And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff episode 4

Hiii ammu is back with fourth epi of and then I met him.. And in fifth epi the story will be revealed.. And read this for fun?

Episode 4

When Everything becomes black.. Laksh whispered in ragini ears, “I think it is not safe to stay here so we will go to terrace and find a way to get out”

Sanskaar : guys now we have to stay together

Ragini : yeah sanskaar I’m next to you and laksh has a plan it seems

Laksh : yeah we will go to terrace and find a way out

Sanskaar : ok guys but swara answer me are you here

Ragini : I thought she is with you

Sanskaar : no she spoke something with herself and walked away

Laksh : where did she went

Ragini : swara are you there

Swara runned throughout the house to find a way but she can’t. She then entered some room but unintentionally pushed vase down and it broke. They heard the sound.

Sanskaar : the vase I think she is going to that room

Laksh : you mean that room?

Ragini : I hope she knew it was my room

Sanskaar : but why would she go there its dangerous I’ll get her.

Sanskaar and ragini goes. Laksh mumbles this swara again wanted to escape alone. Sanskaar ask him to come but he didn’t. Ragini and sanskaar goes laksh ask ragini not to go ragini tells that she is her sister. Laksh tells her she is smart and won’t go to that room. Ragini says but sound came. Sanskaar went. Somebody patted laksh shoulder laksh turns and shocked to see Swara. She holds ragini and laksh hands and get them to stairs.

Swara : where is sanskaar

Laksh : he went to search for you

Ragini : bit how you are here

Swara : I went to that room so that sanskaar would go to that room. Come on guys let’s go away from this place I know the way.

Laksh : are you mad you want us to leave sanskaar aa no way

Swara : so angry at me right.. Listen the truth is I left you all that time because of sanskaar. He is not what you guys think. He didint come to help us.. He..

Ragini : hey someone is coming

Swara : must be sanskaar. Come on let’s go I’ll tell you everything later.

Laksh ragini and swara goes upstairs. They reach the terrace.

Sanskaar enters into that room calling swara he searches for her everywhere but didint find her. He opens the cupboard for but found that it was not wardrobe but a door to exit. Swara room has an exit door. Sanskaar goes out and looks at the busy streets and running people. Everything was fine outside. He thought swara might got out like this and searches for her outside.. The door closes itself. Sanskaar tries to open it again but it didn’t. He tries to open main door but that too didn’t open. He thought everybody is trapped inside but he is escaped and can’t save others. He think where would swara go..

Swara took laksh and ragini to terrace. Laksh and ragini walks before talking to swara who didint reply. Laksh tuts backs and shocked to see swara with full black eyes holdong blo*dy knife pouncing on him. Ragini cries for help. Swara smiles and says I have a long desire of giving human sacrifice to devil. Now I can give a lovers body to it. First him and now its you. Thank god I sent away sanskaar safely.. He would be out and would be unaware of this. After this I would live with him happily. Ragini cries keeping laksh on her lap

Ragini :, ” swara please kill me but save laksh

Swara : how dear I want a couple. Saying so she killed laksh in front of ragini.

Ragini cries laksh… Booom it was all dream. Dream of swara. She gets up and sees her phone it was Priyas call. She attended. Priya tells her that children want to he with her for this holiday. Swara agrees. She calls off And thinks, ” why I’m getting dream like this.. Why iam collaborating myself with that story.. ”

Sanskaar looks at her and thinks, “because you were the betrayer. ”

Swara gets up and looks out and shocked to see him standing in front of her.

Swara : hey you here how

Sanskaar : cause you didnt lock the door

Swara : door of what

Sanskaar : your heart

Swara : what

Sanskaar : I mean house..

Swara : I see.. Why I didn’t..

Sanskaar : leave that now its time for you to meet some one special. I told you right

Swara : yeah your wouldbe wife right

Sanskaar : you didn’t change swara. Same ego same attitude same insecurity

Swara : stop it ok I’m not interested in your life

Sanskaar : anyways I’m the same your sanskaar

Swara looked at him. He closes his eulyes gently and smiles in the corner of his lips.

Sanskaar : sorry I didn’t tell that intentionally

Swara : I don’t want to talk to you. I’ll come back in 10 mins

Sanskaar : same dialogue I hate this.. Liar

Swara : whatever

Swara goes inside to bath. Sanskaar being highly irritated by swara attitude thinks that dialogue again.


Ragini tells laksh that swara is in high fever. Sanskaar comes in and ask where was swara. Ragini says she would be I’m garden. Laksh says he wants to bath as he is muddy. Ragini ask sorry to him as everything happened because of her. Laksh says its ok and goes. Sanskaar says to ragini that everything would be ok and he would make everything fine. Ragini smiles and when she try to go she slipped and sanskaar holds her. She says thank you. Swara comes by that time and watches it. Sanskar looks back and sees swara. Ragini calls swara. Swara goes back. Sanskaar follows her. Ragini thinks what happened to her. Sanskaar follows her and holds her hand and stoped her. Swara ask him leave her hand.

