we met due to a kid….(Epi-3)


Hlo guys….i m really really really very sorry for being late…but main kya karun meri studies ki wajah se I m not able to write ff regularly…and I know due to this link or storyline of my ff may be forgotten by u.. but I m really sorry and I serioursly feel very guilty….plz forgive me……and I am continuing with we met due to a kid….. so let us begin……
Today’s episode – twinj’s meet in gurudwara…..

As in last episode we saw that Kunj left for gurudwara on other side twinkle also left for gurudwara…
In taneja mansion…twinkle ‘s room is shown she is sad then her leela comes and says ..
l- twinkle u shuld go to gurudwara jaa ke babaji se aashirwad lele…
t- haan maan u r correct I should go to babaji’s home ..there I will get peace…
l- hmmm beta…
t-theek hai maa ..main thodi der main jatti hun.

after sometime twinkle went to gurudwara…..
there she went and took blessings of god… inccidently she and kunj both were together takking blessings…and by chance a red coloured chuni falls on both of them… and when they both remoned it they were able not look each other as a kid was between them…. and soon twinkle left and went to sit where ardas(pooja) was going on…and an old aged man came towards her and told that her destiny is going to be changed….she was totally confused after listening him..
old man(om)- beta humesha apne dil ki sun na tumhari zindagi main naya mod aine wala hai…khushiyan hi khusiyan tumara indzaar kar rhi hain..
t- but baba ji meri zindagi main to iss waqt dukh hi dukh hai…to ab main kya karun..
om- kuch mat karo beta bhagwan apne aap sab kuch theeek kar dega aur han aaj tumhara tumhari kismet badalne wale se saamna hua tha…pehchano puttar…
t-shukriya babaji..
then twinkle went from there…on other sid kunj is shown in sarovar and is dipping in sarovar…for taking blessings and twinkle is shown sitting on edge of sarovar taking blessings…

after sometime twinkle went to do seva and kunj too (what a destiny!!!) twinkle and kunj both were there in seva ghar and twinkle was wipping utensils and kunj was making kheer….and kunj went to serve food for langar…and he saw that at side a girl was struggling to get free from a boy…kunj went there and…
k-hey what are you doing?? Why r u troubling her??
Boy- none of ur biusness… just go..
Girl- no plz save me …. Plz armaan leave me!!!!
(so the boy is armaan…..)

Kunj- faer from god… and don’t force mee to beat u…… and that too in gurudwara…
Ar-hey u plz leave !!! pallavi u r going with mee..
(so how many of u thought it might be twinkle….plz tell in comments)
Kunj-hey armaan leave pallavi…other wise …
Ar- warna kya karoge tum??
Kunj held armaan’s hand and dragged him outside gurudwara..as armaan has held pallavi’s hand he was also wid them and twinkle say three of them and went behind them.
Ar- hey what’s ur problem?? Don’t try my patience..and u ….baby let’s leave…
Pa- no plz save me…. I don’t want to go with him . leave me armaan..
Kunj- pallavi to tumhare saath nhi jaana chahti to tum kun zabardasti kar rahe ho??
Ar- none of ur biusness… and she will go with me because it’s my wish and she is just a girl and girl can not deny boy’s wish..
And….and… thhaaaaa!!! Yes armaan was slapped by twinkle (she came there and listened armaan’s talking and felt pain and was angry too…)
Ar- twinkle why did u slapped me?? How dare u??
Tw-just shut up…ok tumhe kya lagta hai ki girls itni kamzor hoti hai kit um jaise spoilt brat ,jerk ki wish ko inkaar nhi kar skti…then u r wrong…mr armaan malhotra… tumhari soch bhi utni hi girri hui hai jittni tumhari niyat hai… u r a blo*dy jerk…u just use girls for ur profit and then leave them…u blo*dy hell ….
Ar- twinkle tu mujhe itna sab bol rahi hai …main tera pyaar hun.. tu mujhse kitna pyaar kart hai..

Tw- haan karti thi par ab nhi.. I m too glad that we have broke off thanks pallavi beause today I m free from this man who is having cheap thinking…
Armaan held twinkle very hard from arm and pulled her closer… u know what why I left u becauz u never allowd mee to come closer too u but today I will…. And twinkle pushed him hard… he fell down and he stood up fastly and was going to slap twinkle but kunj held his hand and a small fight was held between them but twinkle and pallavi seprated them pallavi held armaan and twinkle held kunj and stopped them…

Tw-armaan plz leave.
And armaan left from there….pallavi thanked twinkle and kunj and left from there…
t- thanks for helping pallavi..
k- my pleasure…my self kunj (forwarding his hand)u??
t- myself twinkle taneja…
meanwhile uvraj came and asked kunj to come with him as bebe was calling him…so kunj left with him.
In the way-
u- kunj wo kaun thi??
k- kaun kaun thi??
u- wo gurudware ke bahar..
k- acha twinkle…
u- wah!!!! Naam bhi pta hai…
k- haan to
uv-kuch gadbad??
k- nhi to wo to yaar I was helping her…
u- kaise…???
k- lambi story hai…
u- short main sunao..
kunj explain him everything and uv says bold hai yaar ladki..
k-hmm …I know
on other side ….twinkle was sad but happy a little bit as she removed a litle bit of her anger on armaan but a huge amount was left…
so guys …..how was it???

I know it was boring…but sorry for late update…..

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  1. Hey cutieeee..m 1st time cmnting ur ff……long time no see…wlcm bc…
    The epi was also cute and soo swtt like u…luv it very much yaar….now looking forward to know ki how come change twinkle destiny….and how happen twinj love story…..plsss post next epi soon…luv u…

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks….luv u too

  2. And post ur another ff also plssss..

  3. Chiku

    Woaaah seriously loved it?????????so cute
    Do continue soon????

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks chiku….i will post next ff soon

  4. Ramya

    Hey cutieeee it was so cutie plsss asap
    I loved it n love u

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks ramya….love u tooo

  5. Presha


  6. Aanya_pandey

    Soo good it ws

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks aanya……

  7. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was amazing Nd twinj meet was cute…

    love you

    1. Cutieeee

      aw!!!! thanks tamanna…..love u too

  8. SidMin23

    Nice episode and twinj meeting

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks alot sidmin

  9. SidMin

    Loved it post the next part soon ❤

    1. Cutieeee

      ya sure i will try to post ff soon…………….thanks

  10. Baby

    cutieeee………late haan late toh ho yr i missed u soooo mch n u ff too
    pls post love in mission asap naa 😀
    i cant w8 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥

    1. Cutieeee

      i will post it soon baby….thanks for loving it

  11. Baby

    it was amaizng episode d way dey met n fights loved it…….. :D♥♥

    1. Cutieeee

      thanks baby……

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