a message to all swasan raglak fans

So guys you all might be aware of conflict which is going on between swasan and raglak fans see first i wanted to tell you what did you get by bashing say me pleasure happiness no bashing only creates your image wrong infront of others youll bash varun namish teju and helly what you get by bashing them swasan will praise you if youll are bashing raglak or raglak will praise you if youll are bashing swasan see i agree cvs are not giving equal importance to both of them but you should tell them instead of telling bad to others i see many raglak fans bash swasan if their scenes are more and sometimes swasan fans too bash if raglak scenes get an extend why dont you guys be mature and think that this show is of both couples and you what i want i want in show half swasan scene and half raglak scene this will be the main reason for high trp but you fans will not understand this you will only bash them do what you want one day the show will end then whom will youll bash you know i myself feel sad to say this but i am really scared that swaragini will end soon because of us.

In recent interview raglak said that they were not given importance thats why trp was not good see their point of view is right show is of two couples and only one should get the importance its just not fair but raglak were not bashing swasan they were indirectly telling to cvs to give total importance i am swasan and raglak fan i love both of them so plz guys its hightime to act like mature and stop all this dont be one you all work seperately swasna fans will do their work seperately and raglak fans will do their work seperately but plz dont bash also its a request guys plz

Hope youll will understand and will stop all this

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  1. I agree swasan fan always bash teju they directly they don’t leave her in birthday also whatever teju they are taking it in another way they are biggest bcoz they are saying don’t watch see the current track is not raglak it is swaragini track then to swara is getting more scene but swasan can’t understand a small thing if they don’t watch then show is gonna offair as they already shown swasan track

  2. Sumeeta

    sorry i am not fully agree with u.yes raglak deserve proper track kyuki ye show swaragini hai.woh log bhi to main lead hai.par unlogo ne jaisa publicly dusre lead pair ko insult kare hai wo mai nahi man sakti.mujhe raglak sceene se koi problem nahi hai.jab unka track chala to main bhi to sr dekhiti na.i am a swasan fan nd regular viewer of swaragini.so unko samajna chahihe jab unka track chala to trp bari to usme swasan fan ki bhi contribute hai.they are public figure they have some sort of responsbility towards her viewer.swasan fan is a royal watcher of swaragini.showing disrespect to viewer they just show their arrogance.
    ye comment kisiko bash karne k liye nahi kiya.
    aur ha trp ki jaroorat undono ke bhi hogi.
    unke ei comment k wajha se most swasan fan jo abhi tak ek sec swasan sceene k liye bhi swaragini dekte the ye bakwass drama tolarate karthe the wo ab show dekna band kia.
    trp barti hai agar story achha ho
    ekdusre ko bash kar k bhi koi phaida nahi hai.bashi kark ham apne fandom ko hi defame kar raha hai .

    1. Anniya

      Summeta leave it , no one will understand us. All r saying swasan fans are planning to quit the show after teju statement. As I know raglak fans had already quit the show some time ago due to improper track . if swasan are quitting shows the reason is not less scene of swasan……
      I had watch all the track from beginning but this track I am not liking…

      1. Sumeeta

        Seriously they had already left the show now they told us like a saint.fake pregnency drama hi bakwas hai.i am living far outside of kolkata where town nd village dissolved into each other.before 5 years a lady from my neighbour blessed with a sweet lil girl even she have a married daughter nd a grand child nd she have a boy who was in 12th standard that time.but this lady have a guyss to stand for their child without doing any kind of drama.it was real fact nd the girl now read in school.even they face some rud behaviour of society.even mu grand parents criticise their decision.reality me a lady stands for her children but reel me nahi ho paya.so this fake prego drama total illogical.so trp based on proper good story.this is the most important.
        Other fandom show dekhna chordia to tab koi problem nahi.now all r become saint.
        I am one of those fan jo maine kabhi temish ko kabhi bura baat nahi bola.kyuki dusro ko ganda bolna na mere parents ne sikhya hai .nahi mera adat hai

      2. Vyshu10

        yes….till now even if the tracks are boring, we used to see only to catch a glimpse of swasan bt now even our patience level is decreasing

  3. Dr do u think tis type of article ill change tem never….swasan fans r planned to quit t show fr some time becoz temish said tat trp has decreased bcoz of their less screen space…I think u would hve read all those comments in fb I don’t want to tell anything….even nw also u having hope of union hmmm I don’t think so…let swasan fans quit nd many raglak fans hve quit already ….trp ill fall v low…tey going to off air SR wit happy ending…I really wanted tis let those 4 leads live peacefully wit new projects..I’m sure tey ill get better tan tis fr their talents…sry if I hurt u I understand ur feelings but I surely mean t above I stated…world war ill cntnu even if u fly 1000 dove’s…even I wish fr union but never nd ever gng to happen

  4. you r 100 percent right. well said dear. atleast now stop fighting guys don’t bashing others don’t hurt others feelings also

  5. Mica

    it’s all about bussiness, dude !!!

