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So ok guyz I know this is not my business about what u write in ur ff. But I am getting tired of people doing all ff about swara. The show is not only about swara it’s about ragini as well. But u all seem to just see swara. U guyz r just loving swasan. And all dont like laksh cuz he never trusted swara. But ur forgetting it was sanskaars fault for playing with ragini’s mind. Swara forgives sanskaar and give him another chance but laksh she didn’t even forgive and he also deserved another chance. No one saw ragini’s pain. All saw swara’s pain.

Even in the show its all about swasan seriously why did they name swaragini when its about swara. Showing swara as mahan. When both ragini and swara should together. The show should have been about how 2 sisters always stood together. But here its showing one nice sister and one bad sister.
The writers of this show are not understanding and keep adding stupid plots. Seriously. By making ragini marry laksh proving bad won over good. They should have made swara marry laksh and ragini marry sanskaar. The writer gave high hopes for swalak but the end they lied. Honestly speaking I left watching the when ragini and laksh got married. I only watched it because of ragsan. Now it so boring. And becoming like other shows adding black magic.

I know there are a lot of swalak and ragsan fan. Especially me I am a die hard fan of ragsan. But if tge wrieters were going to make swasan they did not need to give false hopes about ragsan and swalak. Honestly speaking varun and teju (sanskaar and ragini) would have suit better.

sorry if I hurt anyone’s feeling. But its true. Its my opinion

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  1. Some ppl should stop all dese argument abt the pairs…if any one likes raglak nd swasan nd den read dere ff md if u don’t like den don’t read…but no one can just say like dis day ppl plzz dere r many swasan ff write ragsan ff…if ppl r soo interested in raglak ff den write your own ff nd njoy,bas problem solved…nd actually in the serial d writers r making us confused abt ragini’s character…we can understand dat she’s obsessed with Laksh but her gesture towards swara s always changing,sometimes she’s very caring nd sometimes she’s negative…but for dat plzzz don’t hav useless arguments abt d ff’s

    1. exactly hetal, I totally agree wid u. abt the pairs. I hav seen many ppl saying make ragsan and so on.. I just hate these kidda ppl, they r giving mental tension to readers, if they dont get pairs as expected they say like, u cheated us.. this one would hav make this pair.. I am reading it for last time.. arey yaar, if u dont got pairs as u wished then why dont u ignore it widout giving tension to writters, they hav thought some plot by themselves, those ppl dont understand, how these writter hav to take time to write ff and post it and entertain us.. but we ppl nvr think abt them and demanding for what so called pairs.. I wanna rqust those who say make these pairs, plz ppl start to write ur own ff.. and let writters to continue wid their own plot wid their own planned pairs.. totally agree wid u hetal.. and wanna rqust writters to stop so called poll conducting btw pairs..

  2. hey there now ragini ff too.
    ragini did many mistake .. ya first it becz of sanskar if someone really feels guity for his doings then he is forgivable..
    n ya i just want to say its not rags mistake only mistake of laksh he broken ragini heart many types now he playing with grl dignity its so bad..
    its writers mistake completely…
    i seriously like all four nemish helly teju varun they r best…

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Agree dear…..

  3. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Hi everyone…..
    First of all it should be more about shekar and sumi…..
    The serial’s mean theme in the begining was to unite them both…. i actually in the beginning expected they will show more chemistry between these two like Ram and Priya…..
    But they didnt…… okay then they showed lak, rag and swara love triangle…. i expected for swalak…. then they brought in sans and i thought it will be swalak and ragsan….. but indeed it wasnt like that…. then they made rag completely negative and sans to turn good…. okay one good thing sans turns postive…. then they showed lak, swara and sans love triangle…. this time i saw sans love and i was confused to choose between swalak and swasan…. and of course i was this time sure of changing to raglak chemistry because she deserves her first love….. most of u say rag and san look like bro n sis…. but how does rag n lak look???? The same bro n sis…. rag need some better pair…. for swara both look good…. now writers show lak betraying rag but from the time she got back her love as AP said she is good….. and the title is swaragini not swara’s love triangle….. every time i feel betrayed when the writers change the plot…. ssooooo sad but now i want to see swasan and raglak…… sorry if i hurted anyone….. i want to see swaragini together and give cute sisters love and fight and sameway laksan…..

