And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff episode 3

Hi guys it’s ammu back here with third episode of and then I met him. I hope you guys are enjoying this ff. If not then comment your views below.

It’s a usual morning. Swara gets up from the bed suddenly and thinks, ” whom would Sanskar make me meet to.. What he is up to whatever maybe sanskar would never hurt me”. She then gets up and get ready to meet Sanskar.

Sanskar: This is the big day swara need to realise what she had done. I hope nothing turns wrong.

He waits for her in the Cliff area. Swara comes there and pats his shoulder.

Sanskar: So you are here. Come let’s go

Swara: Whom we are going to meet

Sanskar: Your love

Swara : What but I’m already before you

Sanskar : What do you mean by that

Swara : Mmm.. Nothing

Sanskar: Swara didn’t forget anything it seems

Swara : don’t call me by my name

Sanskar : OK then come on darling we have to go

Swara : Stop it sanskar

Sanskar : I will call you madam happy now

Swara smiles. And they went. Swara ask him whom they are going to meet. Sanskar says surprise.

After few minutes.. They laid up before a mansion. Swara got out of the car and looked at the mansion. She was shocked. She doesn’t know what to do. She reminds her past. It’s the same mansion she lived. She looked that Sanskar. Sanskar ask her to come in. Swara restricted. Sanskar holded her hands and forcibly gets her in. She cries. Sanskar ignore her.

Swara : Sanskar please leave me I am not going to come here

Sanskar : No madam I am not going to leave you like that. You need to realise what you have done.

Swara and Sanskar entered into the hall. Sanskar calls Ragini. Swara was really scared.

From the before staircase ragini stepped down looking at them. she was dressed in salwar kameez. Swara looked at her. She Smiles. Swara flats to leave her alone. Ragini smiles wickedly. Sanskar is about to go but swara hold his hand and ask for help. Sanskar look at her but said nothing.swara cries not to leave her with Ragini alone. But Sanskar didn’t listen and went away sadly. Swara cries Sanskar. Sanskaar went behind the pillar and crying says,” I can’t help you swara you need to do this alone”.

Swara Cries and says ”Ragini please leave me I know it was really bad thing that had happened to you. But don’t punish me for that. All I wanted is to help you just help you”

Ragini : What you wanted to help me. But what did you actually did. I needed you swara. all the time you were not there. At least now can hold my hands swara like what we will do before..

Swara : No I will not

Ragini : Swara I am not dead I am alive come and touch me

Swara : What you are kidding right

Ragini go and hugs Swara. Swara gets emotional. She too hugs Ragini. Nice and apologize Ragini for what she had done. Ragini Smiles and says, “don’t cry dear I’m here na”. Sanskar saw these and smiled.

Swara : Where have you been all this time?

Ragini : The same place the one who is gone is you

Swara : Please forgive me I was really scared that’s why I’ve gone

Ragini : I know that’s why I forgive you now

Swara: Thank you

Swara and Ragini have a beautiful sister reunion. Swaraj says that now she is so happy that she doesn’t have any grief at her heart. Ragini smiles.

Swara ask Ragini to come to her home. Ragini accepts. They both smile at sanskar. Swara ask Ragini about laksh. Ragini says she would tell that later. Swara and Ragini gets into the car. Sanskar pulls Swara and ask her to answer question. Swaraa looks at him.

Sanskar : Left Ragini because of because you are scared. But why did you left me..

Swara : Because I never loved you

Sanskar : Lie

Swara : Truth always hurts but get used to it.

Sanskar : But I always loved you.

Swara : I am thankful for you to make me meet my sister

Sanskar : Dumped that thank you in garbage

Swara : Your wish

They all went to Swara home. There Ragini gets a call swara ask who is and Ragini answers Lakshya

Laksh : Where are you Ragini

Ragini : In swara home

Laksh : I told you not to go there

Ragini : But…

Lakshya calls off the phone. Ragini tell swara that laksh is really angry. Swara ask her what happened? Ragini tells that laksh hate her and he doesn’t want to go to swara home. Swara ask why he hate me for that Ragini answers Sanskar because of him. And I do think what you did to Sanskar was wrong. Swara ask her to talk about it later and eat first.