  6. ya swasan fans ave decided nt to watch because ty want to show who the trp gainers are.seriously??!!.tats stupidity..temish said tat bcz mny raglak fans r nt watching the show bcz f no raglak.so tats effecting trp.so if ragalak scenes r incuded even raglak fans ll watch n both fans together ll watch n trp ll increase.i dn think tr z ny offnce in saying tat.n ty dint bash swasan n din say nythng wrong against swasan.

  7. You r right..we fans should not bash..it spoils our image only infront of othrs…nd swasan nd raglak dnt want dis bashing..thy just want our support..nd da fault is of cvs who r nt gvng both da pairs equal importance…i totally agree with u..i m swasan fans nd i love them a lot but its nt dat i dnt like raglak..i like dem..nd trip depends upon da story line..if its good den their wil b no problm..hope cvs undrstnd dis nd make a good storyline of swaragini…love u swasan…

    1. Mica

      well said mahjabeen… some of us watching swaragini upon the storyline,

  8. I equally love both couples. Earlier when tejasswi was claiming for positive role, I supported her as that was her right. But in IVs what tejasswi said is highly unacceptable. None asked her about trp but she said trp reduced as no raglak scene. This is overconfidence of her. If equal screen space won’t be given to both couple then trp will reduce but none can say on IVs that no raglak scene so trp is reduced. This is unprofessional and against the working ethics of an actor/actress. Then namish also said sorry in the IVs and both laughed like the mocked on other couple. This is what I don’t agree. VaHe has also massive fandom and tejasswi mustn’t be overconfident for her presence in show. The current track is such to reduce the trp. Just think on neutral POV not on any couple’s fan. I have not bashed tejasswi here but only say my observation..

    1. Mica

      their statement is kinda ignitying fire in swasan-raglak’s war.hmmm…something fishy here, did those 2 couple secret behind the scene ? awwwww…i’m waiting 3rd world war for sure,,,hahahaha

      1. Mica

        *have secret

    2. Vyshu10

      When earlier Tej asked for positive role, that was reasonable. Then, she again asked for equal screenspace, that is also fine. But constantly complaining about the cvs is highly unprofessional.

      1. Anniya

        Right yr, she must talk to CVS not on national TV.whatever may be reason. I am not saying she is right or wrong but this is not good….

  9. Im a die hard swasan fan.. But still was not hating or bashing raglak or temish as personal.. But whay they both commented in iv was totally unprofessional and unethical.. How cud someone comment such abt their own crew and CoStar’s… It was not at all fair.. Felt pity on them.. Bcs hate is a very strong emotion and now they dont even deserve to be hated.. Loving swasan for their real and reel life.. Among all if them actually helly is the bestest.. Her behaviour had made her a star.. She deserve even more and more.. So simple and down to earth.. Don’t have any hate or complaints against no one.. Happy with what she have nd always try to support each and every one related to her.. She is the youngest one but she is matured and knows the limit to be in.. Even Varun in personal interviews behave annoyingly.. But she is adorable in her own way.. Now abt Temish.. Common yaar.. Grow up kidoos..
    Now abt trp nd quitting.. I dont personally believe in quitting the serial to show the fan power of swasan.. It has been proved swasan fan power is much more bigger than raglak.. Still its her over confidence which made her comment so.. Leave it guys.. Who damn care about tej.. We need swaragini to be continued and not go off air soon.. So better watch the show for our swasan even if it is for 2 mins.. We are grown up people right.. If we too behave like raglak fans whats the difference..

