How I met my healer (chapter 14)

Yes he had fallen for. Indeed he loved her. He tried not to but you can’t stop yourself from falling for someone.

The moment he thought that he’ll lose her, he realized he loves her.

These 2 days have been living hell for him. He missed her badly. With each passing second his heart dropped. Even the thought of not being with her, scares him. It was as if his world depends on her.

Every bad thought goes through his mind but he assures himself that everything will be fine. He can’t lose her.

“Everything is gonna be fine” Shivaay said patting his cheek.

“Shivaay” Anika called out. They rushed to the verandah. She pointed to her phone. It was Reyhaan’s call.

“Anika pick up the phone and put it on speaker” Shivaay said.

Anika picked up the phone and kept it on speaker.

“Hello darling!” Reyhaan said.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly.

“How’s swara? Oops I should tell you na that how’s Swara since she’s with me.”


“Oh yes! It’s been two days. Remember metal torture. What could be better than this?! ”

“You basta*d”Sanskar yelled. His blood boiled with anger. His hands balled into fists.

He would have definitely punched him hard if he would have been in front of him.

“What do you want? “Tears welled up her eyes. Everytime she thinks he can’t stoop low any more he proves her wrong.

“Money” he replied.

“How much?” She asked.

“Go to your doorstep and you will find an envelope there. Open it and you will get your answers” saying so he hung the phone.

“I’ll not leave him” Sanskar said.
Anika was sitting in the garden. Tears were spoiling out of her eyes.

Shivaay came and sat beside her. He wrapped his arm around her, gently rubbing her arm.

“Everything is going to be fine” he said.

“Shivaay I’m- I’m scared” she said.

“Anika you have to face him. You have to face your past. Now come on, in.” He said getting up.
An isolated place—

They reached the place where Reyhaan asked them too.

Sanskar found Swara tied to a chair. Her face was pale, eyes were swollen. She was unconscious due to drug effect. Anger burnt in him, hot and explosive. His hands balled into fists.

“Where’s my money?” Reyhaan asked.

“You want money” Sanskar said moving closer to him. He held his collar. Reyhaan gulped. “You have made a wrong choice by kidnapping her. You will have to pay for this Reyhaan Shekawat”

Sanskar punched him tightly. His nose started bleeding. He started to beat him blue and black. He took out his anger by hitting him.

Shivaay called the police and in no time the police arrived. They arrested him and were about to take him when Shivaay stopped them.

“One minute officer” Shivaay stopped them.

“You can do it” Anika he said in a soft voice and squeezed her hand in assurance.

Tears brimmed her eyes as the memories
came back flooding to her.

Gathering some courage, she walked to him. She slapped him hard across his cheeks. His cheeks turned red.

“This is for hurting my sister”she slapped him again. “This is for hitting me” she continued to slap him, reminding him of his deeds. The police took him away and as soon as they did Anika threw her arms around Shivaay. “Thank you” she smiled.

“You don’t need to thank me” he replied.

“There is a need Shivaay. Ypu have done a lot for me. Tell me what can I do for you?”
She said.

“Promise that you’ll give what I want?” He asked. She just nodded.

“OK then! Give me a kiss” he smirked, that classic Shivaay Singh oberoi smirk.

She could feel him smirk. She quickly parted from him. Her jaw fell open. This man surely knows how to lighten the situation.

“Oh Anika! Be a sport and give me a kiss” he said forwarding his cheek.

“Shivaay” she fumbled.

“Yes Anika! You were saying na you will give me whatever I want, right?! ” He chuckled. He looked at her and giggled. “Relax! I’m kidding Now let’s go”
Swara was sleeping due to medicine effect. Sanskar touched her face gently and tears welled up his eyes.

Even though she was weak and her eyes were swollen, she looked beautiful.

A tear drop fell on her hand and she stirred in her sleep. Not wanting to disturb her sleep, he quickly wiped it.

Anika came in and signed him to leave them alone. She sat beside her and took her hands in hers.

“I’m sorry my baccha” she said as tears stung her eyes. “I’m the reason for all your troubles”she shut her eyes tightly.

“Di” she heard her voice as she struggled to get up. Anika helped her sit properly.

“Why do you always blame yourself? See I’m fine”she said. “And I still pretty don’t I?” She said setting her hairs while looking in the mirror in front of her.

Anika smiled weakly at her antics. She always manages to make her smile.

“Yeah my baccha! You still look pretty” she said patting her cheek.
Next day—
Anika was working on her laptop. She heard and knock and asked the person to come in.

“Coffee” Shivaay said passing her a cup of coffee. She gave him a warm smile.

“Shivaay take a look at this” she said pointing towards her laptop.

He leaned towards the laptop from the back, his ears slightly brushing over hers, tickling her. She inhaled his smell.

“It’s great”he said.

Anika was so immersed in her work that she didn’t realize when the next three hours passed.

Her stomach started grumbling, she was starving but didn’t wanted to leave her work in mid way. Just then Shivaay came in, with a sandwich in his hand. “You are hungry aren’t you?”He said bringing the sandwich to her lips and she took a bite. She wondered how he knew exactly what she wanted? He made her eat the whole sandwich.

She was happy. Being around him makes her happy. But why? Why does his mere presence is enough to make her day? Why does his closeness effect her so much?

She was trapped, trapped in the web of her own questions.
“No Om! I can’t tell her. I know one day she will also leave me just like Tanya did”he said to his bestie Om, his bestie.

