How I met my healer (chapter 6)

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“Di!! Get ready by 7” Swara said, sounding enthusiastic.

“But baccha you know na that I don’t like these parties”

“Di! It just a matter of an hour or two”

“Fine! I’ll come” Anika replied defeated.

“I love you” Swara said pulling her in a hug.

“Love you too, my baby!! ”


“Yeah, I’ll surely come Mr.Mehra” Shivaay said on the phone.

“Ya, Naina and Sanskar will also come” and Shivaay hung the phone.

Everyone was busy talking or eating in the party. While girls were jealous, men could not stop staring the kapoor sisters.

Swara was dressed up in a black lace dress which fell to her knees, her hairs were tied in a low messy bun.

“Look! The Oberoi’s have arrived” someone from the party screamed in excitement.

Swara turned to look around. There stood Sanskar Oberoi, looking dapper in a black tuxedo. She could not help but stare him.

Shivaay was searching for Anika. He was awestruck seeing her. She was looking gorgeous in blue off shoulder Maxi with her hairs left loose.

While a pair of eyes were admiring Naina, who was looking gorgeous in a white dress which fell till her knees. Her hairs were left loose.

“Hi baby!” Naina pulled Swara in a hug.

“Hello my baby!!”

“Hello di” Naina greeted Anika

“Hi naina” Anika replied with a smile.

They were busy talking about random things when suddenly Anika’s eyes fell on a person. Tears filled her eyes but she held them back.

“Excuse me” Anika said, her voice cracked.

She left the hall. Shivaay who was noticing her, saw her going out. He thought to talk to her. He excused bundled and followed her.

Anika was sitting on the bench. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Hello” she heard a voice.

She shivered as she knew who it was. Her past came haunting her again. Reyhaan shekhawat was back to take his revenge.

“Hello Mrs. Shekhawat…oops ex Mrs. Shekhawat ” he said with a smirk.

“Why are you here?” Anika choked.

“Darling you are saying as Id you don’t know” Reyhaan smirked.

He pulled her and twisted her arm tightly. She smiled at him.

“You know what! This physical pain doesn’t hurt anymore”

Shivaay saw Reyhaan twisting Anika’s arm. He freed Anika from Reyhaan’s clutches and slapped him hard.

“How dare you touch her? ” Shivaay roared.

“So you found a bodyguard” he smirked.

“don’t you dare”

“Back off!! It’s between me and her” Reyhaan interrupted.

“I wont”

“You can’t interfere between a husband and wife”

Shivaay was numb. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. The ground beneath him, slipped. He started walking aimlessly. Soon he was out of sight.

“Why did you do this?”

“Baby I don’t want any hurdle in my revenge. For Now I’m leaving but I’ll be back soon.”

Anika took out her phone and messaged Swara. “baby I’m leaving. You come home”

Swara received her message as she knew something was wrong.

She informed Naina and left immediately. She directly went to Anika’s room only to find her sleeping. She knew she wasn’t sleeping but she ignored it.

Shivaay was walking aimlessly. He didn’t realize when he reached his home. He went straight to his room, still lost I’m his own world. He fell on the bed.

This was not at all expected he knew she had past but he did not expect this.

“Husband and wife” these words were echoing in his mind. He suddenly remembered that guy twisting her arms. Questions crawled up his mind.

Why did Anika hide about her marriage? Why was she crying? Why was he twisting her arm?

He immediately got up and held his hand. He was sure that his head was going to explode. He decided to call Anika to know whether she was okay.

He called her several times but she didn’t pick up. Then he called Swara.

“Bhai you called so late. What happened?” Swara asked, sounding tensed.

“I’m so sorry Swara but is Anika okay?”

“Yeah bhai!! But what happened?”

Shivaay narrated the whole incident. Swara’s eyes were bloodshot with anger.

“Why didn’t you tell me di?” she muttered to herself.

“Swara who was that guy?”

“Bhai I’ll talk to you later. I have things to sort out.”

“Bye bhai” Swara hung the phone without letting him speak.

Swara dialled someone’s number.

“I need you to find him” swara yelled.
Swara was rushing inside the oberoi mansion as she needed Sanskar’s sign on some papers.

“Miss-Miss kapoor” he stumbled.

Swara was shocked to see him drunk.

“Come Swara….I’ll tell-yell you… A secret”

Swara dialled Shivaay’s number but he didn’t pick up. Age called Naina and soon after Naina was in oberoi mansion.

She immediately ran to her brother. With Swara’s help, they both took him to his Tom. Soon after Swara left. A lone tear escaped Naina’s eyes.
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    Really Interesting…. Sooo much suspenses!! Please reveal all suspenses soon…. Is Shivaay likes(loves) Anika?? What is Sanskaar’s past?? Uff….I m getting mad! Waiting for next part….

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    This is outstanding kriti , full of suspense !
    My head is going to explode with questions like Shivaye’s . I have read your OS dear and commented too , it was simple and beautiful . Update this one asap dear .

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    Just awsm .. It is going in a prefect phase that Suspense n thrill as well as the intensity of the story keeps increasing day by day ..Now my head is spinning entangled with loads of questions on Sanskar’s past ..

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    This was beautiful Kriti much of suspense…the, read your sweet and simple yet excellently Penned down os, though couldn’t comment there…

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