Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 11)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 10th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

I’ll mainly focus only on AvNeil story .

If you have missed the 10th episode here’s the link

Episode 10

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Mehta mansion – Dayawanti’s room

In the evening

Dayawanti’s room

Dayaben is sitting on her bed . She seems to be sad and she’s seen talking to ashish , deeksha and ketan .

Dayawanti : I don’t know why god has still kept me alive and ….

Ashish : (cuts Dayawanti in between ) ma why are you talking like this ?

Dayawanti : I just feel like ….

Ashish : (cuts Dayawanti in between ) ma please don’t say like this and Don’t stress yourself.

Deeksha : ma just because you got a heart attack that doesn’t mean that you’ll die . Many people are surviving with this and after taking care of themselves now they’re absolutely fine . You’ll be fine too .

Ketan : Just a matter of some days ma . You’ll feel bit tried but You’ll be fine .

Dayawanti : I don’t want to be here .

Deeksha : What do you mean by you don’t want to be here ?

Dayawanti : I feel disturbed . And I don’t want to be here that’s it . I want to go to rajkot back again . I’ll feel relaxed if I go there . Just book a ticket right now

Ashish : ma seriously ? Today morning only you got discharged but you’re saying that you want to travel ?

Ketan : ma but you need to rest

Dayawanti : (signals ketan to stop talking ) I’m absolutely fine . Please just book a ticket for me .

Ashish , deeksha and ketan see each other

Deeksha : ok ma . We’ll check .

Ashish , deeksha and ketan come out of the room .

Ketan : Ashish bhai do you think It will be safe for mom to travel ?

Ashish : even I’m thinking about the same .

Deeksha : I think it’s  better to ask to the doctor .

Ashish : yeah let’s ask the doctor . So that we might know whether ma can travel in this condition or not .

Scene 2:
Khanna mansion and Mehta mansion – Neil’s room and Avni’s room

Neil keeps thinking about Avni .

Neil : how dare that girl Avni Mehta can mess with me ? Thank god her brother took her away and left .

He remembers Aman acting weird seeing him .

Neil : why did that Avni mehta’s brother was acting weird when I said I’m a police officer ?

He then remembers Avni calling her brother Aman .

Neil : wait wait …. that Avni called her brother Aman ….. and … that avni’s sur name is Mehta . Let me recollect Avni called her brother Aman . And her sur name is Mehta . That means ….. Her brother is Aman Mehta !

Neil is shocked to know that avni’s brother is Aman Mehta .

Neil : (keeps his hand on his head) oh god ! How did I just …. That Aman Mehta was in front of me and I just … I missed him ! WHY AM I LIKE THIS !

Neil gets frustrated .

Neeraj and DD enter Neil’s room and they see Neil .

Neeraj : (to neil) bhai What happened ?

DD : sir is everything ok ?

Neil : (sits down and nods no) nothing is fine DD …. nothing . We missed him .

DD & Neeraj : Who ?


DD : (confused) Wait What ? Aman Mehta ? How did we miss him ? And when did we see Aman Mehta ?

Neil : DD remember that girl Avni ? Aman Mehta is her brother!

DD : Sir I’m confused . How is Aman Mehta related to Miss Avni ?

Neil : when I and Avni were arguing she mentioned her full name that is “Avni Mehta” . When her brother came and asked her what is she doing while I was talking with Avni , She called her brother “Aman bhai” . So see Avni’s surname is Mehta and her Brother’s name is Aman .

DD : That means he’s Aman Mehta ?

Neil : yeah DD .

DD : Sir but how can you be sure that Miss Avni’s brother is that same  Aman Mehta who is involved in this case ?

Neil : When I mentioned that I’m a police officer He started acting weird . And he wanted to leave that place as soon as possible so that we won’t doubt him .

DD : Sir we need to do something As soon as possible . We need to catch him and arrest him soon .

Neil : No. Unless we have or get any proof against him we can’t arrest him . We need to talk to Avni regarding her brother . DD you said you have that girl Avni’s number right ?

