Until We Met Again By Anisha (Part 1)

Dev’s pov

I clicked the door open, I didn’t notice but she was in our bed with that man, the man i hate the most. My blood boiled watching them together. It wasn’t what I ever thought of! I was true to her and what was she doing at my back??..

“What the hell, Nats?” I yelled at the top of my voice and she shuddered realizing that I found them out!!..

“Dev…” Sahil shot out at me as he tried covering Natasha’s half-naked body with the sheets “Just get out!”

“This is my house and let me remind you that you’re in my house, so you better get out. blo*dy bastard!!..” I yelled again, pulling Sahil out.

“Just leave him Dev” Natasha yelled, yanking my hand back.

“So much love. Wow!” I remarked sarcastically as I pulled him and thew him out of my house. I came back and saw Natasha clasping the knot of her bra.

“Sanky, I’m sorry” she said as I neared her.

“Sorry? Sorry for what, babe?” my eyes shot red as anger surpassed.

“I… I did nothing… He was just forcing himself on me. I swear… I…” she stammered as she said that but her eyes spoke something else. It hurt to look into those eyes that I loved once.

“You what, Natasha?” I held her by her arms and she leant on me, sobbing.

“I didn’t do anything Dev. Trust me!” she sobbed again. How could I fall for this girl? I never thought I was so lame in finding a mate. She was cheap and a b*t*h. For God sake someone say that what I saw is just a bad dream please!!..

I held her face up. Again to meet her eyes. Her doe like eyes were just lubricating her false and fake emotions. Within a minute she claimed my lips and without any other thought I gave in. She held my face and bit hard on my bottom lip to which I gasped.

She protruded her tongue into my mouth for access and our tongues fought for dominance. I took the opportunity and pulled her up into my arms as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Mouths still and tongues intertwined, I dropped her on the bed and kissed her hard, taking out my aggression on her.

“Baby” she called me out in her sweetest voice as she calmed down after I left her. She tried to sound pleasant and sweet which she was no more to me.

“I hate you” I said and held her tight by her arms.

“Dev?” she quivered in surprise.

“I loved you Nats. You know till the people I have been with, I was close to you. Our relationship was long enough, then what turned you out? What happened? If I was getting wrong or something, you could have just approached but no!!.. You didn’t do that” I was dejected, hurt and what not.

“Dev, I’m sorry” I have never seen a girl like her. Why did I never notice so much of fake in her as what I see today?

“Never cheat on someone that is good to you” I patted her cheeks “I don’t need you. You may leave” was the last thing I said before moving out of my room.

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  1. very well …. thumbs up for next epi

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  2. Priya12

    Awesomeeee epi dr

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  3. Awesome but too short

    1. Anisha

      Thank you
      I’ll post short episodes. Then I can post both of their POV’s and I can make it up fast.

  4. Anisha

    So I specially want to tell my Devakshi friends something…. I have been in SwaSan fandom since a year and I really find DavAkshi fans more devoted. The comments you all are giving might be lesser than swasan but the way you present them and the long ones is just amazing!!.. I think I’m gonna have a good time.. Here!

  5. Toooooo good yr keep posting regularly

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  6. Bang on girl…… It’s really amazing….instead I should say superb…..?✨?? really loved it…..U brought out dev emotions so skillfully….. Awesome…. Just waiting for once again DevAkshi meeting

    1. Anisha

      Yeah! Thanks?

  7. Erina

    Hiya sweety,
    First a fall warm welcome to most rocking nd lovely fanclub ??i know i’m hell late but its ok i guess ??…..
    Seriously i’m happy, curious, exiciteddddddddd but… lil bit sad to after reading ur prolouge n same tym happy too after seeing ur ff name…. So wholesome i’m dilemma whether to read or not as i don’t want to get heartbroken n i’m heartbroken after knowing sona marriage ???, but same tym curious to know what happened….. So keeping my heart one side n mind other side i’m going to read ur ff ??????in hope to be happy ?????
    So post soon sweety waitingggg for next part ???
    Till then bby….
    Erina ?

    1. Anisha

      Thank you so much. I hope I can keep up to your expectations! ??

  8. Great job!! Loved the first part! Man, if you’re so damn good from the very starting, I wonder how amazing you’ll be a while later!!
    Please post the next one soon!!

    1. Anisha

      Thank you. Will post soon?

  9. Niki645

    Just amazing!!!!
    I am really excited to know what happens next!!!
    I am loving your FF…

    Post soon!!

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

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