“Do you really think she and Tanya are same?” Gauri asked.

No… They are polls apart. Swaras isn’t like Tanya. He trusted her but a part of him, didn’t. His broken soul reminded him of all his misery. “Maybe she’s not like her but she might change and break your heart” his mind told him. “Don’t you trust her Sanskar?” His heart argued. The battle seemed as it would never end.

“Enough” Sanskar held his head, frustrated about the battle that was going on between his heart and his mind. He didn’t know whom to trust! His heart or his mind?

“Think about it Sanskar” he said patting his shoulder. “You will get your answers” he got up and held Gauri’s hand, leading her out.
“How are you feeling Now?”Shivaay asked Swara.

“I’m fine bhai” she replied.

“Good to hear that you are fine now” he replied with a smile.

“Bhai what’s with Sanskar these days? He’s really disturbed about something”

“I don’t know Swara. I tried to ask him but whenever I try to ask him he changes the topic he replied. But I promise I’m going to find out”he replied with a assuring smile.

Sanskar knocked the door. “What’s going on?”He asked entering inside.

“Nothing much” Shivaay said quickly.

“Swara how are you feeling now?” He asked pouring the water in the glass.

“I’m just fine Swara replied. I don’t wanna eat them, they taste so bad.” Swara said with an annoyed face as Sanskar passed her medicines. Sanskar gave her a death glare and she gulped down the medicines quickly.

“That’s like my Swara” he said smiling.

She stared him with wide eyes. ‘My Swara?’ he realized what he had just said.

“Yeah I mean that’s like the Swara I know- bold and brave”

‘Am I?” Swara asked.

“I think you are quite brave”

A curve appeared on Shivaay’s face.

“Bhai where’s Naina? It’s been a while since I met her”

“She has gone to Bangalore” Shivaay replied.

“Bangalore?”Swara litteraly jumped out of her bed.

“Careful” Sanskar said.

“Yeah it was her friends wedding” Shivaay replied.

“She didn’t even tell me that she’s going. Let her come Now! Naina you are going baby!” She said folding her as across her chest.
3 days later—

“Bhai I want to go out” Swara said.

“Swara you need rest” shivaay replied.

“Bhai 4 long days I have been in bed and I can’t stay any longer. It really sucks.”

“OK! Sanskar is going for a business meeting so you can accompany him ”

“Yay! I love you so much bhai”
2 days later —
Sanskar and Swara were returning from their business meeting. Sanskar was driving and the radio was on. Swara was sleeping.

The car came to a halt. Sanskar steeped out and started to check it.

“What happened suddenly?” Sanskar muttered. “Only a mechanic can fix this….now what to do? I need to wake Swara up.”

He tried to wake Swara up. “Swara come on get up.”

“Sanskar why are disturbing my sleep? ” she said in a sleepy voice. “Let me sleep”

“Oh god Swara! Wake up!” He said shaking her.

She got up rubbing her eyes. “Ughhh what do you want? And what the hell are you doing outside the car?”

“Umm… Actually my car came to a halt and can only be fixed by a mechanic”

“What? Now where the hell are we going to find a mechanic here?”She almost yelled.

We need to get a lift. Now come on, come out he pulled her out.

“Sanskar the road is clear, can you see any car passing by?” She asked.

“No… But let’s walk maybe we’ll get a lift” he replied.

They started to walk. Swara was damn irritated as Sanskar disturbed her sleep.

“Know what! Your so called car is…”

“Not a word against my car Sanskar” interrupted.

“Yeah! Yeah! How can I say something to Sanskar Oberoi’s car?!” She said sarcastically.

“Hey wait! See there! There is a car passing by” Sanskar spotted a car and they ran towards it.The car stopped and the window mirror opened.

“You?” Sanskar and the person shouted together. The person came out.

“Long time no see! Sanskar” the person said pulling Sanskar in a hug.

“Yeah Rudra! 3 years!” Sanskar replied.

“But what are you doing in the middle of the road?” Rudra asked.

“Actually na his awesome car broke down and here we are walking in search of lift” Swara replied.


Before Sanskar could speak further a girl dressed in blue T-shirt and white jeans came out. Sanskar saw Rudra with a who’s she? look.

“Rudra who are they?” The girl asked.

“Guys let me introduce everybody Rudra said. Sanskar this is Soumya my girlfriend and Soumya this is Sanskar my friend and…”

“This is Swara, my employee cum friend or best friend” Sanskar interuppted.

“So where are you guys going?”

“Back to Mumbai”Swara replied.

“Even I’m going to Mumbai so get in the car” Rudra replied.

Sanskar and Swara sat in the backseat.
“Hey Naina I want help Anika” said as she dialled Naina’s number.

“What did you just say?” Naina asked with wide eyes.

“I want help” she repeated.

“I think I should get my ears checked. The great Anika kapoor is asking for help, that too from a small creature like me”

“Stop it Naina! I’m in no mood to listen to your nonsense talk. Help me” Anika said being irritated.

‘OK tell me what’s your problem?” Naina asked coldly.

“Actually my friend needed help. She told me that she has a friend and you know whenever he’s close she feels butterflies in her stomach. His mere presence makes her day” Anika made up a story.

“So what’s the problem?”Naina asked coldly.

“Why is this girl behaving like me?”Anika muttered.

“Dude she can’t understand why she’s feeling like this” Anika replied.

“Simple Di! She’s in love”

“What? Are you sure?”


“OK bye! Have a good day” she hung the phone.

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