After few minutes the door bell Rang. Swara opened and it was Lakshya. Ragini gets up shocked. Laksh entered anxiously folded ragini’s hands gets her outside slapped her hard. Swara was shocked. Ragini cries. Laksh tells he would never forgive her and leaves away. Swara comes and holds Ragini. Ragini tell Sara she doesn’t want to live with but want to live with her. Swara ask why

Ragini : Lakshya was not like before. He became animal he never used to talk to me in soft tone. But now I have to go behind him otherwise he would beat me to hell. Swara do something save me.

Swara promises to save her and Ragini goes. Swaraj think something has turn their life upside down Ragini is alive but she didn’t come and meet her legs who was used to be good before now turned into animal. Sanskar still love her instead of hurting her. Swara think something is mistake. She things to find it out soon.

Swara things to meet Ragini and departs Sanskar stops her saying she cannot go there as she will face problems. But swara did not listen to him and goes away to meet Ragini before that she leaves her children at Priya house. Sanskar follows her to make sure her safety.

At ragini house.

Laksh ask Ragini why she gone to meet Swara?

Ragini: She is my sister laksh I can forgive her

Laksh: But I cannot she left you’re all alone when we needed her most.

Ragini : She won’t do it intentionally I hope something is behind it

Laksh : whatever maybe I don’t want Swara ok

By the time Swara enters into the house calling Ragini Laksh seriously scold her for coming into the house and ask her to get away. Swara says she want to speak with Ragini. Laksh ask her to get away and she cannot speak with anyone so I didn’t listen to him and calls Ragini. Ragini comes down. Laksh tries to push away swara. Swara falls bit sanskaar holds her.

Sanskaar : laksh how dare you hurt her

Laksh : ohh welcome Mr. Besharam (senseless) you are telling me not to hurt a person who hurted you. You have to kill her.

Sanskaar : when she told me she didint love me that when she died now what’s more..

Swara looks at him sadly.

Laksh : ohh come on ask her why she is here.

Swara : ragini is not safe here she is my sister I want her back.

Laksh : what the hell you are talking about she wants to be here with me ok

Swara : ask her to tell that

Ragini : stop it Swara when did I told you this laksh is my husband. I would stay with him. Infact I love him. Why you are telling lie

Swara : you are telling lie plz ragini don’t lie tell me the truth

Ragini : iam telling

Laksh : stop your drama she is not like you Swara selfish.. Get lost

Ragini : why did you lie swara this is wrong you always do wrong things with me

Swara looks at sanskaar and ask him to trust her.

Sanskaar : another time not at all

Swara cries. They all laughs all of a sudden the door closes by itself all the lights goes off. A lamb lights on creating enough light to see each other. Swara frightens. Ragini and laksh holds hands and laughs. Sanskaar whispers at swara’s ears, ” that’s why I told you not to come.. You are trapped… ”

Ragini : trapped again in love

Laksh : bond

Sanskaar : truth..

Swara shouts : stop this what you are talking about. What is truth. Let me tell you the truth. I didn’t leave you because I’m afraid I left you because I want you to be safe. Laksh I didn’t lie to safe me I lied to keep you away from problems. And sanskaar I’m sorry I still and will always love you..

Ragini : if it’s so.. Then why you left us that time

Laksh : we we’re in problem right

Swara : no I left you because the problem is me not Ragini..

Laksh and ragini looks her shockingly. Swara tells them that these paranormal ventures we’re associated with her and not with ragini and that’s why she left.

Ragini gets tears in her eyes and hums sorry swara. Laksh too says sorry.

Sanskaar : but swara you we’re late.

Laksh : it was all my fault I would have never made this plan before knowing anything.

Ragini : but I opened this mansion today. Knowing it’s risky I should have never done it.

Sanskaar : ok now we all know the truth swara is innocent go and switch on tge lights.

Laksh goes and switches on but it didn’t work. Ragini holds laksh in fear. The lamb too freckles and goes off. Swara looks back at the main door it locks itself. Sanskaar comes near swara all the windows and door shuts itself. Sanskaar hugs swara. Swara too hugs him in fear and tell him, “it was wrong we have trapped again it was all wrong what I thought is also wrong… Everything was a mistake when I met him.. ”

They hear a loud bursting sound. Ragini and laksh hugs eachother and so swara and sanskaar. The house keys burst into prices. The lights freckles and goes off. Everything became black..


No I’m not going to tell you… ? the mystery is gonna reboot itself..

Hope you love this if not or if you love then comment below show your views.. ❤❤??

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