DD : yes sir .

Neil : give her number to me . I’ll call her .

DD : ok sir

DD gives avni’s number to Neil .

In Avni’s room

Riya , Avni and Aman enter Avni’s room

Avni is upset as Neil threw her bag and she lost some of her anime series .

Avni : I lost everything ! I lost my favourite anime series !

Aman : (rolls his eyes) you’re saying this for the 100th time ! I’ll get you a new cartoon series DVD …



Riya : CAN YOU GUYS JUST KEEP QUITE (to Aman) leave her alone She’s already pissed off !

Aman : but she’s (he suddenly gets a call and gets tensed seeing the phone) Ah… I’ll be right back

Aman goes out

Riya : (confused) what’s wrong with Aman ? He’s acting very weird these days . Anyways who cares ? now I’m going to my room .

Riya leaves the room .

Avni : (sits on her bed) I’m bored .

Avni gets a call from Tara

Avni : (in call) Hi Tara .

Tara : Hey Avni . Tomorrow are you coming for the wedding right ?

Avni : (confused) Wedding? Whose wedding ?

Tara : WHAT ! You forgot about our friend Maya who was also working with us in School as an English teacher ? How did you forget about that ? She even personally invited us for her wedding !

Avni : oh god ! I’m so sorry . After Daadi fixed my marriage I left the job and i was not in touch with anyone and now I’m just working with music director Vidyut so I …..

Tara : anyways forget that . You’ll come na ?

Avni : of course . Tomorrow morning I’ll come to Sukoon house and let’s go together .

Tara : ok . tomorrow come soon . We’ll be waiting for you .bye.

Avni : bye .

Avni cuts the call .

Avni : oh god how did I even forget about my friend’s wedding ? I need to attend that . But before that I’ll call Vidyut inform him that I won’t be coming tomorrow and if I talk to him for sometime I’ll feel relaxed .

Avni tries to call Vidyut but he doesn’t pick up .

Avni : what happened to this Vidyut now ? I’ll better call Reyhanaa . She might be there in office . She might know where’s Vidyut .

Avni calls reyhanaa .

In Neil’s place .

Neil tries to call Avni but she’s busy as she’s talking to someone else . He again tries .

Neil : oh god this girl …. seems like she’s on another call .

Neil tries to call Avni .

In avni’s room

Avni is talking to Reyhanaa .

Reyhanaa : (picks the call) Avni ?

Avni : Hey Reyhanaa .

Reyhanaa : Hey ! How are you now ?

Avni : I’m good

Reyhanaa : And Sorry …. I head that your marriage didn’t happen .

Avni : Hmm … yeah . I ran away .

Reyhanaa : Really ? And thank god your marriage didn’t happen . When Vidyut learnt that you were getting married he was  ……

Avni : Vidyut was ?

Reyhanaa : nothing . Anyways forget it . But yeah why did you suddenly call me ?

Avni : yeah . It’s about Vidyut . He’s not even picking up my call . Do you know where he is ?

Reyhanaa : Ugh . He didn’t come to office since 2 days . (Some one calls her saying that she should come for meeting right now) Hey Avni I need to go . But yeah I have his another personal number . It’s his new number .  I’ll ask him to call you right now. Ok now bye .

Reyhanaa cuts the call

Avni : but wait … anyways fine .

Avni lies on her bed and stares at the ceiling .

In Neil and avni’s place

Neil is finally able to call Avni .

Neil : (calls avni )

Avni gets a call from unknown number .

Avni : (takes her phone) Unknown number ?

She remembers Reyhanaa saying that she’ll ask Vidyut to call her from his personal number .

Avni : (smiles) I know it’s definitely Vidyut

Avni picks up the call and she starts talking continuously thinking that it’s Vidyut .

Avni : (receives the call) Hey Vidyut ! Where are you man ? You are not even picking up my calls ? Are you that busy ? Thank god You finally called me now .

