So we met like this (part 8)

“Chuk chuk gadi” a giggle tickled into my ears. I rolled my hands… I can feel some soft surface around. At the sudden moment I found myself sitting on my bed. I gazed around… It’s my room. “Gajab!!” the same voice again tickled in my ears. God what’s happening with me!! I rolled my fingers around my hair to make a rough bun when the clock caught my eyes. Oh no I’m late today. I need to rush.

After breakfast “Come on beta…be fast” maa called from kitchen. “Yes maa…” I replied rushing out my room, while passing through my dressing table. I stopped. Something caught my eyes. It was Bihaan. Sitting on the window opposite to the dressing table. His smile caught me, the breeze scented at the moment, he gestured me to wear earrings. I smiled and he too. After wearing earrings I gestured him to ask whether it’s fine or not? Smilingly he, gestured to free my hair. After freeing them, I nodded questioningly and he slowly started to move towards me, staring me through the mirror. My heartbeat is increasing at his every step towards me. The next moment his bearded cheeks were tickling my neck, I closed my eyes to feel him.

“Thapki beta… You’re getting late” maa’s voice again entered in my room and abruptly opened my eyes. I didn’t find him anywhere. I gazed all over my room and ended patting my head cause of stupid imagination.

I don’t know what’s going on!! After waving a bye to maa I accelerated my scooty. Hope Bihaan is fine… He wasn’t looking good last night. I should ask him once… but God why am I finding him everywhere? Ugghh.

“Hmm… So madam is irritated!!” what am I hearing!! Is Bihaan on backseat of my scooty! He smiled looking me through mirror. He smiled when my open hairs touched his face. A speedbreaker interrupted in between and after a jerk again I realized no Bihaan over there.

“Madam be careful” the traffic police warned. I nodded in embarrassment but wait… My eyes stuck on Traffic police.. He was again Bihaan. He winked. Ugghh… I’m hopeless… I accelerated the scooty again.

“Thapki I love you… I need you” his words were hitting in my head. Finally I reached to my college.

Bihaan looks so cute while teaching us. I’m mesmerized. He’s lifting a piece of chalk. He threw it over me… So nice of him. “Gajab!!” he said winking at me. I smiled when I felt a shake. “Thapki… Professor Kumar is pointing at you… Stand up” one of my classmate said which pulled me out of my imagination world. I stood up as fast as I could. “Why aren’t you attentive in my class?” professor yelled. “Sorry sir…” I managed to utter. “You stammering girl…” he yelled louder and everyone laughed. My eyes were becoming blurry and my cheeks, wet. “Did you heard what I announced for your project work?” he asked and I nodded no with a great hesitation. “Who was your project partner earlier?” he asked calling me to himself. “Dhruv… Of senior year” I uttered gulping my fear. “Hmm.. He’s a nice guy!! Your project partner of this semester is again he.” I nodded and was about to go back to my seat when “Did I told you to sit??…” he yelled and I jerked a step away in fear. “Get out..” he continued. I left the class after picking my bag.

“Bihaan I told you to be careful right?” I heard a yelling but careful voice. I recognized it was Dhruv’s voice… Well it felt satisfied after listening Dhruv’s concerned voice for Bihaan!! I peeped in to the canteen. “Now clean it…” Dhruv yelled. “I’m sorry… I didn’t did it intentionally” Bihaan pulled out a tissue paper to clean Dhruv’s shirt. God how rude is this Dhruv!! “Now shoes too” Dhruv yelled patting his feet on floor. I saw Bihaan closed his eyes to sigh and smilingly was about to follow his order. But I can’t see it anymore. “Dhruv..” I entered in the scenario. I looked at Bihaan while both of them were looking at me. “Yes say Thapki” grabbed my attention to Dhruv while Bihaan left the canteen. “Professor Kumar has allotted you as my project partner again” I declared. “Hmm nice then.. It will be best just like the earlier one… After all that Professor Kumar is new so he don’t knows how talented you are!!” Dhruv said. “Don’t you think it’s not right to humiliate your own brother?” I groaned staring at him. “Thapki… You are not understanding… But be careful of him” He smiled “well we’ll start our project soon” he left patting my shoulder.

While taking my scooty out of parking area I heard a voice. “Thapki…” is he really Bihaan or again my imagination?! “Thapki wait…” he puffed running after me. I turned to him. There was an awkward silence for a moment. “Why was you silent when Dhruv said all those to you?” I scolded. “You don’t need to think about it” to my surprise he groaned. “what are you saying!! We’re friends at last… I can ask you about it!!” my voice was rude. “And I want to talk to you about the last night” said I…but to my surprise he cut me in between with his laugh. I was looking at him, stunned. “Actually… I’m sorry…” he said controlling his laugh. “For??” I asked surprisingly.

