Messed Up Love Prologue


Hello Guyzzz,
You must be knowing us for sure Me tvisha writes Incomplete love story:born to complete and rain writes LIfe changes and pravalika writes nafrat se pyaar tak S!!! eenjoy this and comment!!!

Messed Up Love

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy guysssssssss:):):):):):):):):) BORED WITH UR LIVESSSS? WELL LISTEN UP DOUGHNUTS, WE HAVE DECIDED TO WRITE A FF!!!!! Oh who’s the we? Who is it? I have a memory loss… Lol kidding. AND THE WRITERS OF THIS FF ARE…… TVISHA, REYNAA AND PRAVALIKAAAAAAAA! (But yes u can call us Tvi, Rain and Pravu) and our nickname is TRP? Enjoy the ff Messed Up Love by TRP. We hope to get many TRP ratings? So this is the prologue and Character Sketch. enJOYYYYY ur selves. COZ UR LIFE WILL GO ON A HUGE ROLLAR COASTER RIDE WHICH IS REALLY INTERESTING⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!

So it’s a Swasan and Raglak ff. We r revealing the pairs Coz there’s no use in keeping it a suspense. BUT BUT BUT…. Twist hasn’t ended. Plot is a hugggggge suspense.


Character Sketch:

Swara Sengupta/Gadoddia: she’s 27yrs old and she’s 19yrs old. She’s married and yet she is not married. Funny cute girl.

Sanskar Maheshwari: 20yrs old. Cousin of Sahil SenGupta. Cool, swag, chilled out college boy.

Sahil Sengupta: Husband of Swara. Not husband of Swara. Sanskar’s cousin. Hates Swara. 28yrs old. A big fat idiot. KMH.

Ragini Bose: Cute funny sweet girl. Swara Gadoddia’s best friend. College girl. Popular. Sanlak’s friend.

Laksh Maheshwari: Sanskar’s adopted brother. His parents died long back. (No mysteries here it was just an accident). Awesome person who’s Swaragini’s friend. Funky, cool guy.



A guy pulled a girl forcefully by her hair into a tiny room and shoved her inside. She was crying.

Girl: PLSSS LEAVE ME! What have I ever done to u? Pls??? If u leave me, I’ll leave u and ur life, and go far away from u. I won’t come back to ur life. I’ll go back to my house and never interfere. After that u do whatever u want. U wanna spend nights with Sheena rite? Then do it. Just give me a divorce and u do whatever u want. (Cries helplessly) pls leave me!

Guy pushes her into the room and closes the door. It was a small room and she was getting suffocated with the toxic gas present. He grinned.

Guy: Now die in there. Don’t ever show me ur face. You’ll die and I will go far away from here. No one will suspect me ever. (Evil laughter) HA HA HA HA HA! Mrs. SenGupta, ur life is done. (Shouts loudly) KISHAN KAKA! Pack my bags right now! And urs. We both r leaving!

He grinned evilly. And left. The girl suffocated a lot, gagged on the toxic gas and collapsed on the floor. She clutched her throat but soon her hands left her neck. Her eyes stopped moving. Her whole body stopped moving. Soon her heart stopped and she died over there.

So yea that was our prologue/CS. I’m sorry for that gruesome start but trust me it’s gonna be damn good. We hope u like it:) love y’all:)

Credit: TRP

Credit to: Tvisha,Pravalika,Rain (TRP)

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  1. Maddy_02

    Awesome I loved it….waiting for more……??????

    1. Rain_Lightwood


  2. Oh my god u trio rocked it yaaar…it ws damnnn amaznggg…..watng eagerly for it…..loved rags charecter….plot is awesome dear…n all d bst TRP???

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Hehe thank u Fairy:)

  3. Interesting dear and plzzzzzz continue

    1. Rain_Lightwood

      Thank u:):)

  4. Jwala

    total confused.. how many swara is there?

    1. U will get to know soon!

    2. Rain_Lightwood

      Hehe confusion and drama is my specialty:p

  5. Megha123

    Interesting plzz continue

  6. Tvisha

    Hello Everyone,
    Thank you very much for the responses you gave ik its confusing but it will be interesting trust me!! I hope you all like this!

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