Messed up Chapter 2: Hidden feelings

Chapter 2: Hidden feelings

Hola Twistinians I’m back with another chapter, I hope you guys will like it.

-Continuation from the last part, but with Four’s pov-
I was eating breakfast when Christina came running to me and told me that Al had jumped into the Chasm. I had a feeling that it’ll happen again and it did, but I feel like bringing that Al back to life, so that I can kill him this time, because of what he did to Tris. I really hate that guy, she did so much for him and he was going to kill her, but luckilly I heard her scream and saved her from his filthy hands or else I would have killed him and then I would have hunted down Peter, who would have had the same fate as Al.
“What the hell Candor can’t you see that I’m eating!”
“But Four, Al has just jumped down, killed himself and you are interested in your food!” She said with her annoying voice that I would love to strangle her for the words chosen by her “fantastic” Candor brain. “Candor can you please wake up the other initiates as they have to pay their respects to the dead and I will meet you a ll by the Chasm.” I said in a voice that says “please never talk to me again.” To my luck she went as fast as she could. “Who was that?” Zeke asked me and I answered back: “one of the Candor smart mouth transfers, I wish that she would’ve stayed back in Candor as she is annoying as hell.” “Oh I thought that you like her!” Shauna said. “No, Shauna, I like someone else!” “Oh and who is the unlucky girl?” Zeke asked me teasingly while Shauna slapped his chest with a lot of force, so I stood up and went to the Chasm, where the initiates were gathered. Soon Eric started the speech about how brave Al was, but that’s all bullshit, because commiting sucide is for cowards and Al was a coward. I saw that Tris went from the funeral, so I went after her, I saw that she had stopped walking and rested at a wall in a soulless hallway. “Tris are you alright?” I asked her while I knelt next to her, but she didn’t answer the question. “Why are you here Four?”
I replied back by saying: “because I wanted to be here with you Tris, I wanted to know if you alright and I wanted to know why you left the funeral!”
“Why me Four?”
“Because I care for you Tris more than you think!” I answered back while letting my walls that I have built down. “Four, you shouldn’t care about me because I’m not worth it, it should have been me, who should have died!” She said while she was crying continuously, I gathered up the courage, kissed her with a lot of passion and to my surprise she was kissing me back with the same amount of passion. After a while we broke apart because of the lack of air.
End of his pov

-Tris’ pov-
“Wow, that was amazing!” I said while I was blushing a lot and he rested his forehead to mine while he was trying to stabilize his breath. We stayed like that for a while until someone interrupted us and it had to be Christina. She then said with a bitter undertone: “I have found something that can maybe tell us the reason of the sucide that Al has commited.”
“Okay lets go to Zeke’s apartment!” Four said. “Why aren’t we going to your apartment?” Will asked him, while he answered back by saying: “because it’s getting renovated and that’s why I live with Zeke and Shauna at the moment.” I knew he was lying, because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he is a Dauntless leader as well as Eric is. We all walked for approximately 10 minutes and then we reached the place. He unlocked the door, we went inside, he brought his laptop, then he connected the camera with the laptop and we all watched the recording. In the recording Al was saying that he had a crush on me as well as Eric, Peter, Drew and Four have on me. But what shocked me the most was, that he was talking bullshit about Four and me. He was going on and on about how I’m not interested in Four, which is just bullshit, because I like Four a lot. But there was something he was about to say but someone pushed him of the ledge and it was…
End of her pov

I don’t own Divergent neither the characters of the triology as they are owned by Veronica Roth. But what I own is the storyline of this story.

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