And then I met him.. (Swasan and raglak) ff episode 1

Hoi I’m back with the very first episode of AND THEN I MET HIM.. Thank you for the welcome for prolouge. Link is here..


Episode 1

Swara combs susy ( the little girl name) hair and and asked suraj (boy) to eat breakfast fast as they are late to school. They being ready asked swara for the continuation of story. Swara smiled at them and started…


Ragini was walking on the road in market area. She felt somebody is following her. She looked back but there was no one. She then proceeded. But nothing seems to be good she again felt something fishy. She constantly felt of being watched. She made herself sloth. She slowly steeped ahead and then suddenly a hand grabbed her into a small area she closed her eyes in instance. It was the manly arms it clutched her firmly against the wall. I repeat firmly not roughly. She opened her eyes and looked at the face of the manly arms. She smiled then asked him why he came to her not being her words.. That man told, ” when life says go away how can soul leave heart dear? ”
Ragini smiled again and told”but.. I don’t understand anything”. He too smiled and told” I too can’t understand you I’m the one with whom u r going to spend ur rest of ur life but asking me to stay away from u.. ”

Ragini : but laksh.. I understand I too love you that’s why I ask you to stay away. I already lose many of my people I dont want to lose you.

Laksh : come on ragini when I proposed you when you told me the matter I promised you I would be there for you always. I want to help you dear.. Plzz allow me

Ragini : my life is hell laksh how could I guarente anybody life when they try to help me?

Laksh : my friend is a parnormalogist he knows all these venture if you allow him he would help I’m with you na trust me

Ragini : hmm your wish ur happiness is mine

Laksh : Han I have a important work to do

Ragini : what

Laksh holds her hand came close to her face and kissed her passionately (cute raglak)
Ragini slowly closes her eyes rhythimically with his closeness. She after a long time felt free secured in his arms. He after long time felt overwhelmed helping his lady. (What’s more to describe their love..?)

Susy and suraj waved their tiny hands in front of swara who lost in her own imagination..


Susy : mom who followed her mom? Tell us

Swara : ohh i.. How could I tell.. OK yes it’s late so now we are going to school I’ll drop you get into the car soon babies.. I’ll continue the story later

The kids got inside the car. Swara sat in driver seat and started.

At a restaurant

Some girls we’re ineterstingly listening to the same story told by kavitha.

One girl : kavi come on tell me na it’s interesting I love raglan

Other girl : I’m so happy that man is gonna help ragini and they will be married happily right?

Kavitha : no dear there is a big twist in the story.

Other girl : but I love raglak

Kavitha : bit there enters a savior right.. He bring the twist

Other girl : the story might be anything but u change it and tell us. We want raglak.

Kavitha : no I cannot change it

Other girl : why?

Susy : it’s real not story am I correct mom? Where is ragini dii mom?

Swara : what???? What are you talking about dear it is just a story come on ragini dii!!! Nothing like that it’s a story thats it who told you it’s real?

Susy : that man yesterday he came to our school after you gone. He told me that it’s real story

Swara : baby who nobody OK u might be imagining nothing like that it’s just a story.

Suraj : mom leave all that you are a writer right mom tell us your story u have also undergone some eerie thing right tell me mom

Swara restricted to maximum but the children we’re adamunt so she told one incident from her life.
” as I was a writer I used to type stories with type writer. One day door knocked and I went to see it was police. They told me about the murder at the next door. I was shocked and went with them. There I saw my neighbor murdered brutally and my book pages we’re stricken all over her body. It was the war book abut few pages we’re about love between king and queen and only those pages we’re stricken on her. Then I came back home with heavy heart and found my tyoerwritter bloodily it’s was really a scary one ohh yeah ur school came u go to school don’t think about anything else. At evening I’ll take you guys out and we will have fun. So give me a group hug.”

They hugged kissed eo. Then swara went. Susy told suraj, ” bro that man he told he would come today. And he also told he would tell the story of mom. And he promised to take us to tour. Mom locked a room right.. He told it was full of books which was written by Mom and he told he will tell everything.. ” suraj looked excited and told susy to call him when she saw the man. She accepts and they went to their respective classes.

Swara looked tensed. Her friend Oriya asked her what happened

Swara : my child seem to talk to some stranger. I don’t know who is he. I should have never told that story to her.

Priya: but a writer can never restrict herself from telling stories right may be ur daughter is talking about laksh. She got into the story quite deep and may be thats why she is imagining about laksh and for laksh it is reality right so I think she is imagining laksh. U take them out and spend some time. She will be OK.

Swara : yes for what I lose my people family passion work and my life I don’t want that to happen again in my life. I’m not ready to lose anything else. Hope everything turns out right.

By that time she told her phone rang. She picked up and it was kavitha asking her for permission to publish her story. Swara told not to publish as she stopped writing stories and don’t want any of her stories to get published. Kavitha accepts. Swara looked at temple and prays god to keep her people safe.


I really do no the precap. But a new twist is going to slope down it will settle some mystery!!
Tomorrow episode theme is….

Its— when fantasy meets reality!! Hope you got it!!

P. S- guys I don’t know how it was going so plzz comment down your views. If it’s is confusing or big or not good plzz let me know.. ? and everyday I’ll post a new episode so you would find new episode everyday. If you want to follow it then go on. I wont dissapoint you my friends I try my best ??comment down ur views and suggest a good name for children ???love you all??

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