How I met my healer (chapter 7)

Swara was sitting in Sanskar’s cabin when her phone disturbed them. The name flashed ‘TANYA’. Sanskar lost his cool seeing the name of the person.

“Oh! It’s tanya”

Sanskar got up and twisted Swara’s arm. She winced in pain.

“Don’t you dare take her name in front of me.” he yelled.

“Sir she-she’s just a friend” Swara winced.

Tears spilled out of her eyes. He left her as he realized what he did. She wiped her tears and ran away.

Swara reached the garden area and sat down on the bench.

“Enough Mr. Sanskar Oberoi. What do you think of yourself. I’m not gonna cry anymore” Swara said with a determined look.

She went back to Sanskar’s cabin to complete her work. Sanskar was surprised to see her.

He gathered some courage and decided to ask sorry.

“Miss. Kapoor I’m really sorry” Sanskar said, sounding guilty.

“Mr. Sanskar Oberoi I’m fed up of your sorry. Everytime you behave like a jerk to me and then simply ask sorry.” Swara yelled and picked up the files and left his cabin angrily.

Sanskar was surprised at her sudden outburst.
Shivaay drove to kapoor mansion. He knew Anika was feeling low so he decided to just check on her.

“Hi! You here? ” Anika greeted him as Shivaay entered in.

“How are you?”

“Fine! You here?” Anika asked sounding surprised.

He knew Anika had been anything but fine but he decided not to raise the topic.

“Ya actually there was nothing important in the office so thought to come here” Shivaay replied. “Any problem?” Shivaay winked.

“No!! Not at all” Anika snapped.

They watched Harry Potter, Anika’s favourite movie.

“Shivaay! You don’t want to ask anything?”

“No…. What would I ask?” he said still staring at the TV screen.

“Anything about last night” Anika replied.
“See Anika I’m not here to make you feel uncomfortable” Shivaay said in a soft voice after shifting his gaze towards Anika.

Touched by his words, she looked into his eyes. She wondered how someone can be so understanding.

She was staring him. Shivaay felt her gaze.

“Anika, why don’t you watch the TV?”

She came out of her thoughts. She was still thinking about him.

Swara was sitting with her colleagues. As it was a lunch break they were talking about random things.

“Hey Swara! What happened in Sanskar Sir’s cabin? After you came out, your face looked dull” sonakshi asked.

“Yeah even I noticed it” arjun said.

“Nothing guys” Swara replied trying to cover up.

“Know what Swara! You are really bad at lying.” Dev said.

“What should I tell you? That Sanskar oberoi he’s such a jerk. First he behaves so rudely with me and the he apologizes. Yaar I’m fed up of his sorry. Today also the same thing happened but this time I bursted out at him” Swara said in annoyed voice.

“Relax Swara! Relax” Anita tried calming her down.

“Swara how many times did this happen? ” sonakshi asked.

“2 times” Swara replied, sounding irritated.

“Just 2 times and you are behaving as if this happens on a daily basis” arjun said in a calm voice. “And look he accepted his mistake and apologized to you so just relax. OK?” arjun explained her.

“Yeah! you are right. Maybe I’m just stressed and behaving like this.”

“OK! Now let’s get back to work.”
Swara woke up as sun rays disturbed her sleep. She decide to apologize to Sanskar.

Swara knocked the door and Sanskar asked her to come in.

“Sir I’m really sorry for yesterday. I know I should not have behaved like that”

Sanskar kept his palm over hers. It sent shivers down their spine.

“Swara you don’t need to be sorry. You anger is totally justified. I’m sorry for whatever I did.”
Few days passed and Anika felt comfortable with Shivaay. He usually visited her. Sanskar was enjoying Swara’s company. She used to visit him often.

Anika was with Shivaay. They were talking about random stuff.

Just then Anika’s phone rang and she excused herself to pick up the phone.

“Why did you call?” her voice cracked.

“I know the secret you have been hiding from so many years and you know na what will happen if I reveal it”

The phone slipped. Her biggest fear has come true.

What if he reveals everything?

Shivaay saw her standing still. He knew it had something to do with Reyhaan Shekawat.

He went close to her and shook her. She came out of her thoughts. Tears spilled out of her eyes.

“Anika…. What happened?” Shivaay cupped her face.

Without uttering a word, she engulfed him in a tight hug. He hugged her back. He was stroking her hairs gently. He felt his shirt wet with her tears.

You don’t need words to convey your feelings.

“Anika! Look at me” he parted and looked deeply into her eyes. Anika could only see concern and care in his eyes.

“Why do you care so much about me? ” she asked in a soft voice.

“I don’t know but I just do”
*************************************************Sanskar was cooking and Swara was standing besides him. They were talking about random things about their school and college life etc.

“Sir… ”

“Swara how many times should I tell you that you can call me sanskar” Sanskar interrupted.

“OK! By the way I didn’t know that you can cook” Swara said, sounding amazed.

“Tanya taught me” he snapped.

He realized what he said and kept his hand on the burning utensil.

“sanskar” Swara removed his hand from the utensil and washed it with cold water. She rushed to get the first aid box. She was applying medicine with lot of concern.

“Is it hurting? ” she asked.

“No…. These wounds don’t hurt anymore. The wounds which are not visible hurt more than anything else”

She looked into his hazel brown eyes, trying to understand what he just said.

She wondered what he meant by those words.

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