Neil : (thinks) Vidyut ? Now who’s that ? (To avni) hey I’m Ne…

Avni : Vidyut What happened to your voice ? Anyways who cares about that . You know what ? I want to tell many things ..

Neil : hey listen to me I’m not .. …..

Neil accidentally puts the phone on speaker

Avni : (keeps talking and doesn’t listen to neil) you know I’m in a very bad mood . You know what happened today Vidyut ?

Neil : Let me talk and listen to me first . I’m not …

Avni : I’ll listen to you later . Today I again met that CRACK ACP NEIL KHANNA in the mall . You know because of him I dropped my favourite chocolate ice cream . You know what I did ? I spread that ice cream on his face ! And his face looked like a monkey

Neil gets angry . Neeraj and DD are trying to control their laughter .

Neil : (thinks) why is she saying about this to everyone ! And how dare she call me monkey and crack again ! She’s mad !

Neeraj : (to DD) oh my god she calls bhai crack , monkey ? Nice …

Neil stares at DD and Neeraj .

Neil puts the phone in normal mode .

Neil : (to Avni) can you stop ….

Avni : (cuts Neil in between ) I won’t stop talking and yeah if I see that crack again I would punch on his face for sure!

Neil : (gets angry) OH SHUT UP ! WILL YOU EVEN LET ME TALK ?

Avni : Vidyut What happened to you ? Your voice sounds strange and why are you behaving like this ?


Avni : (confused) WAIT WHAT ??? ACP Neil Khanna ?

Neil : yes it’s me !

Avni : (confused) Then …. I was not speaking to Vidyut Ah ? And you were the one who called me Ah ?

Neil : Yes I was the one who called you now and you were talking to me . Stop acting Dumb .

Avni : Why the hell you didn’t tell that you are mr.crack ? And how did you get my number ?

Neil : Did you even let me speak ? You were talking continuously ! and yeah now listen to me …


Avni cuts the call


Neeraj : Bhai do you think she’ll talk to you after the Ice cream incident which happened between you both in the mall ?

Neil : (sees Neeraj) Wait .. how do you know about this ?

Neeraj : (points towards DD ) first DD told me . I didn’t believe at first but after what that girl Avni said in the phone I understood that DD was saying the truth .

Neeraj and DD laugh .

Neil : Yaar DD why did you ?

Neeraj : bhai but seriously no one had the guts to behave like this with you . But that girl … she spreaded ice cream on your face . I wish I was there to see your ice cream spread face my bro .

Neil :  Neeraj …. you know what ….. never mind. DD you call her She might listen to you . And put the phone in speaker mode .

DD : hmm … fine sir.

DD calls Avni


Neil gets annoyed and Neeraj keeps laughing

DD : No No relax ! it’s not crack it’s me Officer Darshan Dhawan .

Neil stares at DD when he calls him crack .

DD : I mean it’s not Neil sir I’m officer Darshan

Avni : Thank god its you . Do you know what happened  in the mall today ?

DD : of course I know everything . I was very much present there .


Neil gets annoyed .

DD : (sees Neil) Miss Avni …. he’s standing beside me and the phone is in speaker .

Avni : let him hear I don’t care .

Neil : (takes the phone from DD) ANYWAYS ! NOW LISTEN TO ME CRAZY GIRL ! It’s important …

Avni : Why should I listen to you ? And what’s so important that you want to discuss it with me ?

Neil : it’s important .. it’s about .. it’s about a case … so listen .

Avni : (cuts Neil in between) if you want me to listen first ask sorry for behaving rudely with me and thank me for saving your life that day .

Neil : WHAT ! NO WAY !

Avni : if you don’t then bye .

Neeraj : (to DD) seriously bhai won’t apologise .

DD : (to Neeraj) true …

Neil : (to Avni ) OK FINE !

Avni : Good for you

Neil : (in an annoyed tone) Miss Avni I’m extremely sorry for behaving rudely with you and  yeah thanks for saving my life .

