we met due to a kid….(Epi-2)


Hlo guys ….sorry for being late…I m back wid another episode.. sorry for late update but I was on tour to goa from schul side so I m late …..
So let us begin…

Morning is shown…. Welcome to Amritsar board is shown…. A board is shown in front of mansion on which sarna mansion is written. It is a huge mansion… many servants are working there and in hall one servant was being scolded by a lady of mid 50s…..she is our sweet bebe…
b- tujhe pta hai na ki kal mere puttar ne aana hai aur abhi tak tumne uska room saaf nhi kitta.(u know na that my grand son is going to come tomorrow and u haven’t cleared his room yet.)
Servant- sorry mam wo main bhool gaya tha.(sorry mam. I forgot.)
b- maine tujhe kitni baar bola hai call me bebe….(I told u many times to call me bebe not mam.)
s- ok bebe.. sorry main abhi saaf kar deta hon.(ok bebe. I will clear it now.)
b- haan jaldi kar… aur uske aane ke baad bhi room har roz saaf karna. Tujhe to pta hi haina wo apna room ganda kar kar rkhta hai. Pta nhi shaadi ke baad kya hoga uska…(yes do it fast. And yes whwn he will be here it is ur duty to always clean his room as he always keep his room messy. I don’t know what will he do after his marriage)

In meantime her phone rang……it flashes kunj…
b- kunj kiven ae?(how r u kunj.)
k- hey s*xy…. I m fine.
b- mainu ehe s*xy bulana band kar . call ur wife after marriage.(don’t call me s*xy)
k- bebe u started again no marriage okay…. Arrange to never….love ke baad shaadi bhi ho jayegi and wiffy ko s*xy bhi bula lunga tab tak aap se kaaf chlata hun…..uske baad aapka naam beb ho ga..(bebe u started agin …… no marriage okay.. arrange never……after love marriage I will call wiffy s*xy till then I will call u only s*xy after that u will be my bebo… )
b- change.(okay)…..now come fast I can’t wait more for u..
k- coming bebe…. Kal pohonch jaunga..(coming bebe…. I’l reach tom.)
b- ok.. I have a gud news for u..
k- what..
b- tour for u to delhi……for 2 months…..may I book tickets.
k- wow! Bebe thanks I will surely go…..
on the other side…. A mansion is shown servants are working as their routine work….. it is taneja mansion……
a room is shown in which a girl is shown crying badly……… and a lady is consoling her…
lady-twinkle puttar leave it ….forget the past…..
t- bu maa I loved him truly…….. how can he ditch me…

(so they r twinkle and leela)
l- leave it… u deserve…. Good than him..
t- maa I shud not believe him he is really a jerk…
l- u shuld move on…
t-wid fake smile…..yes mom but I need some time … plz give me some time alone..
l- okay puttar.
Leela went from there and twinkle closed the door..
Twinkle took her phone and looked her and his bf’s photo and said..
t- why armaan why? Why u ditched me wasn’t I beautiful…. When I saw u wid that blo*dy pallavi I just wanted to either kill her or to die……. But y? I really loved u….
by this twinkle cried bitterly….
And she remained in her room till night cursing armaan and herself..
And then leela called out her name……twinkle wiped her tears and went down for dinner….
There leela told her about delhi tour…
l- twinkle beta I think u shuld have a break to forget about all armaan and break up… so u shud go to delhi I have heard that a tour is going to delhi for 2 months… u shuld go there
t- no maaa
l- plzz twinkle for meeee….
T- ok maaa.. I think u r right I will forget about armaan if I will go there… when it is going….
l- day after tom….
t- okay ma I will pack my stuffs.
And she left from there…..

Next morning is shown…
Airport is shown in Amritsar…..a handsome guy comes there and meets his frnd uvraaj there….(guys uvraaj is positive here) and went to darna mansion .. he is kunj looking hot in blue tuxedo… http://www.filmyfolks.com/celebrity/tellywood/sidhant-gupta.php

He met bebe and took her blessings… and went to gurudwara….
Screen freezez on kunj’s happy face ..

Precap- 1st meet of twinj in gurudwara but they didn’t meet each other…. How it will happen to see it be linked with this ff….

Thanks and sorry for late update comment plz…..

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  1. Adya

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    Episode was good waiting for next update

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      thanks @sohi….

  3. Sohi

    Episode was good i was waiting for your post what is twinkles past plz give some introduction of pihu’s parents and their names waiting for next update

    1. Cutieeee

      i m happy that u get info which u want and in nezt episode i will surely xplain pihu’s parents…

  4. Ramya

    Awesome cutieee loved it plssss asap as it’s twinj first meet can’t wait to see sry sry read loved it n love u

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      thanks liya diiiiii…….. a good news for u zain akka uvraj is positive in this ff…..

      1. Liya

        ???yipeeee!!!that’s such a fab news dear!! So I am now more excited for your ff…yuvi?? gets us hooked in suspense?…take care!

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    Awesome…. Waiting for next episode

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    Loved it Too good Post soon feeling bad for Twinkle bechare but Twinj going to the same trip Delhi thats exciting 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

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      thanks sidmin….. i m also feeling bad for twinkle….it will be exciting..their delhi trip
      i will try to post it soon……thanks alot

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