How I met my Healer (Chapter 2)

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Days were passing, Swara was settled in her life. She made many friends, they were her colleagues. They had a friend circle of five:- Swara, Anita, Sonakshi, Arjun and Dev. They were good friends.
Shivaay had an urgent meeting, he rushed in the meeting without informing Sanskar about Swara’s sensitive nature. It was time for Swara to submit her presentation.

She rushed to the cabin. She was about to open the door. Her hands were trembling because this was the first time she was going to face Mr. Sanskar oberoi aka(also known as) Mr. Rude. Taking a deep breath, she knocked the door and she was asked to come in. As soon as she entered the cabin she saw HIM( sanskar) sitting arrogantly sitting on his chair with a cup of coffee in her hand. He seemed to be in a pretty bad mood.

“Sir here’s the presentation ” Swara said with a smile.

Swara gave him the file. Sanskar was irritated so he just flipped the pages without paying heed to it. He threw the file in anger.

“what the hell is this? Don’t you know how to make a presentation? You are giving this to me. ” sanskar said with blood shot eyes.

Sanskar got up twisted her arm tightly.

“Sir….leave me… You are hurting me” Swara winced in pain but Sanskar didn’t pay any heed to her.

“Remember one thing I want my work perfect. ”

Her jerked her hand away. Swara fell on the ground crying. Tears brimmed her eyes. Somehow she managed to get up. Sanskar realized what he did but it was too late she already ran away.

Shivaay who just came back as his meeting got cancelled, witnessed the scene. He rushed to Sanskar’s cabin. He saw Sanskar lost in his own world. He cursed himself for not informing Sanskar about Swara’s sensitive nature.

“What did you so Sanskar? Why do you behave like that? Shivaay questioned him.

“I know bhai….. But I was in a really bad mood and I just….. ”

“Lost my cool” Shivaay interrupted.
Swara was running away but she collided with someone, but got up and ran away.

“Kiddo” Anika boiled with anger as she dwa her crying.

She stormed inside Sanskar’s cabin and held his collar.

“Why was she crying” Anika yelled.


“Actually what? ”

“I scolded her for no reason” Sanskar said with guilt.

“What? ” she turned to Shivaay.

“I told you she’s sensitive.” Anika yelled.

With each word Sanskar was drowning in guilt. He was ashamed of what he did. People may call him rude but he isn’t. He’s a pure soul who has been hurt badly.


Anika saw Swara standing at the door. She ran and hugged her. Tears were rolling from her eyes.

“Are you alright my baccha? ” Anika asked with concern while cupping her face.

“Relax di. I’m alright ” Swara said trying not to fall as her knee got hurt.

“but… ”

“di don’t yell at them. It was my mistake as I didn’t Di my work properly ” Swara tried covering up for Sanskar.

“Sorry…. You know me MA how protective I’m about you”

“Don’t say sorry to me, say sorry to them ” Swara said pointing towards Shivaay and Sanskar.

“But” Anika protested.

“No, it’s and buts” Swara said in a serious tone.

“Fine” Anika replied defeated.

“See Shivaay I’m sorry” Anika said in a cold tone.

“it’s OK Miss.Kapoor”

Shivaay thought “she was saying that Sanskar is rude but she is no less than him. She didn’t even ask sorry properly. She’s different for the world and someone else for her sister. But she’s interesting, she has so many shades. I these kind of people”

Everyone left the room but Sanskar stopped Swara.

“Why did you cover up for me? ” Sanskar asked.

“If I get hurt, so gets hurt and can’t see her getting hurt.”

“OK but the thing is I’m sorry” Sanskar said genuinely.

“it’s OK, I understand” saying so Swara left.
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      Thank u dear and it just chapter 2 and in chapter 1 there were shivika scenes and in the upcoming you’ll see both Swasan and shivika scenes and maybe none of their scenes

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