Avni : Apology accepted and you’re welcome .

Neeraj and DD get surprised seeing Neil apologising to Avni

Neil : Now listen to me . I want to discuss about an important case with you .

Avni : Important case ?

Neil : yes . I can only talk about that if we meet each other . Can we meet tomorrow morning ?

Avni : Wait Wait Wait …. why can’t you just tell about that in phone ?

Neil : (annoyed) it’s …. it’s important . Try to understand .  So can we meet tomorrow morning at 11am ?

Avni : But I need to go to my friend’s wedding . I can’t ……

Neil : (cuts Avni in between) We are definitely meeting tomorrow ! Or else  I’ll come to your place ….

Avni : NO NO ! Well I’m going to my friend’s wedding at the same time. Before that I need to go to Sukoon ghar too .

Neil : We have to meet ! No excuses . Because it’s really important . I’m requesting you !

Neeraj and DD are surprised seeing Neil’s behaviour .

Avni : Oh My God ! You … Mr. Neil Khanna … You are Requesting me ?

Neil : (rolls his eyes) yes ! I’m requesting you . So Please .

Avni : Hmm … As you’re requesting me a lot I’ll try to meet you before that . Let’s meet At 10am .

Neil : fine then . We are meeting in chamko café , shastri Nagar . Ok ?

Avni : ok then .

Neil : Be there on time !

Avni : I KNOW !

Avni cuts the call .

Neil : (gives the phone to DD) this girl is seriously crazy !

Neeraj : I think She’s not crazy . Seems like She’s kinda kiddish that’s it . And yeah for the first time I’m seeing Mr.Neil khanna apologising , thanking and requesting a girl .

Neil : (rolls his eyes and he’s sits on his bed) Neeraj … I was helpless . Anyways .DD now you go and collect all the information about Aman Mehta .

DD : yes sir .

DD goes out .

Neeraj : ok then . Even I have some work . See you later bhai .

Neeraj too leaves .

Neil : (to himself) I hope this girl Avni helps me .

Scene 3 :
Mehta mansion – Avni’s room , hall

In avni’s room

Avni gets ready for her friend’s wedding and she calls Tara .

Avni : (in call) hey Tara . I’m ready and I’ll come to Sukoon house in few minutes . But before that I need to go somewhere . But don’t worry I’ll come soon .

Tara : ok fine

Avni cuts the call

Avni : I need to met that crack today . Or else he might come to my place too . But I want someone to drop me …… Let me ask Aman bhai .

Avni goes to the hall and sees Aman .

Avni : thank god bhai you are here .

Aman : Avni where are you going ?

Avni : to my friend’s marriage . But before that I need to go to chamko café . Will you come with me ? Please ?

Aman : Umm. Ok . Let’s go .

Avni and Aman leave the house .

Scene 4:
Chamko café

Neil is seen sitting on a bench and he’s waiting for Avni .

Neil : (sees his watch) now the time is 10:02am . This girl said we’ll be meeting at 10am . She’s not punctual and She’s insane .

Aman and Avni reach the chamko café .

Aman : What are you going to do here ?

Avni : I have to meet that crack .

Aman : eh ? who’s that crack ?

Avni : He’s a stupid guy . You wait here or else You come with me .

Aman : Ugh ok I’ll come with you .

Avni and Aman enter the café . Neil sees Avni and Aman entering .

Avni sees Neil and goes near him .

Aman is shocked to see Neil there .

Episode ends

Precap : Neil and Aman have an argument . Neil plans to catch Aman red handedly . Samrat gets a new bike for his 19th birthday . Saisha and other kids requests Avni and Tara to book tickets and take them all for watching The IPL match Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians in the Wankhede stadium .

I’m so sorry for updating late . I was busy with exams and my schedule And I was not in a mood to write ??? . If the episode is bad I’m sorry for that . I hope you all liked this episode and yeah silent readers do read , like and comment if you like the episode .

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