  4. I 100% dont agree wid u.. frst of all I wanna say, as per I got news swasan were finalized frm the frst.. to get trp and so all.. they showed us abt swalak.. it was the main twist in show… how to make laksh fall for rag,, as we knw opposite attarcts.. so it was raglak.. and abt swasan they r the bst onscreen couple on tellywood.. infact, I nvr took any pair of serials so seriously, I nvr wanted anyone’s chemistry to be show.. as I always wanted story.. but swasan, I am very much attracted. . I nvr watched anyone’s iv.. but swasan I havnt left one too… they both r magical..
    and abt ff.. there r many ff based on ragsan, and ragini.. giving more importance.. I think u havnt read any ff clearly, u can find giving importance to raglak, ragsan and ragini… many more.. but when u all find a bit long scene for swara then u all started to think like, they rnt giving any importance to ragini.. and for those who all r thinking that rag getting less and swara getting more then I must say that all ppl day’s come.. simultaneously, as swasan r getting now importance, raglak will be getting more nxt time.. so wanna rqust u all to keep patience and watch..

    1. exactly even I said the same thing

  5. wat d blo*dy bullshit r u saying…..srry to say i didnt agree with u…if u like nagini aka dat so call big face rags den u write ur own ff on bigface…..i thnk u guyzz are feeling jealosy dats why u guyzz writing dis type of stupidity….
    i only see dis show only for ma helly frm d starting not bcz of her character…yeah somewhat i like her character too…her cute face childish acts her attire…i like her to be modern….literally saying i hate raginifrm bgnng idnt like dat behenjii acts her attire…i like her to be modern….literally saying i hate raginifrm bgnng idnt like dat behenjii look…nd look how dat behenjii changed to wearing sleevless with exposing her belly…chiii….its my personal comment nd personal view….
    nd if u like ragini more or laksh ragini more den write ff abt dem…dnt dare to interfere with swara , swasan fans… dat way u can reduce ur so called jelousy

    nd one more thing it just a fiction nt reality…if u guyzz wanna to scold anyone plzz scold writerss…nt any characters frm shw especially swara

    NP: no offence………….i dnt care

  6. Actually,there are points in what u have written but have to say something,daily soaps can’t survive without some drama,but swaragini writers’main mistakes were they included multiple kidnaps,made a lead character negative inspire of the fact that she had lots of fans, showed swalak though they had plans to include a new pair opposite Swara(I am saying this because, in a video titled chit chat with Helly and Varun or something,Nikitha is also there in that interview,Helly had said the following when asked about Varun,she told,”I have watched his shows before and had found him very cute,when he came for look test with me to the set,I told my mummy that Saraswatichandra waala ladka aaya tha mere saath look test karne ke liye,(so if they didn’t want to pair Helly and Varun,that look test would have been with Ragini.Helly also said that mummy also told “yea,that boy is so cute”,Helly concludes by saying that he is so fair that I look darker in front of him),so it is up to the writers and production house to decide about twists and turns and pairs, the ones with the stupid twists ever like SSK are getting high trps for years and good ones like IPKKND,Madhubala have survived just one yr,two months and two years and two months respectively, but can’t deny the fact that Swasan has a lot of fan following and that must have surely influenced the writers to proceed giving more importance to Swasan but Raglak story is just going to start,their cute scenes indicates that it won’t be bad.So swasan fans,Raglak,swalak and Ragsan fans are all right in their point of views, ff writers should be appreciated for their effort,it is not at all easy to write good episodes continuously which many of them are doing very nicely.It is up to them to decide the pairs that they wish to write about and up to us to decide whether to read or not.

    1. yeah!!! i agree that stupid show like ssk is gaining more trp… 1st they started to show simar’s married life, then sister’s bonding… there are too many characters but many of them are just standing like a statue… because of the elderly people that show is still running… but IPKKND and madhubala have huge youngster fan following… so they watched the episodes on youtube and some other ways…. so trp dropped for that they can’t bring saas bahu drama and at the same time more sizzling chemistry…

