When We Met (RagLak) One Shot

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A boy is shown running in the rain and reaches the railway station. HE is fully drenched in water and just then a train starts moving and he rushes to it. He is tensed as well as tearing.
The boy : Teja…Teja…
He runs behind the train while the train leaves and he sits down and holds his head and cries his heart out. He bends his head down and cries out loud and he shouts telling “Teja”. He raises his head and finds a girl who has worn a baby pink kurti and white jean and white chunni standing and is looking at the boy with tears in her eyes. The boy gets up and smiles looking at her and he rushes to her and smiles through his tears and gives a painful look. The girl grits her teeth and gives a tight slap on his cheek.
The boy : I’m sorry for whatever I spoke Teja please come, I promise to be there with you.
Teja : Now why did you come? Once everything is over for what reason did you? (He shakes his head in disagreement)Just get lost, I hate you.
She turns to leave but he holds her by her wrist.
Boy : But I love you.
The girl looks shocked and turns and he nods his head smiling. She shakes her head in disagreement.
Teja : I and you can never be one Namish, it is better to split up. You can’t give up on your dreams and I can’t leave my parents.
Namish : I will give up my dreams for you.
Teja : You can’t Namish.
Namish : I will, my dream is nothing in front of you.
Teja : I don’t want you to spoil your dream for me. Your world is different and my world is different. So go away.
Namish : You are my world Teja, I would go for any extent to prove how much I love you. Please don’t leave me, please. I would even d…
Before he could complete she placed her soft lips on his hips and she encircled her hand around him. Namish held her waist and tightened his grip while the other hand held her wet cheeks. Teja breaks her kiss and looks at his eyes and smile and they are still very close to each other.
Teja : Never dare to say it.
Namish : Never dare to leave me again.
Both of them share and intense eye lock and hug each other and get lost in each other’s embrace, indeed a hug which longed for minutes. All the expressions and emotions which they missed to say were said. The hug turned to be an intense and passionate one.
A voice : Cut, perfect shot Ragini and Laksh.
Lights get switched on and the rain stops.
Ragini and Laksh apart away and they look at each other confusingly and with mixed emotions. A man comes and gives a towel to both Ragini and Laksh. Laksh walks to his room while Ragini walks to her and gets changed. She comes out wearing a long pink three quarter sleeved frock and she hugs another girl who was standing out with a big smile on her lips and tears roll down Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini : Swara I made, I just made it.
Swara breaks the hug and makes Ragini eat sweet.
Swara : Di your first movie is going to get released. I’m so happy for you as well as I’m proud for you.
Swara looks behind Ragni where Laksh is wearing black shirt and a blue trouser with shades on and a leather waist coat. He is walking fast with few body guards around him and is busy on a call. He goes passing Ragini while Ragini just smiled and he just went ignoring her. Laksh gets in to his car while people are screaming calling his name and falling in to his car. His car drives off slowly while Swara and Ragini look on.
Ragini : Come let’s leave Swara.
Swara : He is so big headed, I seriously thought he is just like how he acts in the movies. (She fumes) he and his big fame “Lucky the new sensation” my foot.
Ragini : Swara not all the actors are like him, he is kind but these actors doesn’t move with people not because they are big headed it is because they don’t know how to move with common people. He is born actor Swara, he lives in a mansion and his whole family is for acting unlike us. He doesn’t know what an outside world is.
Swara : When are we going back to Kolkata?
Ragini : Next Saturday.
Swara : Di two weeks more..
Ragini : And I will surely take you all over Mumbai and we will surely enjoy.
Swara nods and they get in to car.
Swara : Di I’m sure this movie will get a big budget, one is because it is Laksh Taneja’s and the other on is because of my di. Once it is super hit even we will have body guards with us.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : I won’t act any more Swara, you know the reason why accepted this offer.

