And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff episode 2

Hoi frnds thank you for ur awesome welcome for my first episode… I will be greatful in the way of keeping you all excited by this ff… ?

Episode 1

Episode 2

At school Susy being bored looked around in vain. Suddenly she caught a scene of something interesting out of window.

A car landed fast before the side gate of school. A man got down and removed his coolers. He looked around and he faced towards Susy and waved his hands. Susy recognized him and she waved too. She made an excuse and went to him. He gave her chocolate and asked her to join him in his car. Suraj watched all these from a distance and thought talking to stranger might get his Susy in trouble and he has to save her.

At office swara gets a call from kavitha. She pocks up.

Kavitha : swara don’t be panicked that book that book about ragini that was lost. I’m sorry swara

Swara : ? what no kavitha u can’t tell like this it should not come out if then my children life would be put into danger not only theirs but also us.

Kavitha : do something swara I too search for it.

Swara : OK. She then calls off and thinks, “I won’t give up this matter I would fight against it.”

Swara drives the car to school to take her children for their safety.

At school road suraj holds his sisters hand and says he won’t allow his sister to talk or go with some stranger. That man smiled and tells them he is not stranger. They didint accept. That man holds Susy hands. Suraj pushes him and ran with Susy. That man also follows them. Swara on the way sees them running on the road. She gets down and shocked to see a car heading towards them very fastly. She cries and prays to God, ” plzz save my children plzz give me the courage to fight this situation” she ran towards them. That man too sees them and ran suraj and susy being saw the car stood feared. Swara came and pushed those children and closed her eyes tightly (as car is gonna hit her) but that man came and pushes her and they rolled and landed safely swara being her eyes closed hugged him tightly and she was above him.

She then slowly opened her eyes and looked at him his face was fully covered by her hair. His hands we’re holding her hips. She took her hands from his arms and took off all the hair and looked at him. She got tears in her eyes. He slowly opened his eyes as every hair is cleared and looked at her straight into eyes. He imideatly takes off his hands from her hips. She placed her hands in his chest he again closed his eyes fastly as drop from her eyes fell into his eyes. He then opens his eyes and slowly wipes off her tears. (Mile ho tum humko song plays). Suraj and susy cries mom. Swara then instantly gets up and hugs her children. Oops I forgot to tell he is sanskaar ?. Sanskaar too gets up and looks at them. Swara asked those children to get into car and went with them. Sanskaar runs behind them and shouts” swara I want to meet you tomorrow come to this cliff.. Ill be waiting”

Swara is in the car and suraj and susy defends sanskaar telling he is nice person. Swara asked them not to talk about him ever after. They are dissapointed.

Next day swara leaves children in school and goes to office. She thinks not to go. She sees time for every half an hour and thinks he would be waiting. She tells to herself, “I can’t restart the episode again. Which have broke there is no use to fix it again”.

Sanskaar tells someone in phone, “the thing which is broken has to be fixed imideatly and that what I’m doing now”

Swara then sees the time it’s 4:00pm she thinks to go to cliff to meet him she starts her car.

She then went to cliff and stood there and within 5 mins she heard sanskaar voice. She turd backs and sees him standing some meters before her.

Sanskaar : wow swara still you are able to recognize my voice

Swara : how couldnt I? This is the only voice for me some yrs ago

Sanskaar : aww it’s surprising.

Swara : so you are waiting for me since morning

Sanskaar : no swara I know you would come only this time so I too came just now.

Swara : how do you know

Sanskaar : who knows swara more than sanskaar

Swara : smart one. Tell me why you came

Sanskaar : I know you won’t come so I called your office every hour and they said you we’re in office and by then I called they told you departed so I thought u would come here so do I..

Swara : why you wanted to meet me

Sanskaar : I need your help

Swara : for what

Sanskaar : u have very good habit of breaking things and relation but I don’t so I need your help to fix things

Swara : sometimes it’s necessary to break things for it’s welfare.. U can’t understand

Sanskaar : yeah I can’t understand cause I’m already broken.. What’s in welfare then?

Swara : how could I help you

Sanskaar : I want to prove my love make you realize ur mistake and I want to make you understand our..

Swara : stop

Sanskaar : I know even i m not willing to say that

Swara : I’ll help you but there must not be anything else between us.. I dont want my previous life again.

Sanskaar : wow now swara became so good and happy it seems.. All because of her new husband children..

Swara : stop the nonsense I’m not married it’s my adopted children

Sanskaar : really I thought so but still..

Swara : so if I help you what would you do

Sanskaar : get back ur passion work life happiness peace..

***Swara : love?

Sanskaar : what’s there to get back it’s there now and will be always

He helds his arms in happiness and swara with tears in her eyes ran and hugged him. He too hugs her ***(it’s her dream)

Sanskaar : swara why you are crying now don’t cry ur hate for me would dry of

Swara : Im crying but I didn’t became weak

Sanskaar : anyway let’s meet tomorrow I want you to meet special person.

Swara : ok

Sanskaar : see you tomorrow

They go in opposite way but suddenly a paper came and hits swara’s face. She slips and sanskaar holds her. They share an eye lock then sanskaar reads the paper. They we’re shocked as it is a paper from the ragini story book. They read it.


Ragini cries thinking her life. Laksh comes and consoles her. She narrates him what had happened

Ragini : laksh when I went to bathroom I saw the blood script on mirror telling me that it would kill me and everyone who is helping me

Laksh : then ragini we will die along but I’m not going to leave you like that.

Ragini : but laksh..

Laksh : shhh I love you I promise I would be there for you

Laksh comes closer to ragini and whispers in her ears”Im not scared for this death note but I’m scared pretty much when tears flow from your eyes.. It makes me numb”

Ragini smiles at him. He helds her face wipes her tears. And comes closer. He tries to kiss her but the cot suddenly flips and they both fell down. Ragini was scared. Laksh highs her tightly and kisses her in forehead and says, “I have to get him here asap for ragini”

Sanskaar : do you remember this scene swara

Swara : oops it’s late I have to go

Swara goes wiping off her tears. Sanskaar looks her getting into the car and says to himself, “don’t worry swara you would remember everything now and you have met me what’s more to ask from god it’s would be never late for anything”

Swara thinks she being madly in love with sanskaar can’t tell him and instead armed his hate..she prays to god ” i met him and saw his face what’s more to ask.. And that paper how it came I have to think about it”


Swara sees raginj and cries sanskaar for help. But he refused. She begged him holding his legs. He cries looking at her but didn’t help her.he says swara I can’t help you as im helpless nd goes off and cries badly for his helpless state. Laksh slaps ragini and goes away from her. Ragini faints.

Guys tell me ur reviews…many twist are yet to be revealed…. Comment below love you all keep supporting ???

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