How I met my Healer (Chapter 3)

Hi guys!!! I’m back with chapter three. Thank u all for the lovely comments and keep showering the love.This chapter doesn’t not have any Swasan and shivika scenes so don’t kill me for that. So let’s start with the chapter.
Sanskar was there, standing still. Her actions struck him hard. Although he was at fault she covered up for him and even forgave him. His past was now once again flashing in front of his eyes. Those memories were haunting him again.

No matter how much he tried to run away from back but it was like quicksand, the more he tried to forget it, the more he remembered it. He was still not able to move on. He was not able to close that chapter of his life. And in this process he usually ended up hiring himself or others.

HER memories still hurt him. They say move on and don’t stay stuck but it’s not that easy to move on. He was stuck.

He was frustrated so he started throwing things here and there. Everybody wondered what was happening inside, although it was not new at all but still it was a mystery.

Shivaay rushed to his cabin as he knew what must be happening inside. He entered the cabin and found Sanskar sitting in middle of glass pieces, blood was oozing out from his hand. The wound on his hand was deep but the wound on his heart was even deeper. They say true ‘ the wounds that are not visible hurt the most.’

Shivaay immediately took out the first aid box from the drawer. He dressed his wound and hugged him tightly to sooth his pain. A lone tear escaped his eye. He was rubbing his back. After a couple of minutes Sanskar calmed down.

“You OK now?” Shivaay asked in concern.

Sanskar nodded in yes and asked Shivaay to leave him alone.
Naina was rushing home with groceries in her hand. Cooking was her hobby. She loved cooking but she loved eating more than that. She was lost in her own world murmuring something when she collided with a girl. They both fell down.

“ouch” Naina screamed.

“Ouch, ouch!! My back” the girl screamed in pain.

Naina got up she gave her hand to Swara for help. Swara was standing holding her back.

“Hey! What was that?”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. ”

“it’s OK but be careful”



Swara thought while looking at her watch “Oh crap!! It’s already 7. Swara run baby run”

Swara rushed home with her bag, files and groceries. She have never tried cooking but for her di she was even ready to do that.
Swara was struggling in the kitchen. She was trying yo prepare the dinner by seeing the recipe on the internet. Anika who just came back from office, entered the kitchen as she heard some noises coming from it.

“What the hell?”

“Oh di! You came?!”

“First tell me what are you doing here?”

“I was just preparing dinner”

“What? You and cooking…”

” Di you only say na that we should always try something new”

“But the kitchen…” Anika said while looking around the kitchen which was not looking kitchen anymore.

“I’m sorry na” Swara said with a puppy face.

“You know what, you look irresistibly cute when you make that face” Anika said while pointing towards her face.

Swara smiled sheepishly.
“OK enough, you get fresh. I’ll serve the dinner. ”

“Oh god what if I have to sleep hungry tonight” Anika muttered.

“I heard that”

Anika ran to her room, scared of her sister. After a few minutes she came down. Swara was still dirty. She was facing her back towards Anika. She turned to serve the food but Anika busted out laughing.

“Baby…. Your…. your face” Anika tried speaking while controlling her laughter.

Swara was happy seeing her laughing. It was not the fake smile she used to show. It’s been years to that incident. That incident affected her badly. Since the time she met Shivaay there was a positive change in her.

“Baby serve the dinner fast.”

Swara served the food with a big smile. Anika was shocked to see the dinner. She prepared a heavy Indian meal. There was everything the dal, the sabzi, pulao(rice) and etc etc. This was not what she expected from her sister. Nevertheless she sat down for dinner and took her first bite. Swara was eagerly waiting for her reaction.

“Di how’s it? ” an eager Swara asked.

“It’s…it’s delicious baby” Anika replied.

That was it. Swara jumped on the dining table.

“it’s yummy” Swara said while gulping down the food.

“you know baccha I didn’t expect that you’ll make so delicious food.”

“Di!! Swara kuch bhi kar sakti hai. Don’t underestimate Swara kapoor. (Di!! Swara can Di anything. Don’t underestimate Swara kapoor)

They had their dinner and went to their respective room. Soon they dozed off.

Shivaay and Sanskar were eagerly waiting for Naina to serve food. While Shivaay was playing drum with spoon, Sanskar was gulping down the fruits kept on the dining table.

Soon Naina came and served them dinner. The smell made their mouths water. They ate all the food and were licking their fingers.

“chii bhai what are you doing? These are bad manners. ”

“whatever. I love this food was so much that I can’t stop myself. ” Sanskar replied.

” Sanskar is right.”

“huh…you both will never understand” Naina replied defeated.
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    Aww!! Its sooo cute and bit emotional too…. Shivaay plays drum with spoon….hahaha. Don’t say that HER in Sanskaar’s life is Kavitha! Eagerly waiting for next part…..

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    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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