Ragini in a yellow kurti and black jean while Swara in a blue kurti and white jean and are walking in the market of Kolkata. Swara was having pakoda packet while Ragini had all the vegetable bags. They see a big poster of the famous actor who was the star of everyone’s heart Laksh Taneja who was called as the young Taneja. Swara hangs her mouth wide open and looks at it lovingly. Ragini also looks at it.
Swara : Lucky the new sensation.
Ragini : Yeah he is handsome.
Swara looks at Ragini shockingly.
Swara : What did you just say di?
Ragini : He is handsome.
Ragini blushes and starts walking.
Swara : Di I have never ever, ever heard you uttering the word ‘handsome’.
(Swara thinks for a while Ragini keeps walking with a smile on her face) Yeah you have never uttered.
Ragini and Swara turn in to a cross road and climbs up a stair and enter in to a house. It was indeed a small house with two rooms, a small living room, dining room and a kitchen. Ragini places all the vegetables in the fridge and takes out the milk. Swara was still looking shocked at the blushing face of Ragini.
Ragini : Yes, I found him handsome.
Swara comes back to her sense.
Swara : Laksh Taneja you are really lucky, my beautiful di called you handsome.
Ragini shakes her head in disbelief while Swara sits on the pantry.
Ragini : Give this to ma (She hands over the milk) I will prepare chappathi for dinner.
Swara nods and leave, Ragini remembers Laksh’s poster and smiles. Swara comes back while Ragini is lost.
Swara : Di di di…(Ragini comes back to her sense) You have added more floor.
Ragini face palms and all the floor stick on her face, Swara burst out in to laughter while Ragini grins back.
Ragini : I will make chappathi tomorrow with the rest of the dough, how is ma now?
Swara’s smile faded away.
Swara : Still the same di, it is been an year since she paralyzed, if we also had a papa…
Ragini interrupts : Sawra past can never be changed, go and study I will get you a coffee.

The days kept on rolling, Ragini had a slight crush on the actor like everyone does but more than the crush on a celebrity she was bothered about her job. Though she was a professional dancer and a singer she has not yet found a way to gain income. She kept on searching for a job which will satisfy their need; she still managed to teach in an orphanage where she got a very small amount of sallary. On a fine day as usual Ragini and Swara were returning from the market, Ragini bent to take the coin which fell off her hands while Swara stepped to cross the road and there was screech sound where Swara screamed and closed her face with her hands. Ragini stood up and found a car which was just millimeters away from her sister. Ragini held Swara and she hugged her tightly. A tall figure got down from the car got down and walked towards them. Ragini just looked at him was just shocked.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Ragini…
Ragini : What are you doing here? Black Mercedes, shades, rich look. You have changed yaar.
Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar : Cup of coffee.
Swara : Cup of coffee? You were about to hit me with your rich car and now are you trying to give us coffee and escape. Di who is he btw?
Ragini : Swara he is my senior and friend from college, he did film directory. Now what are you doing Sanskaar?
Sasnkaar : Shall we have cup of coffee and speak?
Swara : We don’t want any cups, one lakh fine.
Sanskaar : So your life is only one lakh rupees worth?
Swara : Voh…toh…but nothing happened to me.
Ragini : Shut up Swara, come let’s go.
Sanskaar nods and they get in to the car.

A week later, a trishaw stops in front of a tall glass building. Ragini and Swara get down. They try to enter but the guards don’t let them. They see many people who look posh are walking here and there with classy out fits. On the other hand Ragini was in a plain white short top and a sky blue chunni pulled to her neck and a sky blue Patiala trouser with her hair left open. Swara was with a skirt, sleeveless blouse and an over coat and shawl wrapped around her neck. Ragini was looking at the lift continuously. Sanskaar came out of it and took them in. They got in the lift and reached a floor.
Sanskaar : Don’t get panicked Ragini, just do as they say.
Ragini nodded and entered in to an auditorium. She left her jaw to the ground in shock. There were many other ladies who were there for the film audition. Ragini only knew that she is to a film audition but he never thought that this many people would be there. She walked while everyone looked at her pink panicked face. She just looked around and sat. Swara was seen nervous than her sister out of the auditorium biting her nails and shaking her legs. Then her eye struck to a poster stand.
Swara : Laksh Taneja. Di acting against her only crush Laksh.
Her nervousness rose up to her head. The scene shifts to the auditorium where it was Ragini’s turn. She slowly stood up and walked to the stage and she looked around. A judge narrates the story which is muted.
Judge 2 : We want a silent and quiet character, who is not clumsy but serious. She has to look poor yet pretty, she has to feel the poverty, she should be rich in humanity, she has to love the hero more than her life, she should be a day dreamer, and she has to be herself. So you have to show us all this and make up your own dialogue which will satisfy all this and the male character’s name is Namish. You can pick any scene you want.
Ragini nodded and closed her eyes and the only face which saw was Laksh’s. She quickly opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She remembered that she has to do this for her family. She took a deep breath.
Ragini : Listen Namish, you need to achieve your dream but I can’t stay with you. Either you will have to come with me or leave me.(Ragini gets teary for real and falls on the ground) I’m fatherless child and I’m poor, my family needs my support. Now I have to make my siblings study and want to look after my mother. My papa left us when I was four and from then my mama has been looking after me like a princess but now, I can’t look after her as a queen, as a daughter I need to fulfill my duty.
She cries hard and runs out of the stage and cries as she has the same problem in her life. Sanskaar comes and holds her shoulder.
Sanskaar : Are you okay?
Ragini wipes her tears and nods.
Ragini : I’m fine.
The judges come.
A judge : We have selected you .
Ragini smiles.
Flashback ends.

