When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Introduction)

Hello everyone, I am Tanz . Many of you might not be knowing me because I’ve never contributed to this page. Just consider me a Shivika fan .

I had this plot in my mind since long, So let’s start with the character sketch and intro.

Annika – A 24 yr old confident and self-dependent girl .She is an event organizer. She lives with her Step-mother and Step-brother .Her father had died 4 years back due to cancer .She loves her Step-brother immensely and considers him as her real brother. Although, she doesen’t like her step-mom , She never disrespects her. Something has happened recently which has left her shattered completely.

Saahil – Annika’s step- brother.He loves Annika and hates his mother.He is 9 years old.

Jaya Sharma – Annika’s Step-mom. She is a greedy and selfish woman. She thinks of Annika as her maid and she was the one who forced Annika to go out and work and earn for her family when her father died.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi –A 27 year old man. An arrogant and successful businessman . Turns to ‘cute Billuji’ when it comes to his family. He respects women .

(Other characters will be added as and when required)

This story is about the circumstances under which Annika and Shivaay meet and what leads to their falling in love with each other . How their love story advances with some ups and downs and of course how they have a happy ending.

Please tell me your reviews about it and if I should continue it or not. I’m writing something like this for the first time so I’m a little bit nervous. Also,If I continue it, it won’t be a very long ff . I mean it would have atmost 10-15 epis because I don’t want to drop it in the middle as my School would be starting from April end.
Thank you all for reading,
Please do comment if you can.


  1. Sanskriti120


    |Registered Member

    Tanz is that you. Oh my maataaaa you have made my day by your intro to new ff. I’m haaappiee yipieeeeee. And the intro is really cool😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄. Post sooooooonnn😀😀😀 I’m waiting for next part

    • Tanz



      yeah,its me the same Tanz that comments on your ff.I’m overjoyed to read your comment and you know you’re one of my inspirations here. Thanks a lot for your valuable comment.
      I’ll try to update soon.


    It’s was an awesome ff. I like the intro. I’m waiting for the first episode of your ff. update soon….

  3. mahek

    good one. write the next epi soon. want to see how does the plot takes place and where does the story goes…

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