The Mermaid: A Fiction with fantasy and love [Episode 1]

This Disney fiction is a little bit different when conpared to the original “The Little Mermaid”. This is written by me (Critic) with an inspiration and it is based on my favorite series, Naagin. The story and cast is also being similar to Naagin but the twists will be different.

Introducing the characters of “The Mermaid”

Ariel (A Mermaid, main female protagonist) [Shivanya]

Eric (A Prince, main male protagonist) [Rithik]

Sofia (A Mermaid, main female antagonist) [Sesha]

Triton (Orina sea’s king, and Ariel’s father) [Naag Raj]

Adella and Andrina (Mermaids, Triton’s daughters, and Ariel’s friends) [New]

Ellen (King of Heudon, Eric’s father) [Ankush]

Isabelle (Queen of Heudon, Eric’s mother) [Yamini]

Ursula (An Octopus, Triton’s sister) [New]

Episode 1: Ariel saves Eric from drowning

The first episode starts with a beautiful mermaid enjoying at the seashore. She sleeps there and visions a dream. In the dream, she sees a handsome Prince in danger under sea and saves him while he is unconscious. She wakes up suddenly and looks at a travelling ship. She says dreams are meant to be false in most cases, but to me they are not, why? Flashback shows childhood of the mermaid, where little mermaid tells her mother that she saw a dream in which Sofia took my beautiful crown and pushed her. The mermaid Ariel’s mother tells her that dreams don’t mean anything true, Sofia would never do that. After sometime, Ariel’s father gifts her a crown. She wears it and thanks him that he brought a pretty crown for her. She shows it to her elder sister Sofia, who sees the crown with glowing eyes. Sofia takes the crown away from Ariel and pushes her accidentally. Ariel cries, thinking my dream came true. Out of flashback, Ariel says it had not happened once; but thrice. She tries sleeping again when she sees a Prince drown in sea water. She goes to him swimming and recognizes him as the man in her dream. Ariel helps him get out of the water and takes him to the seashore. He lies unconscious while Ariel thinks how to make him reach the ship. She wakes him up by some way. She leaves from there while Prince Eric is getting conscious. He sees her blurred when waking up. He says who saved me, no one is here, how can I call out to the ship for help? Just then, a crab passes by and he panics seeing it. He finds a watery ring and thinks this can be the ring of that savior woman, I need to find her and return this ring soon…

Precap: A woman with shiny eyes is introduced. Later, she says I came here for revenge after 20 years, I won’t leave that Heudon royal family for the past. She enters the Heudon castle as a waitress and smirks. 

This is a small part and from next episode it will be big. Guess who the woman in precap is! Read next episodes too for revelations.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow..mermaid story on naagin characters is superb.loved the mermaid saving the prince.hope he will be able to find her.though i know the story i’m excited to read ur version.but it will be better if u use the names from naagin like ritik shivanya shesha instead ariel eric sofia as its the naagin version of little mermaid.otherwise it will b like reading the real little mermaid

    1. Critic

      This fiction is based on non-serial. So I combined both the Mermaid and Naagin stories, and am using Mermaid characters. If I use Naagin cast names, then it will be same to that of Naagin episodes updates and regarded as duplicate content.
      Next episode by today or tomorrow.

      1. Jasminerahul

        Its fine if u don’t want to change their names.Actually there were fairy tale ffs on other couples.but in those ffs they used the serial character names though the story was inspired by the fairy tales.So I felt that it would be easier to imagine Arjun Mouni Shesha if you use their Naagin character names instead of the real names.But its fine.Waiting 4 the updates.I was reading an Arshi FF based on Little Mermaid.But the writer disappeared.So I was disappointed about not being able to read the further story.So happy that u r writing a ff on Little Mermaid.hoping to read the full story here on the magical couple ArjuNi

    2. Critic

      If Arjun, Mouni and Adaa play these roles on screen again, then I assure that the show will be top. Just like Naagin, if Ekta Kapoor produces Jalpari then it would be great. I love fairy tales. ?

      1. Jasminerahul

        i agree with u

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