Ragini and Swara are seen sitting in the hotel room, where the busy Mumbai in the night view is seen.
Ragini : Swara, now sleep, in the morning I will take you out.
Swara nods and sleeps while Ragini walks to the balcony. Her hair was flying all over.
Ragini’s POV.
I worked with my Laksh for 6 months and I’m very happy. He is not supposed to be my real life partner at least reel life partner. Something which I always found in him is that he is disturbed always. He was different from what he acts. He doesn’t speak much or smile. I didn’t have guts to ask him too. Though we were acting as lovers, spoke lovely and cute dialogues throughout the movie everything felt real. His touch, his words, his gaze, his concern and everything seems as if he is doing it for real or is he good at acting. Whatever it is he will always remain special in my heart, my Laksh the first guy on the earth who made me fall for, made my heart beat rise and made me shiver with his touch and made me go crazy with his looks. No matter how much I try to accept that he is a actor and will look dashing like other actors or even try to accept the fact loving a celebrity with all my heart is something stupid I can’t stop loving him. I have decided that there won’t be anyone other than Laksh in my heart, the love which I had in my heart for him turned to be stronger after this 6 months. This will be the first and last movie and I’m happy it was with him. I didn’t act though out the movie with him, all those were my genuine actions and words. I love you and will always love you.
Ragini’s POV ends.