  10. U r right
    Everyone is bashing each other
    Sometimes it happens that one couple get more importance but it doesn’t mean that we should bash other
    I m too a sr fan plus both couples fan

  11. in a recent interview tejaswini nd namish said dat bcz raglak didnt got any proper track dats why trp bcm low..how can an actor/actrss cn said lyk dat????its clearly shws hw jealous immature and unproffessional dey are…

    alrdy tejaswini shws how unproffessional she is by dng quittng drama bt now namish too..i didnt expect dis frm dem…

    dey openly tell dat trp is low bcz dey didnt get track..nd dey mockng and insultng swasan..is dis the duty of an actor/actrss..dey r really unproffessional..its clearly shows tejaswini nd namish too jealous of swasan..dats why dey insultng swasan..so i decided to stp watchng sr raglak track..

    dey said dat nxt week is raglak track so watch sr nd increase trp aage ka to hame pata nahi.nd startd to laugh nd mockng on swasan..if acters to start behave lyk dis????really now i hate tejaswini more..everytime she shws hw immature and unproffessionsl she is…if actors to shw dis type of behaviour den hw we fans cant stp..dey inditectly dey put fire btw swasan nd raglak fans..

    nd sr lost its charm..its really bcm boring day by day..really SR givng negative vibes..i m really disappointed by tejaswini nd namish..

  12. really swaragini lost its charm..nd their fans are ready to kill each other..swasan fake marrg was one good thng done by cvs..i didnt lyk any othr track aftr that..nd because of some fans lost intrst in SR..nd i too saw that interview..really disappointed with tejaswi.its over confidence and unprofessional thing of tejaswi.really felt bad..the actots also partivipate in fan war and put oil in dat fire..really disappointed by tejaswi..she already proved that she is unprofessional now again..its good that request for their scenes and appreciate their fans..but its not good to insult othr actors and self praiseness..

    now i love helly more than tejaswi..earlier i love yejaswi more but not now..helly is youngest but she is enough matute to hanfle things nd she is soo professional..

    i stopped watchng SR also my neibours also stop watchng that crap show.

  13. Sumeeta

    hello my dear raglakains
    ham sab jante hai charity apne hi gahar se suru karna chahiye.so raglakian tum jao apne fb page pe aur dekho swasan aur helly k lie kitne ganda comment karte ho tum log.aur you tube k temish iv k bhi ja k deko helly k lie tum log kaisa kaisa comment likhe hai.islie mera tumlogo k liye heartiest request hai ki tum jao apni fandom ko aur apni fav actor actress ko bolo dusro ka insult na kare.tab hum tumahare bat samajenge .aur tumahere comment ko manne ke koshish bhi karenge.so start charity from ur fandom.

    this iv shows difference between two person mentality.here one person(helly)stops her fan to do not bashing her co actors.or another place someone or some people insult their co stars.
    kudos to helly.i am proud to be her fan.
    love u hellly??????????????????

  14. shut up u swasan fans always u people start the fight when swasan track was going on we tolarated and watched swaragini and u mental people cant understand temish they said no raglak scens so trp decreased she didnt even take swasan name but u morons just want a chance
    all swasan fans who have quit they are really conspired hahahaaaaa
    quit no problem raglak fans had quit now even u do the same trp goes down no swasan ur mahan swasan will not be there nor ur raglak nce na worst fandom i have ever seen chiiiiiiii

    1. Mica

      so far, as i can say, swaragini got the highest level when ragini turn to negative.
      so, instead of asking raglak track, temish should ask cvs to turn them in -ve role
      btw, sam didn’t u see that the 1st comment in this page is raglakian who blaming swasan, soo, who start fighting na ?:p

      1. Anniya

        Right mica, raglak are pure soul. They are always right only we swasan are wrong.

    2. Sam dear please calm down.I know many of us raglak fans r hurt n angry with the bashing of our temish n especially teja. But that doesn’t means na we use bad words against other. We can put forward our opinion in a polite way with decency.No need to use bad words. We can be polite n give answer. Even I feel like crying the way temish has been bashed especially when she was just speaking her mind.But that doesn’t means na I will not maintain decency. The best answer can be given in a polite way.Hope u don’t mind dear.From a fellow temishian.

  15. i have stopped watching this show long back as i am raglak fan. i c not much of their track. i do not hate swasan but i like ragluk . where i do not get what i want , just stopped watching it. . after memory loss drama started i have stopped watching the show.

  16. can ny1 give me the link of temish iv plz….

