How I met my Healer (Chapter 1)

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“kiddo, get up my girl. You are gonna get late for
your interview, my baccha”

The girl who was sleeping soundly, got up with a jerk.

“oh my god! I totally forgot. Di , can you please get the breakfast. I’ll be down in ten.” saying so Swara rushed in the bathroom.

“Yeh ladki kabhi nahi sudhergi…. ” Anika muttered and went down.

After a few minutes, Swara came down dressed in a grey bodycon dress with white blazer with file in one hand and heels dangling in the other. She hurriedly sliced down the stairs, kept her heels down and rushed to give her di a big hug. They sat down for breakfast.

“You sure you want to so this?” Anika asked.

“of course, di” Swara replied with a smile.

“why don’t you work in my Company?”

“Di, we talked about this right. I want to be independent, just like you.”

“But” Anika intrupted.

“Di” Swara said in a serious tone.

“Fine” Anika replied defeated.

Shivaay and sanskar were sitting in verandah discussing some project when suddenly someone covers Shivaay’s eyes.

“Guess who? ”

“Ninu” Shivaay replied with a smile.
“Bhai, you always spoil my fun. ” the person said with a pout.

“aww…. My baccha, you know me na” Shivaay said pulling her in for a hug.

“Oye Ninu ki bachi, idhar aa apne favorite bhai ke gale nahi lagegi” sanskar said pulling her to him.

“Bhai actually I want to ask you something.” Naina said breaking the hug.

“Go ahead baccha” sanskar said with a smile.

“I want to open my boutique. Can I? ”

“of course you can” Shivaay said with a smile.

“Let me know about the details. OK? ” sanskar said.

She hugged him tightly” thank u so much bhai”
Swara was standing in front of Shivaay’s cabin. Her hands were trembling. She was nervous but excited too. Taking a deep breath, she knocked the door and was asked to come in. As she entered the cabin, she noticed a man in a blue business suit sitting, engrossed in his work. Putting his work aside, he asked her a few questions.

“Miss. Bose I must say you are telly dedicated towards your work. People at your age usually tend to take their work lightly” an amazed Shivaay said.

“Thank you sir” Swara said with a smile.

Just then Shivaay’s phone rang. ‘Miss. Kapoor’ the name flashed. He wondered why she called him. Nevertheless he excused himself and picked up the phone.

“Hello Miss. Kapoor. How come you called today?” Shivaay asked.

“Mr. Shivaay you must have taken a interview of a girl named swara”

“But how so you know? ” Shivaay asked.

“Because she’s my sister. ”

“What? But she told she’s Swara bose.” Shivaay replied.

“That’s what I want to tell you. The thing is she wants to be independent and she thinks if people get to know about her being my sister, people will treat her diffrently.”

“OK! ”

“Actually I want a favour from you ”

“Go ahead. ”

“Swara is sensitive. If someone talks to her rudely, she easily gets hurt. ” Anika replied trying to be as sweet as possible.

“What are you trying to say? That I’m rude” Shivaay chuckled.

“No not you but your brother sanskar. I have heard a lot about him.” Anika Asians in a cold tone.

“Ya, fine. She’ll work with me. ” Shivaay replied in a serious tone.

“Have a good day!”

“same to you” saying so Shivaay hung the phone.

He sighed and asked Swara to come in.

“Miss. Bose you are appointed” Shivaay said in a cold tone.

“Really?” not able to believe her ears Shivaay asked.

“I don’t lie” Shivaay said in a teasing tone.

Swara started jumping in happiness.

“Calm down Miss.Bose” Shivaay giggled on her excitement.

Swara immediately stopped jumping. She was hell embarrassed.”I’m sorry sir. ” saying so she rushed out of cabin.

“these sisters….. ” Shivaay muttered and again got engrossed in his work.
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