Ragini shivered a bit when the breezes her bare arms. A leather jacket wrapped around her and she turned and found a brown pair of eyes was so close to her.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh whispered : Don’t you know to lock the front door in the night?
Ragini just winked twice to see if she was dreaming. They were very close and shared an intense eye lock. Ragini broke it looking away while Laksh moved back.
Ragini : What made you come here sir?
Laksh : Sir?
Ragini nods while Laksh chuckled. Ragini went to the moon and came back looking at his cute face and the sound when he chuckled.
Laksh : I know we worked together, I never spoke to you off-screen so you didn’t too but I want you to help me.
Ragini : Help?
Laksh : Haa, I want you to show me what a world is. You know that my mother, father, brother, cousins, uncles, aunties, my whole family are acting so I was in to film from small days and once I was done with my studies I got into the same thing. I didn’t have time to spend a common life like you people do so I want you to show what an outside world is.
Ragini : Why me?
Laksh : I just felt you would, won’t you?
Ragini : Sure sir.
Laksh : Laksh, I prefer Laksh.
Ragini : La…(She looks at his eyes) Laksh. Sure Laksh.
Laksh smiles and Ragini smiles back, indeed he smiled genuinely and Ragini saw the real happiness through his eyes.
Laksh : Okay, then I will come tomorrow morning.
Ragini nods and Laksh leaves. Ragini realizes she is wearing Laksh’s leather jacket and tries to call him but he leaves. Ragini walks to the bed and sleeps hugging Laksh’s jacket close to her. It is morning and Ragini awakes and finds Swara sitting beside her. Swara was looking sternly while Ragini sits up confusingly.
Ragini : Good morning.
Swara : Morning Di
Ragini Why are you upset sweet heart?
Swara : Not upset di, what were you dreaming alone that you were smiling so brightly.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Nothing.
Swara : Nothing?
Ragini stood up and went to her bag and took out a grey kurti and white Patiala with a white chunni.
Ragini : Nothing, now get ready fast as someone is coming to roam along with us.
Swara : Who?
Ragini : You know him very well.
Swara : Me? Sanskaar?
Ragini shrinks her yes and looks at Swara
Ragini : Why did you remember Sanskaar? Anyways no it is not Sanskaar.
Swara : Okay fine now tell me.
Ragini walks to the washroom without answering her. She comes out having a bath. She stood in front of the mirror having a million dollar smile on her face and starts combing her hair. She wore a simple ear stud and a very thin sliver chain. She left her hair open. Swara was looking atRagini who was dressing with a passion. Ragini finish getting dressed and turns to Swara.
Ragini : How do I look?
Swara : Di you are already very beautiful and I’m jealous of you and now…(She shakes her head) Di I’m not coming out with you.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Why?
Swara : No guy will look at me but you.
Ragini : You are beautiful Swara, in fact I’m jealous of your curly hair, and bubbly face.
Swara : But di…
Ragini holds her cheeks.
Ragini : Swara, you are very beautiful dear.
Swara hugs Ragini.
Swara : I know di I’m beautiful but wanted to hear it from your mouth. Getting praised by you is very hard. The first person who got praised by you is me and then that stupid Laksh.
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : Shall we go?
Swara nods and they leave downstairs. There was a man standing with a hoody jacket on. Ragini walked to him and Swara looked confused.
Ragini : Where do you want to go?
Laksh : Where ever you wish.
Swara : Di who is this?
Ragini : Laksh Taneja
Swara drops her mouth to the ground and pops her eyes wide open.
Laksh : Hello
He forwards the hand while Swara is still shocked.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara comes back to sense and forwards her hand and they shake. Ragini stops a trishaw and Ragini gets in and Swara and then Laksh. The three of them roam a lot and enjoy a lot. Laksh hid himself from the crowd. A week passed, Ragini and Laksh were closer. They share their thoughts and most of the time it matched. Swara always let them be together. Ragini was sitting on the couch reading a book and Swara comes and sat down.
Swara : Di, why don’t you confess your feelings?
Ragini looked at Swara shockingly.
Ragini : What do you mean? Confess to whom?
Swara : Don’t pretend di, I know you love Laksh or should I call him jiju?
Ragini : Shut up Swara, he is somewhere I can’t reach to. True that I love him but I know he doesn’t love me.
Swara : How do you know?
Ragini : Everyone love him as he is an actor does it mean everyone will confess him and he will accept everyone?
Swara : This is different, not everyone can move with him like you do.
Ragini : But it is just for two weeks, and he will get busy with his work and I will have to move on. (Ragini breaks down) I regret trying to help him, I fell for and this time totally. I saw his real face Swara, his real smile, his real talk, his real concern and I love him.
Swara : That is what I’m telling di, other’s just love him for his looks but you are loving his soul. Just go confess it.
Ragini wipes her tears and shakes her head.
Ragini : No, at least let me remain in his heart as a friend but not a rejected person. Let him accept me as his friend at least. Promise me that you won’t tell him anything.
Swara sighs and nods.
Swara : Good night.
Ragini : Good night.
Ragini cried out thinking about her separation with Laksh and sleeps on the couch with Laksh’s thoughts. The next morning Ragini awakes and she gets a message from Laksh that he won’t come today. Ragini was sad, as this what was supposed to happen. She went the washroom and came out wearing a white t shirt and a blue pajama. It was night and Ragini wanted to get some fresh air so she thought of going to the terrace. She got a call from Laksh.
Ragini : Hello Laksh.
Laksh : I have sent you gift for helping me.
Ragini : Thank you.
Laksh : Thank you so much and bye.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Yes
Ragini : Nothing good night.
Laksh : Good night.

Ragini cries her heart out and she goes downstairs and finds a parcel. Ragini opens it and it a royal blue backless long sleeved long gown (A blue version of what she wore in GPA) she smiled looking at the royal frock. The next day Ragini wore the frock which Laksh gifted and left her hair open with curls at the back. She wore a silver stud. She did a light makeup and managed to cover her dark circles and swollen eye after crying hard. She got in to a silver shoe. Swara had worn a black long dress. Swara looked at Ragini stunningly. Ragini came down and got in to the car so does Swara. They reached the venue and were welcomed. Everyone was stunned to see Ragini so beautifully she walked managing a smile on her lips but her heart was crying. She wished that she had not met Laksh or fell in love with him so much. She wished that he doesn’t appear in front of her. The people were jumping to her to get autographs and she was protected by guards. She manages to get in the safe zone. She was standing while many media persons surrounded her. Her eyes struck in to her Laksh, who was approaching towards her wearing a black blazer with shades on. He was looking dashing and stunning as usual. Ragini waves her hand but he goes in unnoticing her which makes Ragini want to fall on the ground and cry, she controlled herself. Ragini and Swara go in, both Laksh and Ragini come face to face.

Ragini : How is the dress?
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Excuse me.
Ragini nods and he leave. Ragini’s eyes get welled up and she manages not cry out. Swara notices all this and gets fury while Ragini is broken. Both of them sit and the function begins.

