HI Everyone., hope you all are doing well.I am back with the sequel of “WE MET,ONLY TO BE SEPARATED” as promised. Sorry for the delay, my work load had increased as deadlines were approaching, as soon as the deadline was met I made sure to come back with the sequel.
So here it goes. hope u all enjoy reading this. as we are enjoying IB episodes these days

Venue: At Mrs & Mr Chadda’s daughter wedding
Time : 5 PM
It had been 3 months since Anika left OM, she had tried to keep herself busy, but the ache in her heart was always there, the minute her mind was not occupied it returned to Shivay.She tried to control herself so much but her heart always beat only one beat Shivay,Shivay ,Shivay
She was lost in her own thoughts when she hears someone shouting and goes there
Mrs.Chadda(in full anger) : who is the event planner here, I had ordered for orchids, and someone has put roses here?
Anika: what’s the problem mam, I am the event organizer.

Mrs.Chadda: so you organize events like this, when you were told to get orchids why have you put roses.
Anika: But that was what had been told to me
Mrs.Chadda: Just shut up, I know people of your type very well, you want to mince money by putting cheap flowers. What kind of wedding do you think this is, we are top industrialist of Dubai, an we want only the best for our daughter? God knows from where cheap people like you come, just get out of here.
From some distance a voice is heard “Enough is Enough Mrs.Chadda”
A man dressed in a black suit, with black glares comes in quick strides and stands in front of Mrs.Chadda. Anika has her back to him, but she would have recognized that voice anywhere, her heart started beating faster
Shivay: Don’t you dare Mrs.Chadda, No one talks to my wife like that
Anika slowly turns towards him

They have an eye lock after such a long time, that they get lost in each other’s eyes
They are awoken by the People around them gossiping
Shivay: Yes you all heard it right, no one talks to my wife like that, no one talks to ANIKA SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI like that.
Anika just stares at him
Shivay: Anika, we need to talk, let’s get out of here
Anika: I don’t want to talk to you, please go away from here
Shivay: don’t create a scene Anika, come with me and starts pulling her by the hand
Anika (removing her hand from his): Leave me Shivay, I am not some doll, whose remote is in your hand, I will do as I wish, go from here
Shivay: you won’t listen like this. After all you’re the wife of biggest tadibaaz , he just picks her in his arms and takes her to his car an puts her in the seat and ties the seat belt .Don’t u dare move from here

Anika: Why are you doing this Shivay?
He does not answer and just drives the car
They drive for a long time in silence, finally the car comes to a halt at the same valley where Shivay was last shown breaking down.
He brings Anika out of the car forcibly
Anika: leave me Shivay, I want to go
Shivay: just listen me once anika
Anika: no Shivay, there is nothing to listen, you have hurted me very badly this time, I won’t forgive you, just leave me
Shivay: just listen me once anika please

Anika ignores him and starts walking away
Shivay just shouts……… Om is illegitimate
Anika just halts and feels like the ground is slipped below her feet.
She turns and sees Shivay in tears. Tears start flowing from her eyes too. She remembers all the beautiful moments of hers with Om, and also al the obro moments, how happy Shivay used to be with his brothers.. an now Om is illegitimate.. she could not belive that
Shivay sees the questioning look anika gives him and he just tells her all about it, how mrs kapoor was blackmailing him.

Anika : I don’t believe this.. she says this almost to herself in a faint whisper
Anika feels her heart breaking, as she could not help shivay when he was going through so much pain.
Shivay(seeing the pain in her eyes) : its all solved now .. Finally I have thought mrs.kapoor a proper lesson, she will never be back in our lives and nor will Tia. I did a thorough research an found out that om is not illegitimate, mrs kapoor was just using my weakness against me, If Om had come to know of this he might have taken his life again, And I..
Anika: and you can’t bear anything happening to your brothers
Shivay : yes I can’t, but I could not bear hurting you also Anika.Will u forgive me please.. and he open his arms for her
Anika not able to control any further just runs and hugs him tightly

O Jaaana plays
It was almost 10PM now, they were sitting very close to each other, just feeling each other after such a long time. Anika kept her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes, she had longed for this moment from so long.It felt so peaceful to be sitting like this with the man she loved so much, and who loved her.
Shivay turned towards her, moved her strands of hair behind her ear, lifted her chin and kissed her forehead, and leaned his head on hers and closed his eyes. He had missed Anika so much, and when she had left he had felt dead within. Everything was going on as usual, but he was just a robot, he came to life only after he came back to anika
Shivay : Anika, will you forgive me?

Anika: I have Shivay, now that I know the reason of your rudeness. But I don’t want you to hide anything from me henceforth.
Shivay: I promise to share everything with you .I am sorry Anika, I almost died….
Anika (placing a finger on his lips): don’t talk about death please. I can’t lose u again… a lone tear escaped her cheek and Shivay caught it in his palm
Shivay: Anika, Your tears are very precious to me please don’t waste them, I know I have hurted u a lot, but believe me every time tears flowed from your eyes, a knife pierced my heart, whenever I hurt u, I have hurted myself more. I will try and make sure that u don’t cry again, I will try to give u all the happiness.
Anika : I just need to be with you Shivay, nothing else matters.
Saying this she placed both her hands in his and held them tightly.
Shivay took her hands and bought them to his lips, looking into her eyes he kissed them passionately, Anika just blushed furiously.

He pulled her still closer by her waist and moved his rough jaw against her smooth right cheek, and kissed her.
A shiver passed through Anika, Shivay holded her close and gave the same treatment to her left cheek which was deprived of his affection. When they both looked into each other eyes they saw the love and their world there… everything else ceased to exist.
They had lost in each other in their bubble of love.
Shivay came closer to her, his kanji eyes fixed on her beautiful lips, he came closer and closer till his face was just a inch from her.He cradled her head in both of his palms, tilted his head slightly and bought his lips closer to anika lips, He was just about to make their lips one, when anika gave him a push and said
“You still did not propose me an you directly reached my lips, won’t work Mr.Oberoi” she started laughing and got up and started running from there

Shivay (running happily behind her to catch hold of her): Anika rukooooooo….
Finally, he catches her from behind and whispers slowly in her ears,
Shivay: I love you Anika, I love you a lot
Anika: I love you too Shivay, a lot

Hope you all have enjoyed reading it, and it has touched your heart like my other OS did.
Please do comment(positive/negative), your reviews are really important as help me improve my writing.

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    This is a sequel to WE MET, ONLY TO BE SEPARATED (SHIVIKA OS)… the link for the first part is

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