How I met my healer (chapter 8)

Hello guys!! I’m so sorry for the late update but you know na schools keep us busy. So many test and lots of homework. Do read the author’s note at the end. OK so let’s start with the chapter.
Shivaay was standing near the balcony. He was trying to figure out the answers to her questions or rather his own questions.

Why did he care so much about her? Why did it hurt when Reyhaan said that they were husband and wife?

Is it love? Or just concern for a friend? Or maybe just attraction?

He thought deeply about this and found out that maybe it was love but he wasn’t sure about this. He decided to spend more time with her so that he can be sure about his own feelings.

Soon sleep took over his thoughts.
Swara was resting her head over the bed. She was trying to understand what ke meant by those words.

There were so many questions in her mind. Unable to find answers, she slept.

“Hi Naina! Wassup?” Swara asked as she entered in her cabin.

“Nothing much” Naina left her work and ordered two cups of coffee.

They sat down to talk.

“Swara you are such a pure soul. I know you are the only one who can help bhai come out of that trauma” Naina smiled to herself.

“Who’s Tanya?” Swara suddenly asked.

Surprised by her sudden question, Naina looked at her.

“Do you really want to know who’s Tanya?” Naina asked in a serious tone.

Swara nodded her head.
“I’m sorry sanskar” a girl mumbled as she landed in Mumbai.

She was sorry but she had no regrets for doing it. She knew this was only way. She had hurt him but only for his own good. She didn’t wanted to spoil his life. She knew staying back will only hurt him so she decided to walk away.
“Tanya is bhai’s ex”

“But why does he get so much angry listening to her name? ” swara asked.

“It’s been 2 years. Her name is Tanya Singhania. Tanya and bhai’s relationship started off as a fling. They were not really interested in each other but with time bhai fell for her. They both confessed their love. ”

Just then Swara’s phone rang.

“I’m so sorry naina but it’s urgent”

“It’s OK baby” Naina said with a smile.

Swara went to pick up the call.

“I’m so sorry baby but I have to have to leave. It’s really really urgent but I promise we’ll sit down and talk. ” she hurriedly picked up her things and waved to her.
“What!! Mr. Khurana bailed him out?! ”

“Yes mam!”

“OK! You can go now”

“Why did he bail him out?” Swara muttered.

Swara sat down on her chair. She was thinking why he would bail him out.

Suddenly she remembered that he’s the same Mr. Khurana whose business got crushed due to the KAPOORS.
Anika was standing near the window, tears spilling out of her eyes.

What if Reyhaan tells her everything?

Her world would shatter. The sole reason to marry Reyhaan was his dad knew everything. She can’t afford to lose her.
“Hi Sanskar! ” Swara entered his room.

“Hello Swara” Sanskar replied with a smile.

“Let’s go out” Swara said, sounding excited.

“Not today! I have a lot of work”

“What the hell Sanskar? Today’s a weekend and you still wanna work” Swara said with a pout.


“No ifs and buts. We’ll go out and that’s final” she pulled him by his arms.

Swara stop! You already ate 3 cornettos and this is the 5th one” he snatched her ice-cream and threw it in the dustbin.

“Sanskar” Swara said in a annoyed voice.

“Swara you don’t wanna fall sick, do you?” Sanskar said in a stern voice.

“Fine! ” Swara said, defeated.

“Now come on! Wipe your face. You have chocolate all over” he said passing her, his handkerchief.

A pair of eyes were watching them.

“I’m so happy that you moved on Sanskar” tears spilled out of her eyes.
Anika moved back. Fresh tears made it’s way.

“Why are you here? ” she choked as she saw Reyhaan moving towards her.

“I just want to torture you baby! As physical torture doesn’t work anymore than what is better than mental torture” he smirked as he locked her between his arms. He moved his finger on her face.

“Don’t touch me” Anika tried to push him.
“Oh baby! I love to torture you”

Someone held his arm tightly and turned him around. He felt a burning sensation on his cheek. He looked up to the person and found Shivaay glaring at him.

“I told you stay away from her” Shivaay roared.

“and I told you we are husband and wife”

“Correction Mr. Shekawat. You WERE husband and wife”

“Anika I promise I’ll take revenge for this insult”

“Get out of this house” he left.

“Shivaay I need to tell you something” Anika said.

“Yes Anika! Tell me”

“You have helped me multiple times and I trust you enough to tell you this.” Anika said looking into his eyes.

“Our marriage was not for the sake of love. Love never existed between us. Only shouts, arguments and cry did” Anika’s voice cracked as more tears spilled out her eyes.

“But why did you bear it?”he asked in a soft voice.

“For Swara’s sake”

“Swara’s sake?”

“Di!!” a voice came.


She immediately ran to Anika and engulfed her in a tight hug. Tears welled up her eyes.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: guys I won’t be able to give family moments as the story is going into it’s actual phase but I’ll try.
Now coming to the most important note that is I’m going to wrap this story by 15-16 may.

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