaay:”Not at all…..I mean yes it’s going to be the best…”
Om:”Shivaay you too are supporting this idiot?”

Shivaay:”What else can I do? And I don’t think Rudra will do something wrong…Will you Rudra?”
Rudra:”Not at all…You can trust me.”
Shivaay:”Yeah sure(sarcastically)….but did you ask Annika?”
Rudra:”Oh don’t worry I’ll handle that.So who’s in for the party?”
Rudra forwards his hand and Shivaay after a little bit of thinking,keeps his hand over his.
Shivaay:”Ok. I’m in too.”
Now they ​both turn to see Om standing there, still thinking,

Rudra:”Come on O….. Shivaay bhaiya you tell him na….”
Shivaay:”Come on Om.I don’t think it would be such a big disaster…”
Om(a sigh of defeat):”Hmm…Ok I give up. I’m in too but please Rudra stay away from me…stay very away….”
Rudra(smiling at his victory):”Ok good…. I’ll go now.You know na I have so much work to do and I have so little time. See you at the party then.Be ready.”
Shivaay and Om(together):”Ok.”
Rudra leaves all excited leaving Om and Shivaay in the room alone.
Shivaay:”He is still a child…”
Om:”An irritating child…”
Shivaay:”Yes…at times”

Om : “So, Shivaay did you tell Annika about it ?”
Shivaay :”About what Om?”
Om:”About the fact that you knew about her financial condition and you called her for this job because you wanted to help her. I’m telling you Shivaay, if she gets to know about this from someone else, she would get much hurt so you should try to make this confession as soon as possible.”

Shivaay:”Yes Om I’ve thought about that and seeing all the tension she’s going through these days, I thought of telling her after Saahil’s operation but as you are saying, I’ll try to tell her today in the party.Maybe she’ll be able to digest this fact without much reaction… Let’s hope for the best because I really don’t want to lose a friend like her. She is special to me.”
Om:”Ok I think I should go now, I’ve to complete a statue but keep your eyes and ears open in the party.Take this warning seriously.”
Shivaay:”Ok Om as you say”

Om left from his room and Shivaay went and sat on his couch,comfortably , and closed his eyes to relax himself . He started thinking of ways how he could tell Annika without hurting her and did not know when he fell asleep due the tiredness of the day.He was awakened by Rudra’s call . He quickly freshened up, changed his clothes and went down for the party .


So, it’s the end of this part . I’m really sorry for delaying it for almost a week now . As I had told you in the last part, this one is after a leap of 3 weeks.I hope you liked the progress in Shivika’s relation . In the next part, there’s going to fun for sure and I’ll try to give my best but next part would be after Wednesday,I think. The main reason for this is my board result(10th) is expected to come on 15th May so before I start jumping up and down,which I already have started a bit, I wanted to post this part. I know I’ll be all mad before and after 2 days of result….Ok,enough now, the gist is I’ll start working on the next part after Wednesday and post it by Thursday or Friday. I hope it’s Ok.If you have any​ kind of doubt regarding this leap,feel free to ask.
Please do comment if you can

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