How I met my healer (chapter 13)

I never thought of falling in love with you but with each passing day my heart is becoming more and more yours.

I don’t know whether you’ll love me back or not Sanskar but I’m happy. Your one smile is enough to make all of my pain vanish. I like your smile but I love it when I’m the reason. I hope you keep smiling the way you do Sanskar.
He didn’t knew what to do?! He was just lost. All he knew is he can’t let the word LOVE overpower him again. He can’t fall in love again. It had left him heartbroken once and the same might happen again.

He doesn’t have the strength to fight again.
Next day—

Sanskar was chopping while Swara was gulping down the snacks. Sanskar was thinking about the diary.

“Aah… ” he screamed.

“Sanskar can’t you be careful?!” She said taking his hands in hers and blowing air on his hand.

He was just staring her while she dressed his wound. He could see concern in her eyes. Is it what people call true love?

She looked up and he looked straight into her eyes. There was something in her eyes which he had never seen in Tanya’s eyes. “No Sanskar you can’t fall in love with her. She’ll also leave you one day” his mind told him.

He got up with a jerk and walked towards your room. Swara was stratled by his sudden action. “This Man…. ” she muttered to herself.
Anika was standing in the balcony. The weather was good. It seemed as of it was about to rain. Her phone rang.

“Hello Shivaay” she said happily.

“Hello! ” Shivaay said. “Are you free this weekend?”

“Yeah! I’m free”

“So can we go out for dinner?”

“OK!” She replied happily.

“Then I’ll pick you up at 7” he hung the phone.

The thought of being with him made her happy, she didn’t know why?!
“Sanskar pick up the phone” Swara said, irritation evident in her voice.

“Chill yaar!! He must be busy” Naina said sipping her coffee.

“No Naina! It’s been two days since he has been avoiding me.”Swara said with an annoyed face.

“Yeah he’s really disturbed about something.”

“I don’t know why is he so disturbed?!”
Weekend night—

Anika took a shower and wore a nice blue dress. She blow dried her hair, and applied kajal and mascara and lip gloss to her lips. She was not the girl who was interested in makeup cuz she never felt the need but this time it was different, she wanted to look good. She never touched makeup not even kajal.

She glanced at her phone. It was 6:55. She thought that he must be coming.

She waited for him but he didn’t show up so she decided to call him.

“I’m sorry Anika” he said on the phone.

“It’s OK! Are you coming Now?”

“Shivaay come fast yaar” she heard a girl’s voice.

“Umm… I’m sorry. But I guess I can’t make it tonight” he apologized.

Her heart broke, she had put a lot of effort in dressing up tonight. Tears sting her eyes. After sometime she heard the doorbell. She wondered who it was as Swara also at Sanskar’s place.

She rushed to the bathroom and made herself presentable. She opened the door and Shivaay was standing at door step with I’m- sorry look.

“I’m so sorry” Anika he apologized.

“Who was that girl on the phone?” she asked.

“Oh! She’s Soumya. She is dear friend.”

Anika felt as someone stabbed her heart. No she couldn’t be jealous or was she?

“Hey wait are you jealous?” He asked.

“Me and jealous? No…. She said. Actually I’ll make something quick so you just sit and I’ll be back” she quickly went into the kitchen, escaping his questions.

Soon she came with two bowls of noodles.

“Here” she handed him the bowl and turned on the TV.

“You do love Harry Potter, don’t you?” He asked.

“Yup a lot!! ” she replied. ” Now shut up and let me watch my movie”

Next day—
Sanskar what’s happening? Swara asked irritated.

What happened? He said, his asked fixed on his laptop.

You’ve been ignoring me

Did I? He asked.

Swara went close to him and shut his laptop and turned his chair around with full force. Sanskar got stratled. He gulped seeing his anger.

Now look into my eyes and say this Swara said in a stern voice.

He looked into her eyes. He couldn’t lie looking into those eyes. He wondered why?

I’m really disturbed he finally told her.

What’s bothering you? She asked in a soft voice.

I can’t tell you Swara

It’s OK she patted his cheek.

I’m happy that you understood me he said with a smile.
Few days later—

Where are you swara? Anika paced to and fro. Her phone was also not reachable. She dialled Shivaay’s number.

“Hello Shivaay” she said, worried.

“Yes Anika what happened?” he asked as he sensed tension in her voice.

“Is Swara still in the office for some work?”

“No but why?” He asked.

“What? She’s still not home. I’m really worried for her. Her phone is also not reachable.”

“Wait but Swara left from here two hours ago only.”

“God! nothing should happen to her” Anika muttered to herself.

“You don’t worry I’m coming” he assured her. Nothing will happen to her

“OK” she hung the phone.

“Swara where are you?” She was restless somewhere deep in her heart she knew something was wrong. Her intuition was never wrong.

Soon the doorbell rang. She opened it and Shivaay and Sanskar were standing at the doorstep.

“Shivaay” she said, her voice cracking.

“Where did you go Swara?” Sanskar mumbled to himself. Fear written all over his face.

They called all of her friends but none of them knew where she was. As she called the last friend tears welled up her eyes. She clutched Shivaay’s hand and cried miserably.

“Shivaay where did she go?”

“Anika do you trust me?” He asked while caressing her hair.

Of course she trusted him, was there a need to ask. She just nodded.

“We will find her. Don’t worry!” He said and squeezed her hand.

Sanskar and Shivaay searched all of the every possible place where she could be. It was 5 in the morning. The cool breeze wiped their face. It was little dark outside. The sun was about to rise.

As the sun rose, a new hope filled their hearts.

“Swara where are you? Please come back for your sister baby ” Anika cried clutching the their photo. Just few days back that Now nothing can go wrong but today she went missing.
These 2 days have passed but it seemed like 2 months. There was no sign of Swara as if she vanished. Each passing moment Anika was losing hope. Why does god do this to her?

The sunrays fell on his face and he stirred in his sleep as his sleep got disturbed. He woke up and found himself on the sofa. Shivaay was also sleeping beside him.He looked around and saw Anika sitting in the verandah with an emotionless face. Now she didn’t even cry but sit emotionlessly.

“Swara I’m going to find you” he said with a determined look.

But wait why is he so much worried for her? Has he fallen for her?

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