How I met my healer (chapter 10)

Shivaay gathered some courage and decided to raise the topic.

“Anika” Shivaay said.

“Yes shivaay” Anika said while chewing the food.

“I think you should tell Swara the truth”

“No Shivaay I- I can’t. She won’t be able to handle this.” tears welled up her eyes.

“Anika do you really think she’ll be happy if Reyhaan tells her the truth? She’ll be more hurt”

“But shivaay”

“Anika every body has the right to know the truth” he said taking her hands in his.
“I’ll… I’ll try”
“Oh my god Sanskar! You look so cute in that picture” Swara laughed, pointing towards a picture.

“Swara can you please stop laughing? ” Sanskar said with a annoyed face.

Swara took out more albums. She found a picture of him and Tanya. Sanskar saw it remembered how they clicked this photo.
“Tanya are you still mad at me? ” Sanskar asked cutely as he wrapped his arm around her her waist from behind.

“See you don’t look good when you are angry” he said as he held his phone above them and clicked the photo.
“Swara leave that album” Sanskar said in a stern tone.



“Just because she’s you ex” she interuppted.

“How do you know?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“I know everything Sanskar. She’s your past. Why don’t you move on? Why are you spoiling your future?

“It’s not easy… It’s not. ” Sanskar yelled. “it’s not easy to forget the person you loved.”

Swara could only see pain in his eyes. She threw arms around his neck and pressed her cheek against his. Her hands reached for his hair, soothing him.

Sanskar tried to pull away but she didn’t let him do that.

“It’s OK to cry sometimes. I promise I won’t tell anybody” Swara said stroking his hairs gently.

Tears spilled out of his eyes. After a moment of silence, he pulled away and looked into those eyes, they were wet too-as if she felt overwhelmed by his emotions.
Swara was confused about her feelings.

Why does she care so much about him? Why she hated Tanya after knowing his past? Why does her heart ache seeing him in pain?

Why is she attracted to him? Why does she feel pulled towards him?

All she knew is she has a mission to accomplish— fix his broken soul. Make him believe in love again.
“Bhai what smells so good? ” Sanskar asked.

“Is it what I’m thinking?” Shivaay said.

“Yes it is” Sanskar said happily.

“Cupcakes here we come”they both ran towards the dining table and started munching.

“What the hell? ” Naina screamed as she came out of the kitchen.

“What Naina? ” Shivaay asked, wiping the cream on his face quickly.

“You both ate all the cupcakes” Naina said putting her hands on her waist.

“Which cupcakes?” Sanskar asked innocently.

“Stop lying” Naina said in a serious tone. “I’m so mad at you”

“Sorry my baby. Shivaay Bhaiya will take you out” Sanskar said.

“Me?” Shivaay asked surprised.
Anika was sitting in the balcony. She was remembering a past incident. Those memories gave nothing but pain.
“Please no- Reyhaan please don’t” Anika moved back.

“I told you to bring coffee for me then where is my coffee?” he said moving closer to her.

“I’m sorry” Anika said as tears continue to spill out.

“I’m fed up of this word sorry” Reyhaan said while twisting her arm.

“Ah…ah… Reyhaan please leave me” Anika winced in pain.

Reyhaan left the room. Anika was crying. Her phone rang.
” Sanskar when will the food come” Swara said irritated.

Suddenly someone covers her eyes. He looked smart in a blue shirt with denims.

“Guess who? ”

“Lucky” swara said and hugged him tightly.

“How have you been?” laksh asked.

“I’m good and where’s ragini?”

“She must be coming till then won’t you introduce me to him?” he said pointing towards Sanskar.

“Oh yes! I forgot”

“Sanskar this is laksh my bestie”

“And lucky this is Sanskar my boss cut friend”

“Hi good to meet you Sanskar” laksh said extending his hand.

“Same here laksh” Sanskar said with a fake smile. He doesn’t know but his heart ached seeing their closeness. He felt insecure of her so called bestie.

“Ragini” Swara ran to her and pulled her in a hug.

They sat down to talk.

” so how do you know Swara? ”

“We have been brought up together.”

“And ragini?”

“She is my fianceé”

Sanskar felt relieved. All his insecurities vanished.

“Know what! Although ragini is mature but when she’s with Swara she behaves like a kid.” laksh said, irritation evident in his voice.
Next day

“Swara I need to talk to you “Anika said.

“Di I’m really sorry but I’m late” she said picking up her things and taking a bread in her hand.

“But” before Anika could say anything she vanished into thin air after waving at her.

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    Fabulous….you manage all the couples so nicely…Loved Swansa scenes.
    Great story-line! If possible do send me the links. Love ya!Take care!

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