And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff prologue

Hoi I’m back with a ff On swasan and that one is a romthriller.. But in this ff I have inserted ragini and laksh… So yeah it’s just a prolouge wait for the first episode I’m not sure about the plot.. So I’ll look upon the welcome I get for prolouge and I’ll start the ff.. Thank you

Prolouge :

It is a stromy black night. A mansion seems to be devoided of the stars just alone dark yet admiring one.. Ragini was seen closing her eyes tightly ignoring the fact that the mausam is kinda scary.. She tightly cuddles her pillow and shuts her eyes.. (Uff how cute she would be looking). Then there she heard a knocking sound. She opens her eyes lightly and looked upon her front with a scared sight she still heard that sound. She first hesitated to step down the cot but that sound seems to be irresistible and so she stepped down and walked towards the door she opened it widely but it was bare. She then gone back and sat down on cot. It became silent. She released her breath slowly but before she freed her breath fully her breath again stuck in her throat when the knocking entered her ears again but now closely.. She stood up imideately and rushed to all the windows she opened everything but found nothing.

She then crushed her hands and chanted hanuman chalisa then she again heard that knocking sound still closer still harder still STEADIER!!. she came close to the cot bang! She realized the knocking it is coming from the cot–under it. She came near it and slowly uplifted the blanket and looked down the cot but she is not scared cause she knew there would be nothing. She thought it was happening like always. Things like there ere mascre would be happening around her just to scare her to hell and then suddenly everything would be vanished now it has became her part of life. As she expected it was nothing she sat down covering herself with the blanket. Then again she heard the knock and the lights for it’s part they too gone off.

She was scared she screamed aloud then again she heard the knocking but now it was on the door. She knew it was no one cause it’s 1:30am so whom it could be at door she screamed alot. Then she saw a candle light outside the door. She told to herself, “ragini you are the sting girl in this world this thing can never scare you. You are noble thus god will never leave you like this. She continued hanuman chalisa but this time it was wrong she confused the slokas. She was badly frightened. ” to her scare the door creeper to open she crushed herself into the pillow and cried. The door opened…

“Come on that it for today and now you are going back to sleep. Dear come on close ur eyes” said swaraj smiling at a cute little girl with her puppy eyes lying in the bed. “Mom but story is so exciting what happened then tell me na “swara looked at her brushed her hair and told good night and asked her to sleep and she would tell her the story on morning. The little girl closed her eyes.

Swara after making her sleep came outside and was confronted by a little boy. “Ma I’m a big boy right I wouldn’t be afraid so tell me mom what happened next ”

Swara : so my little boy was hearing my story sneakly

Boy : Han ma what to do it was interesting

Swara : OK so u would not leave me if I didn’t continue.

Boy : never

Swara hugged him and told him, “then the door opened and ragini saw herself there holding a candle so she was fainted. U know her life was never the ordinary. But soon her life was saved and made beautiful when she met him.. . ”

Boy :but mom u too under gone such ventures right the how was ur life made up?

Swara : pinching his checks told cause like ragini I too met a him…

Boy : him?

Swara : yes mine was hell but he is never scared to enter it he made it heaven.. Him – someone special I was totally devastated by some eeries but then I met him….

So guys here I started a ff so comment down from ur comment I’ll frame the ff.. So comment plzzz thank you.. If you want me to continue plzz let me know from comment box ??

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