  17. Guys guys guys… First cool down. See from tejaswi POV. She signed a positive role but CVS made her negative. She asked them to change to positive. How it is unprofessional. U signed 4 something nd playing something else. How will u play something else when u don’t like it. And I don’t think negative characters must be negative till the end. They can change also… Then coming to interview they indirectly mentioned to give them equal importance. Did they mention about swasan. Whether u ppl like it or not agree there was no proper track of .raglak. (NOTE: I am not bashing helly or swasan). Temish mentioned trp got low not coz of their overconfidence but they knew some raglakians already quitted the show. So y can’t CVS show swasan nd raglak simultaneously….. And coming to interview guys stop comparing every person to helly. Helly is a very matured nd hard working girl. I am really surprised how she is managing sr, studies nd jhalak. It is really great. I respect her. But remember teju/namish/varun all 3 r different ppl. U can’t compare them to each other. I don’t think swasan nd raglak fans will unite but guys pls atleast respect each other as human

  18. Sanjanaagrawal

    U r absolutely right … I am also fed With this bashing …. plz guys stop this bashing … I am aalo a die heart fan of swasan but I never bash with raglak fans …. plz guys stop ur nonsense …. plz …… plz unite …. or itherwise one day swaragini will end and u will loose ur fav couple forever…..

  19. Kaynatk01

    hello everyone i have said all this so that youll can stop fighting but youll started here too ok keep going hatsoff to this fans keep going

    1. Think u read my comment above no article no gud lectures by gud heart like can change tem leave tem to fight ….till SR goes off air …

    2. Heltej

      Both fandoms are like followers of political parties..if they come face to face… They will ripe off their head… I dont know when they get this much time to bash each other!
      Both the fandoms wants to prove that… ‘tejaswi is unprofessional and helly s***t with other to get screen space’… I think they have experience in this thats why they are telling this! Most of the fans are under the age of 20… If they have this much negativity.. How they survive rest of their life…
      Please bashers, consider my advice start a bashing school.. Trust me you will be successful in that… You can show whole world we can stoop low this much…
      One more thing as life goes on, we will have different taste… Our likes will get changed.. That time don’t regret for what telling now!

    3. Heltej

      Sorry dear, it was not for u… I wrote my frustration about bashing… Fed up with fan fighting

    4. Mica

      i can assure you that WE ARE IMMPOSSIBLE hahaha

  20. I alwy adore heltej bond..though i luv swasan mre but i also lkd raglk.i never hve problm wid both couple equal ss but after that temish interview i m really hurt..i also thought they shre friendly bond..but temish intervw clearly shws their jealously..n yes guys swasanfan luv them..they r loyal viewr of swaragini..mre than any other actors of shw v luv swasan..v’ll wtch only fr swasan after this week..

  21. Its highly immature to think that Teju said sumthng wrng..

    if its soo den Helly nd Varun Said – Aap log ladte raho accha lagta hai ” .. Dis means literally says Vahe r instigating Their fans to fight with nxt couple ‘s fans..

    But RagLak fans didnt mde ny blunder of it cz they knew They said as joke..

    But wen TeMish did same ss fan found it fishy.
    Nami said srry nd dey laughed wat does this mean .. it shows dey were kidding but no SS fans tuk things saying Dey mocked Swasan.

    ppl need to grow up.
    Dey were really having problms den 4 of dem wud nvr agree for ny iv together..

    But no SS fans r soo much indulged in these things They demself are not able to see the fact nd r running behind it who instiagte dem to fight.

    They r insulting TeMish in everyway but RagLak fans didnt rply for it.. instead they said SS fans r promoting Ragini in either way..

    SS fans r insulting TeMish in such a way that ther are using such words which shows their Mental stability which is seeking for very serious treatment.

    They are not insulting TeMish but insulting their Upbringings.

    I believe both couple r the main lead so both should be given equal important nd Equal screen space.

    Ss few fans quited show as soon Ragini got scenes got start but nw Teju ‘s iv statement is just one lame reason for quiting show.

    If SS were treated like RL then m sure ss fans would react in same way.

    RL fans quiting SR or SS fans quiting SR wont harm any four of them cz they hv much potentiality yo hoop in nxt show .. its us who will not get our fav couple ny more cz aftr disgraceful trp show will go to off air.

    M not sating SS fans to watch SR cz its their choice..

  22. Kalih9

    100% correct
    Both Swasan & Raglak are best
    Don’t fight……………………….

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