Announcer : Good Evening everyone, all of us are gather here to launching of the new movie “Jab hum Mila” by Laksh Taneja and the debut actress Ragini Prakash. (Everyone claps) warmly welcome all of you. I would like to invite Ragini Prakash the famle lead of the movie to share her experience on her first movie.
Everyone claps and she gets on the stage and stands near the microphone.
Ragini : Good evening everyone. (Her voice was cracking as she was controlling herself without breaking down, she clears it) actually I never had an idea of getting in to film industry but as I needed money for both my sister’s education as well as my mother’s health I got in to this. To be honest I could do this movie very well for two reasons one is that Tejasswi and Ragini are not two characters but one, it has no much difference between me and Tejasswi so it was easy and the second thing is something which I can’t reveal and I’m sorry. So I would like to thank Sanskaar who introduce me to this industry, then the directors, producers and Laksh Taneja for agreeing to act with me without even knowing if I was good or not at acting and taking a risk. A special thanks to my little sister, Swara (She signs her to come and Swara comes) who is my biggest supporter (Swara comes and side hugs Ragini) and my first fan. Another thing which I would convey is this will be me first and last film. Thank you, thank you so much everyone.
Swara gets down while Ragini also turns to get down.
Announcer : Hold on ma’am.(Ragini stops) I invite Laksh Taneja to speak of few words of the movie and about the debut actress Ragini Prakash.
Laksh climbs up the stage and stands in front of the microphone.
Laksh : Well good evening everyone (Everyone shouts). Talking about the movie it is really a nice movie and its completely a love story and I have nothing much to say as it is movie you have to watch and yeah Ragini she has done her best in that movie, her acting was natural and beautiful. It was really good working with her she is really helped me both onscreen and off screen. I would like to tell her the decision which she took that she stop acting is really good.

Everyone looks shocked, Swara drops her jaw down and Ragini looks at Laksh with teary eyes. Laksh walks to her and kneels down in front of her shocking everyone.
Laksh : Because I don’t want you to be anyone else’s even in movies.(Ragini is shell shocked and she felt as if current passed all over her body), I want you to be mine and forver. I saw you on the audition day (It shows Ragini entering the auditorium and Laksh looking at her from the back of the auditorium and getting awestruck ) I fell for you in just three seconds. When you acted I was impressed and asked the panel to accept you and only if they accept you I will sign the contract but they already had accepted you, I tried my best to confess my feelings to you when we were doing the movie but I didn’t have much guts and thought it might affect the movie. (Ragini in shock and she folds her hand and smiles, tears start rolling down her cheek) But trust me Ragini each words I uttered I uttered by my heart, each time I held I held you with right, each time I looked I looked with love, everything I did is not as Namish to Tejasswi but Laksh to Ragini including the kiss (Ragini holds her lips and rolls her eyes). I wanted to spend my time with you so I came in search of you, the week I spent with you was the best week in my entire life, I want each of my moment to be the best moment. I love you Ragini (Everyone in the auditorium starts hooting) I want my entire life to be the best so will you make it? (Everyone shouts say yes) Will you let me be your real hero? (Everyone shouts say yes) I promise you to keep you and your family happy. All your problems will be mine. This Laksh Taneja will next kneel down to another girl and I want it to be our daughter. Will you marry me?

Everyone shouts telling “Say yes” Laksh widens his hands and raises his eyebrows. Ragini nods her head with tears in her eyes and makes him stand up.
Ragini : Yes.
Laksh : Yes.
Ragini : Can I hug you?
Laksh chuckles and drags her to his chest and hugs her tightly while Ragini buries her face in to his chest and hugs him really tightly while everyone claps.
Laksh : I love you. (Ragini blushes and she looks at him raising her head but still hugging) I said I love you (Ragini blushes more gets shy while he chuckled and looked at her) If I say I love you, you have to say I love you too not blush or stare at me with so much love. I love you.
Ragini : I…I (She stammers and her face fully turns red) I…Love…
Laksh : Come one say it, even I want to hear it.
Ragini : I will tell you later.
Laksh : I want to hear it right now or we will be standing here like this forever.
Ragini : I’m fine to be like this forever.
Laksh chuckles again and she goes crazy with his chuckle.
Laksh : I love your innocence the most.
Ragini : I love the way you chuckle the most.
Laksh :Now say it or I will have to do something serious.
Ragini : I l..love…you
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her with so much love and happiness. Laksh’s hands are still wrapped around her and her hands are wrapped around him.
Laksh : If I wait until you confess it I will be old.
Ragini : Did you know?
Laksh : I told Swara that I love you and she told me that you also love me.
Ragini : That is why Laksh Taneja proposed me in front of everyone?
Laksh : Of course what if you say no, I would have been heartbroken as well as fame broken.
Ragini : It is like a dream and I don’t want to break it.
Laksh : I will never break it. Can I know the second reason?
Ragini : It is you.
Laksh chuckles while Ragini held his arms tighter and looks at him lovingly, he looks at her eyes which are tearing and he wipes her tears which were flowing and he holds her cheeks and pecks her forehead and it lasts for a minute while Ragini closed her eyes and held his hand. Laksh broke the peck and looked in to her eyes and again Ragini hugged him and he tightened his grip, both of them again get lost in each other.