Sanskaar : what happened swara

Swara : what’s more to happen.

Sanskaar : why you are behaving different now a days

Swara : yes I have gone mad wanna escape don’t worry I’m going.

Sanskaar : where and why are you pampering me

Swara : I don’t want to talk to you. I will be back in 10mins


Swara pats on sanskaar shoulders. Sanskaar says ouch. Swara ask what happened. Sanskaar says no and they went. They landed before a mansion. Swara ask where are they. Sanskaar ask her to hold his hands for safety. Swara stares at him and goes before him. Sanskaar thinks she would never improve and follows her. They enter inside the house. Swara ask sanskaar whose house it was. Sanskaar says ragini. Swara ask who is she. Sanskaar says she would know that soon.

Ragini hearing some sound downstairs went down excitingly. Laksh holds her hands and drags her. Ragini ask what he is doing. Laksh says love. Ragini tells him that swara is home. Laksh says hell.

Ragini : comeon Laksh forget everything she would be feeling guilty now

Laksh : I’m not angry at swara actually I’m angry at you. You never listen to me.

Ragini : laksh how could you say that after swara you are my only relation.

Laksh : only after swara right. You give priority to that person who gave priority to herself and not you

Ragini : come on Laksh she is child. Its past leave that

Laksh : you go and welcome her I’m not coming.

Ragini cups his face. Laksh pushes her. Ragini hugs him. He then pushed her she fell into the bed. He looks at her. She drags him. He too fell on her. He tries to get up angrily. She kisses him in cheeks. He smiles at her.

Laksh : you always do something and console me

Ragini : I love you

Laksh : now go and welcome her.

Ragini : yes I’ll go.

Ragini goes downstairs. Laksh calls her

Laksh : acha suno love you too

Ragini. Gives him flying kisses and goes. Laksh follows her.

Ragini runs and hugs swara. Swara looks at laksh barely.

Swara : who are you why are you hugging me

Laksh : ohh so you lost your memory it seems

Sanskaar : yes she only remember me

Ragini : how pity you are sanky

Laksh : bad fate

Sanskaar : what to do

Swara : what you guys are talking. I don’t even know who are you. And this sanskaar he cheated on me and that’s why I left.

Ragini : I’m ragini and this is Laksh

Swara was shocked. She mumbles that characters…

Sanskaar : yes swara your fav book characters. Its real as I said before.

Swara : so you we’re talking about this. I thought you would prove to me that you never cheated on me.

Sanskaar : when love needs proof its never called love swara. What’s the point of proving when you hate me this much.

Swara : when you didint care about me what’s the point of waiting for you.

Ragini : stop it guys. Keep your cat fight later. My Sisy has came after a long time. I’m going to feed her with good meals first.

Swara : sister..

Laksh : yes swara she is your elder sister. I’m her lover. And you are the brilliant writer and poet.

Swara : ohh that means that story..

Sanskaar : its all your story.

Swara : I see.. I know I’m a writer but I don’t know I have written this book on my Sisy name.

Ragini : you must use that name cause

Laksh : wait ragini swara did you read the full book.

Swara and sanskaar together says no. Swara looks at him. Sanskaar says you can’t right its so big.

Swara : I didn’t read fully just till the part where a new savior is going to come for ragini.

Laksh : thank god. Go and eat swara. Then we will disscuss everything.

Ragini : I know everything seems to be odd for you. But I’ll tell you.. I will look after you.

Swara hugs ragini. They both go.

Sanskaar and laksh smiles at eo.

Laksh : how did you stoped her from reading the book bhai

Sanskaar : I stole it.

Laksh : wow great idea man. I hope she is unaware that she wrote her own life.. Do anybody else know this story.?

Sanskaar : no bhai. Nobody knows this except you me and ragini. But tommrow its going to be four people knowing this.

Laksh : yeah fourth will be swara. We will show her live telecast of her past life. She has to repent for what she had done.

Sanskaar thinks, “I can’t help you in that bhai I will never allow you to hurt my swara. ”

Ragini feeds her and comes to laksh and sanskaar and hugs them they too hugs her. She thanks them for reuniting her with swara. They hugs her.

Swara looks at all this and thinks, “prey itself came and trapped.. “And smiles wickedly.


Sanskaar shows ticket to lonovala and ask them to get in the car for awesome start to tour. Ragini tells laksh that they now can rewind their past with swara laksh hugs her. Sanskaar thinks now the story starts and is going to be as they all planned. Kavitha hears about swara’s tour with raglak and sanskaar and think, “ohh poor didint know I’m here who knows full story”

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