  7. hey lila!!! yeah, you are right in your point of view… everyone has their own taste. some people like swasan or swalak or ragsan or raglak or none of them. actually, i am not a regular viewer of swaragini initially. i started to watch often after sanskar’s entry, to precisely say, the time ragini was turning into negative. so obviously, i had a soft corner for swara so i also wanted swalak that time, just for swara. but i started to like swasan. then also i wasn’t a regular viewer. the ff’s made me fall for not only for swasan, for raglak too. at the time, most of the ff’s based on swasan and raglak. now, i am not comparing but there are ff’s based on ragini, ragsan. so you can read them and i am sure you also love them.
    as the people said before, please don’t fight regarding the pairs. it’s of no use. if you don’t like the ff, just leave it and read some others. if you liked those pairs so much, just give a try to express your view.
    to the writers and to the future writers, please don’t ask readers to vote for pairs and even don’t discuss it with them. don’t give them false hope conducting polls two, three days. because at some point, some people will get hurt by that. if you are confused with the pairs then don’t start writing. just take some time, decide the pairs and clear your mind then start to write. of course, the creator in you knew the couple. you surely shaped up your story and imagined their character with the pairs. just go with it. if you do it to gain more comments then you are the loser. because they are commenting the pairs name which increases the number of comments. once you announce the pair, you will lose many readers which will just increase your mental stress and decrease your confidence. hook up the readers with your story not with the pairs. you can take it as a request or anything else. i don’t care about it and if you get hurt by my words genuinely then i am sorry. otherwise i mean each and every word.

    1. U are right ,polls before continuing with fan fictions,annoying it is.

  8. I totally agree with you Lila you are right in every way… You have write it superbly… Even I was thinking about it… Very well… HATS OFF TO YOU

    1. Thank u jassi

  9. Hmm… i m a fan of swaragini n nw swasan.. bt i must say that u ppl sudn fight over d pairing in d serial.. its all decided by d writers n here our individual liking cant go up to the mark.. they cnt mk evryone happy.. n yes the recent couples make good pairs but i found arnav-khushi, rk-madhubala n such couples had a better chemistry..but i must say just to drag the serial the writers always don needa start a black magic wala track..its really quite like a crap.. i seriously saw these foolishness in serials like SSK n recently ended QH.. introducing such stupid tracks in this gen y is really boring.. if they have to keep in touch with reality then negativity can also b shwn in sm odr way.. then again pyar ki ye ek kahani lk serials wr entirely based on vampire track n d lead pairs chrmistry md dm a hit.. but y black magic in a pure sisterly love showing show? The writers must focus on d title n the tagline of d shw.. n u ppl musn blame d characters or the persons enacting them… they r acting according d script.. dats deir wrk.. stil tejaswi wantd to lv d shw bcz c ws being shwn too negative.. which ws a deviation frm d actual theme.. i support her cz.. n u ppl musn fight over the ffs too… its really worth appreciation dat d writers have so much creativity n they r shwng that thru their ff… let them decide d pairs.. evn if d ask d readers to dcide… u all cn suggst bt final dcsn must b of d writer n again writer cnt mk evryone happy.. u ppl read d ffs accrdn to ur choices… finally i must say knwingly or unknwingly u all carry SWARAGINI inside ur hearts… dats y dere r so many ffs n cmmnts bout ds serial.. isnt it?? 🙂 i truly thank d ff writers fr presenting us such good ffs… dmtimes i feel sm ffs mudt b md into an entire serial.. so good they r…:-) dont fight be happy

  10. I hope i m not hurting anyone’s feelings here.. if i hv done plz frgv me.. we must b optimistic.. may b the present track isnt up to d mark bt whu cn say the next track wnt shw sm good track.. may b love bloosoming in d srl.. d writers too hv to drag d serial n dat is hw dey r doing… we lk d track or pairs or not..

  11. Well, it’s not a problem for me whether they pair Ragsan or Raglak. I started watching this serial after Varun’s entry. When it was shown that Sanskaar is just acting and Ragini and Sanskaar together are planning against Swalak, honestly I started imagining Ragsan as a perfect couple. After some episodes I saw Swasan together and then people all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were like Swasan rocks! Swasan this, Swasan that! Well, after reading all that stuff I started watching this serial regularly and even I felt like really Swasan are made for each other. Then, a time came when Swara didn’t accept Sanskaar and doubted him for Ragini’s kidnap. After watching that episode I was like “Enough of this!, it doesn’t matter now how the couples are paired for me what matters is that Sanskaar should be there in the serial, because I used to love his acting from the start and till now I love his acting and the last but not the least he is the most sensible person after all.”
    So, whether it is Swalak or Swasan, Raglak or Ragsan I just want Sanskaar to be there. ?
    I hope I am not hurting anyone’s feelings. ?

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