After 6 years, a girl of age four comes running and taps a door. Behind her Swara comes running.
Swara : Rashya don’t knock the door.
Rashya keeps tapping while Swara comes and carries her.
Rashya : Maasi leave me down right now.
Sanskaar walks to them.
Sanskaar : Princess come here.
Swara : Where is your princess this is my doll?

Another girl of age 3 comes.
Girl : Mama I’m here.
Sanskaar carries.
Sasnkaar : My Meera doll
Rashya shouts : Mama… Papa… Mama… Papa…
The door opens and Ragini comes out.
Ragini : Why are you shouting princess?
Laksh drags her in and closes the door again and she lands on his chest, he wraps his hand around her.
Laksh : Tell it and I will leave you.
Laksh leans and pecks her right cheek and she blushes.
Ragini : Laksh leave me please, she is shouting.
Laksh : Ragini Laksh Taneja relax, she will be quiet once she gets a sister.
Laksh leans and pecks her left cheek and she blushes more.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Are you going to tell it or not?

He pecks her forehead.

Ragini : No
Laksh : Stop being stubborn.
He pecks on her nose.
Ragini : Look who is speaking.
Rashya : Are you going to open or shall I break the door?
Laksh : Haa haa coming coming princess.
Ragini : Leave me.
Lash whispers : Tell me then.
Ragini : I love you.
Ragini blushes telling it while Laksh chuckles and pecks her lips and the cheek turned as bleed.
Laksh : To hear this three words how much should I have to suffer, now go. (She turns to leave and he holds her and hugs her from back and kisses on her neck and she shiver) I love you more. Still you shiver? Still you blush?
Ragini : Still when you romance can’t I still shiver and blush?
Laksh chuckles while Ragini turned red again and held Laksh’s arms
Laksh : Oops I forgot my wife goes crazy with my chuckle.

Laksh leaves her and she turns and pecks on his lip and walks out. Laksh smiles and walks behind her. Rashya is standing with hand on her waist.

Ragini : Princess it is really your papa’s fault.
Laksh : No she is lying, it is her fault.
Ragini : Mama doesn’t lie hena baby?
Laksh : Don’t you believe papa?
Rashya : Stop it both of you, I have given you both a particular time to be alone in week and you have exceeded that time in…(She looks at Swara) How many minutes maasi?
Swara : Ten minutes and fifteen seconds.
Rashya : Punishment is mama five situps and papa situps for not caring me.
Ragini and Laksh do five. Laksh walks to Rashya and kneels and pecks her forehead.
Laksh : We love you princess.
Ragin also comes and kneels down.
Ragini : And you are our life.
Ragini and Laksh hug Rashya and Rashya and hug them.
Rashya : I love you too, I was kidding mapa.
Sanskaar : Laksh, I think the media has come
Laksh breaks the hug and carries Rashya.
Laksh : I will come.

Laksh goes in and Ragini follows him. He makes Rashya stands on the bed. She has worn a short and a t shirt. Ragini places a shirt and trouser. Laksh comes out getting ready, carrying Rashya and holding Ragini by her waist and they stand.
A man : You have won the best actor award continuously three times in a year. What do you think about it? The reason behind it?
Laksh chuckles while Ragini gets goose bumps and tightens her grip on his arms and Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Laksh : Actually I’m happy about receiving an award but nothing has reached to the happiness when I fell in love with my Ragini and when I took my princess in my arms when she was born and the reason behind all the awards and success is my little family.

The screen freezes on the trio’s happy face.

And here you go hope you like the story…Please do comment if you really find my work worthy 🙂

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  1. Superb superb superb dear. Loved it a lottttttttt. It’s really outstanding and love u

  2. Jigaysa

    Oh my god Dafsi you have got so much talent please continue writing I just loved this story it was awesome

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