And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff episode 5

Hiii im ammu back with fifth episode.

Episode 5

The sky becomes dark. Moon makes its entry. Swara sees this from the balcony. She whispersed, “may this night give the best sleep to my family. Cause tommorow a new chapter is gonna start”. Sanskaar takes water and goes to his room. While entering into the room he sees swara. He goes to her. Swara unaware of it turns aback. They both bumped on each other.

Swara : you are always doing something behind me sanskaar

Sanskaar : what do you mean by that? I came to ask what are you doing..

Swara : whatever

Sanskaar : I don’t know why you hate Me this much.

Swara without saying anything tries to go but stepping on water she slipped. Sanskaar holds her.

Swara looks at sanskaar.

Sanskaar : whether you hate or love me but I’m your home

Swara : yeah home which is burnt

Sanskaar : I don’t know what’s your problem.

Swara goes pushing him again saying ‘you’. Sanskaar thinks, “truth will be now revealed. ”

Next day morning

They all packed their bags. Swara ask where they are going. Sanskaar shows ticket to lenovala and says they are going for trip. Swara smiles at him. Sanskaar thinks “what she is smiling something wrong.. “. Laksh says ragini already packed their bags and they are going now. They all get into th car.

Kavitha call Priya and get to know about everything. She says to herself, “wow now I’ve got a very spicy story for my magazine. Fantasy became real.. Swara met sanskaar.. What will happen now.. Twist will be bought by kavita.. I read them the full story in the very same place where they stay. For that I have to go to lenovala “(she doesn’t know that story was a real incident all she wanted is the spicy story for her magazine. She wanted to pretend that fantasy is real but she is unaware that its actually real)

On the way to lenovala.. Swara sitting in the corner seat at back side looked all tge mountains outside. She suddenly reminces something. She got a virtual like she is running into the woods and bumped into a man. She hugs him tightly. He tells her something and she is shocked. Ragini comes and ask swara what happened.

Swara : I got imagination of something

Ragini : don’t try to stress yourself we will tell you what happened.

Sanskaar : wait for sometime we will be there.

Laksh : here we are.

They landed before a wood. Swara looked up all those. Sanskaar stood behind her. Ragini whispered in sanskaar ears.

Ragini : Swara is really lucky. You don’t worry we would clear everything. She would remember everything.

Sanskaar : you have no idea in what state i’m. I’m dead ragini. I met enough hate.

Laksh : bhai. Swara will come back to you.

Sanskaar : hope so..

Sanskaar ask swara, “are you okay swara”

Swara : I really don’t wanna talk to you. Ragini I feel something is different..

Ragini : yes it is the place where you lastly we’re before you lost your memory.

Swara : what

Laksh : it all started before two years..


Swara : Ragini where are you we are late for college come soon

Ragini : I’m ready swara come let’s go

Swara : You are looking so beautiful. What happened to your hand?

Ragini : Nothing swara. Previous night I heard some noise when I got up I fell from the cot may be that created this.

Swara : I don’t know when will all these things stop happening..

Ragini : come let’s go..

They two went in the same wood road. That time swara pointed put a guy and told ragini

Swara : do you see that guy over there I notice him for past three days he is constantly standing there. Actually na he is handsome

Ragini : so you like him.

Swara : yea but I’m not sure actually i m telling you that he is good that’s it

Ragini : I can’t see his face

Swara : hare we have to go to college.

After college while they are returning..

Ragini : hey see that man I think he is noticing us..

Swara : yeah ragini I think he is coming towards us

Ragini : look at his jacket and his attitude I think he want to talk to us

Swara : wow look at him

That man came towards them with a rose in his hand and went over his knees before them. They were shocked. He looked at ragini..

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe Kasam aake milna yahi
…… (Song plays)

He lifted his rose and told,

Ragini I know your but not you I don’t want to.. All I want is to walk with you for lifetime. Will you accept this? I’m laksh wanna be yours..

Swara : wow ragini come on say yes..

Ragini looks at him doubtfully.

Laksh : don’t worry you ate going to lose your voice next day so you can also answer me tommorow

Ragini : thank you.

Saying so she holds swara hands and walked fastly. Laksh looks her and smiles.

At home

Swara : ragini why you didnt tell him anything he is cute na

Ragini : but swara I can’t risk his life for me

Swara : no ragini nothing like that

Ragini : you want me to lie to him. You know our life is hell.

Swara : but ragini you too deserve to be happy

Ragini : are you?

Swara : you have a good heart. God will surely protect you.

Ragini : when my choti Sisy is with me always who needs god?

Swara : unless I go away I think you would never get committed

Ragini : shut up I never wanted any relationship other than you

Swara : hare ragini I know you love me but you need someone to be your better half.
Tomorrow tell him everything. If he says he still loves you then love him.

Ragini : we will look upon it.

Swara : Im really amused of you. You are really matured.

Ragini : learn from your elder one

Swara hugs her. She too hugs her back. Then they went to sleep.

Swara prays to god that her sister gets all the happiness.

Ragini looks at moon thinks, ” sorry laksh Eben though I love you from the beggining I can’t accept it. You know i m haunted by paranormal things. Everyday of my life is a hell.

Laksh looks at the moon and tells, ” hey moon I have proposed her for third time but now also same reaction. Plzz help me I really love her. ”

Swara keeps book before the moon at garden area and stars to write, ” here I start with my 14th story may this book turn out to be as beautiful as you are moon.. ”

Next day morning

Swara : Ragini I saw a lady near the poll. She told me that if we change the house then everything would stop.

Ragini : Swara its our third house nothing changed.

Swara : you are right and…

Ragini : Swara I thought a lot.. Jm going to say no to him.

Swara : you are right Ragini we can’t risk his life

Ragini : what happened you have accepted so easily

Swara : Nothing

They went to college. Swara thinks, “I can’t tell u this Ragini yesterday in my book there we’re a blo*dys script written no more relation. I think its mean you should never say yes to laksh.. I have to figure out something else to stop this. ”

Ragini went to laksh.

Laksh : don’t say any reasons otherwise I will tell everything about us to your sister.

Ragini : don’t tell laksh. And don’t come behind me I can never be yours

Laksh : but Ragini I love you..

Suddenly the wind started to blow fast. Swara comes there and ask Ragini to go home. Ragini accepts. Laksh hold her and says you can’t go just like that. Swara ask him to leave her. Laksh says he loves her and will never leave her. A bark from the tree falls on their hand. Laksh instantly pushes Ragini and the bark fell on his hand only. He get hurts. Ragini cries and goes to him. Swara watches all these with scary face and runs into the wood. Raginja nd laksh looks for Swara but she went missed. Ragini cries Swara come im scared. Laksh look at hera nd feels pity. Ragini cries and cries but in vain. Laksh gets up and wipes of her tears holds her hands and says, ” whatever you are im with you and will be with you always trust me and come with me… ”

Sanskaar : and that’s how raglak happened Swara and that time you went through this wood…

Swara : so im missing from then

Ragini : no swara you came again

Swara : how and why

Laksh : for sanskaar..

Precap :

Swara pleads that she doesn’t think she left them. She says she met somebody and she doesn’t remember him. She says he may be the culprit and pleads she is not bad. Sanskaar goes away. She cries to trust her. Kavitha makes an entrya nd says she trust her and also says that the man was none other than…

Thank you guys really im hats off to your patience. Cause one cannot read this story fully I feel its kinda boring but guys you have really supported me Thank you for that and yea comment your views below. Love you???

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