“I don’t remember whatever nonsense I might had uttered last night…. But please don’t take it too seriously.” he warned laughingly. What is he saying!! My confused eyes were continuously glaring at him. Why’s he behaving so weird!! “Do you want to know what you uttered?” I fumed snatching his arms. “wait wait.” he said slowly detaching his hands from mine. “I might had proposed you or something!? Right?” asked he lifting his eyebrows up. It means he remembers everything! My eyes weren’t wet yet… I can’t believe this is same Bihaan who was carving for love last night!! “Had you ever seen yourself… You stammering girl!! You really think Bihaan Pandey will come to you… I mean seriously!!” he was taunting continuously. Now I can feel my cheeks wet. How dare he. Who is he to tell me who am I!! “I’m sorry… There’s seriously nothing exist like friendship in this world.” I fumed as I don’t wanted to discuss more to him about this matter, with my teary eyes. I started to leave when my sight fell on the shadow peeping inside the parking area. Before I could collect my attention to find the person. “You are right” Bihaan interfered. And I again wore helmet. “O o wait Miss Tha.. Tha.. Thapki.” his voice was piercing in my heart. “Driver told me about your support for me last night… You made me to reach home… Thanks” his tone was sarcastic. “Don’t you think you should learn how to behave!!” I groaned putting my helmet aside. “Dhruv was right about you…” unknowingly I groaned which made him silent. “You criminal” I yelled pointing towards him. He looked serious at the moment “Aa ha… Keep your finger down” he hissed tugging his finger with mine. He started coming closer to me “And who told you about my crimes??” I can feel his hissing voice piercing my ear. The urge of anger and hatred raised within me which resulted as I pushing him harshly. A slight puff helped me to groan more. “I know you are a criminal… and I will find proof about it soon” I yelled warning him. After sitting on my scooty and wearing my helmet again “I’m sorry I thought we are friends…but I’ll make sure next time to visit you behind the bars” I groaned glaring him in my mirror. I left.

After throwing my bag on my bed I sat down to release some tears when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. It was Shraddha di. Thankfully she didn’t saw my tears. “Thapki… I’m leaving today for my hostel.” she said sitting behind me after placing a warm hug. “Maa will leave from here with me… So you have to be alone for few days” Di said caressing my cheeks. I crossed my arms around her shoulder. “I know you will never tell anyone that you are afraid to be alone.” di said. Oh my dramatic di is getting emotional. “I’m brave enough to handle my fear… After all I’m your sister!!” I giggled to make her smile. And she did.

Everyone left the house. I’m alone now. Honestly I just hate loneliness… But this loneliness is my fate. I don’t have friends to whom I can share my fear of loneliness. This isn’t the fear of ghosts, thief or anything… This is just the fear of loneliness.

I threw myself on bed with my both the legs touching the floor and my hands spread over, my eyes continuously glaring at the ceiling fan. “Do you really think Bihaan Pandey will come to you… I mean seriously!!” his taunting voice isn’t letting to close my eyes. I sat abruptly to puff out my anger. I moved to fridge to splash some chilled water on my face. It felt relaxant. I was roaming to my room again when.. ouch… My leg got hit to something. God my Di… She left her favorite earrings for me. I placed it on the dressing table again when I realized something. I rushed to open the drawer… Yes here it is. His diary which he left and I got it. This time I tugged myself properly on my bed with my back leaning properly and the blanket covering my legs. Should I read? “I don’t remember whatever nonsense I might had uttered last night…. But please don’t take it too seriously.” his laughing voice hit my head while “Thapki I love you… I need you” his drunk voice pierced my heart.

“Finally we both uttered what we think of each other right!!” my mind smirked. OK fine I’m going to read this diary to find about the criminal.

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    Vinni dear, seemed TU admin put your story on wrong page dear….just try to contact them to put it on Thapki’s page.. anyway.. it’s awesome story…

  2. It was awesome… pls post the next update soon. I cant wait to know about Bihaan’s truth.

  3. Phir s suspance…
    di ager aap muj s thora bhi pyaar kerte ho na to aaj rat ko ya kal tak next part submit ker do , verna dek lo..
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  4. Nice part. and waiting for next one

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    Its superb i just loved it
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