Messed Up Love Chapter 1


Messed Up Love Prologue : Prologue

Messed Up Love- Part 1

Hey guys!

Here u go with the first chapter! Sorry for the delay.

A girl was sleeping peacefully with her blanket on

But suddenly the alarm started buzzing loudly!

She woke up with a bang and shut the alarm

She woke up and took a shower

She came out wearing a long red skirt with white shirt and a small jacket sort of thing which was multi colour

And her hair was wet

She went into her balcony and started feeding the birds and drying her hair

Suddenly her phone rang

Girl1: swara! Yaar i forgot to do the homework ab mujhe daant padegi! Btw tu ready hogayi kya?

Yes the girl who was getting ready was none other than our cute swara!she lived in a mansion which was sooo huge that indicated that she was rich but she was never proud of that or show offed

Swara: haha chill ragu i knew tu yeh nahin karegi so i did it for u so dont worry and ya mein ready ho rahi hoon….tujhe mein bus stop mein milungi

Yes the other girl was our sweetest ragini

Ragini: u r weird swara tu itni rich hein but still u come in a bus with me!

Swara: haha leave all that ab mein rakhi thi hoon i need to get ready na bye!

Ragini: bye

At the bus stop

Ragini comes there she was waiting for swara from past fifteen mins then she comes

Swara: hey ragu sry sry ik i am late

Ragini: yeh kya hein swara i was waiting from fifteen mins thank god bus abhi aayi

Swara: tu chal in bus i will tell u

They get in

They take a seat
Swara: sry yaar woh raaste mein meine ek puppy ko dekha usse chot lagatha toh i took him to the vet

Ragini: is it fine now??

Swara: haan

Ragini: par swara u r soo rich and ur nature is soo good i mean kaise

Swara: oh come on ragu i actually hate being rich and showing off mujhe ek simple life lead karne ka shok hein not luxury mujhe comfortable nahin happy rehna hein and i am not so greedy ok?

Ragini: haha ok madam sry (holds her ear playfully)

Swara laughs and hits her on the shoulder playfully.

Soon They reach the college.

in college

Swaragini r walking. It was their first day here.

Swara: Arrey yaar when is that idiot Laksh coming?

Ragini: I don’t know. He’s always late.

Swara: haha true. I’m telling u, he must have again woken up late and given Annpoorna Aunty a hard time as usual. Even in school he did that.

Ragini laughs: Haan. And apparently this year his bro is also gonna study in same school as him.

Swara: Oh wow! But still, Lucky, u and I, we r still the threesome. His bro can join us but we three still have to be close like all these years.

Ragini: Haan Haan. Y r u speaking like this yaar?

Swara: Idk. I just don’t know y but I feel this year a lot of things will happen and we won’t like most of it. I-

Ragini interrupted: Hai Ram Ji! This girl started off again! Swara chill out Na. Nothing will happen. Our lives will be boring as usual.

Swara: I hope so. Anyways, Ragu lets bunk first period today Na? We have to catch up on so much!

Ragini: Arrey par it’s our first class. I’m not missing anything. U do what u want with Laksh. I’m going for class.

Swara: Ok Meri ma! I’ll come.

Suddenly they saw many ppl run towards one place. They went to see what was happening. Three seniors were standing on a table in between cafeteria. They were two boys and one girl.

Guy: Ok guys! We’re back to college. And u shud know that life is boring here. But to make it interesting, we have a super plan. First of all, lets bunk classes. Second, lets play pranks on teachers. Third, v need to organise secret parties.

Guy2: Haan! THAT TOO WITH DAROO!!!!!

Girl: Abbhay idiot. Pehle introduce Na. After all out juniors need to know who’s the boss.

Guy: Haan! So guys! We r ur senior’s. U HAVE TO LISTEN TO US! The three of us especially. I’m the boss Raj. He’s the second boss Ajay. And she’s the lady boss Kavitha. And u have to respect us and call us boss.

All scared: ok…

Raj: Good… Now we have to do the normal ritual. RAGGING! For juniors.

Some junior piped up.

Junior: But boss ragging is a crime by law.

And that was the worse thing for him. Kavitha glared.

Kavi: Oi u! What’s ur name?

Junior: Shankar Prasad.

Kavitha: Shankar Prasad. Well Shankar, ur a junior. Rite? (Shankar nods) good. Raj give him the first dare.

Raj: K Kavi. Ajay where’s the list of tasks?

Ajay: It’s here. Take.

He gave it to him.

Raj: Task one. Shankar, u need to remove ur clothes and sing a song for us.

Shankar stared shocked.

Ajay: Oi phattu. Do it fast.

Shankar: Par boss- my izzat-

Ajay: Abbhay Saale. U want us to spare u rite? Then do it. Otherwise I can punch. I’m a black belt champion.

Shankar: No no. Pls don’t.

Ajay: DO IT!

Shankar got scared and removed his shirt and pant and sang. Every senior laughed while juniors got scared. Swaragini got pissed. But Ragini was scared of these kind of things.

They continued doing that to all and finally reached Swaragini. Kavitha glared at them and Raj and Ajay started checking them out evilly.

Swara who was impulsive decided to argue now.

Swara: OH HELLO! Stop looking at me like that u dirty rotten pig. I’m not gonna do any of this shit.

Ragini hit her head.

Raj: Oh really?

Swara: HAAN! And if u force, I will send u to jail. Ragging is a crime.

Raj: yeh toh Bahot bolti hai re. (She speaks a lot)

Kavitha: yes and we have to do something about it. (To Swara) Oi. We r ur senior’s. Learn to respect us. Or else we have horrible ideas to torutre u. U will regret being rude to us.

Swara: Bah! I’m not scared of anyone.

Ragini pulled Swara: Swara Chup kar. CHALO.

Ajay laughed: see ur friend is smart. But not smart enough. Both of u aren’t going anywhere.

Raj: what r ur names?

Swara angrily: ABBHAY Y SHUD I TELL U! FU-

Ragini: Uh sorry. (Scared for Swara) I’m Ragini Bose. She’s Swara Gadoddia. (Told Swara to shut up through eyes)

Raj: Hmm. Ragini ur smart. U don’t wanna disrespect seniors rite? (Ragini nodded as she was scared of what they might do to Swara) smart girl. So ok. We will give special exception. We will let u go. No task. Coz u did so much by respecting us without us asking u. But ur friend- (looks at Swara) she needs to be taught a lesson.

Ragini: pls don’t-

Swara angrily: ABBHAY SAALE WHAT WILL U DO HUH? U try doing something then I’ll break ur bones. GADHA!

Kavitha: Oh madam! Chup. Bilkul Chup. What do u think of urself huh?


Kavitha angrily: Oi. Don’t u dare talk to me like that. Do u know who I am?

Swara: Even if ur Bill Gates’s grand daughter I won’t care. And do u know who I am? No! So shut the f-

Ajay: Keep quiet. Raj she needs the hardest task.

Raj smirked: I know what to give her. But she may not have the guts.

That hurt Swara’s ego.


Raj: Shut up. Now ur task is- (reads the chit loudly to everyone) Swara u have to kiss someone. Now!

Swara was shocked. Ragini started getting scared. Everyone started hooting. Swara got really pissed. But she couldn’t backdown now or everyone will call her a coward. So she started walking. All senior guys were cheaply forwarding their lips to her. She shoved them away and started thinking. Ragini was glaring at Raj but she was scared. Suddenly Swara got an idea and she ran to the centre, grabbed Ragini and kissed her on her cheek. Ragini stared shocked. Suddenly she smiled and both hugged. All stared shocked. Raj, Ajay and Kavitha were fuming. Raj advanced to her.


He raised his hand to slap her but in that time Swara caught his hand and twisted it hard and made Raj turn around with his arm twisted. He screamed in pain.

Swara: Abbhay Saale. What did u think huh? That I’ll give up so easily? And don’t u dare shout at me. U never mentioned where I had to kiss or who I had to kiss. So just because I outwitted u, u dare try shouting. I’m smarter and u accept it.

Ajay got angry and tried to pull her from the back but Ragini got angry and punched him and twisted his arm too. He yelped in pain. Kavitha couldn’t do anything.

Ragini: Aur agar tumne phir se ragging Ki, toh Bhagwan Ki Kasam, we won’t spare u.

They pushed Rajay (Raj+Ajay) and made them fall.

Swara: CHALO Ragu.

Ragini equally angry: Haan.

They push past Kavitha and go holding hands and showing everyone that they’re United. They high fived each other and grinned and went away walking hand in hand.

BG- Jeevan Yeh Suro Se Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suro Se Banati
Bajati Hai Toh Pyaar Ke Dhun
EK Dhoop Chanchal Hai
EK Chandini
Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilo Mein Hai Pyaar Bhara
Suro Se Saji Hai Swara
Rago Se Rachi Hai Ragini
Swaragini… [pls I (Rain) typed the song out by myself without looking at the Internet. I’ve legit by hearted the song. Haha taarif toh banta hai:p]

End of the chapter


Credit: TRP

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