Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 9)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 8th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . As I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes. I’ll try to give big episodes . From April 3rd I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical mistakes I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

If you have missed the 8th episode here’s the link

Episode 8

Enjoy the episode .
Scene 1 :
Mehta mansion – hall , Avni’s room and Aman’s room

In Aman’s room

Aman again gets call from the person again

Aman : (in the call) hello … umesh see … let’s do one thing . If you really want to discuss about the dealers let’s meet In Phoenix at 1pm ok ? Now bye . Let’s meet there .

Aman cuts the call and leaves the room

In the hall

Avni comes to the hall

Avni : did Daadi come ?

Ketan : not yet .

Aman too comes to the hall .

Dayawanti returns from hospital and everyone are happy seeing her.

Dayawanti enters the house

Avni : (gets happy seeing Dayaben) Daadi …

Dayaben smiles seeing Avni and everyone . Avni hugs her.

Ketan : ma I’m so glad that you’re fine .

Dayawanti : yes . By god’s grace I’m fine .

Dayawanti sits on the chair .

Hetal : ma how are you feeling now .

Dayawanti : good .

Hetal : now you need to take medicines properly on time . Take care of yourself

Dayawanti : yeah yeah …. Asha Now take me to my room I feel bit tied .

Asha : ok

Asha takes Dayawanti to her room .

Aman goes near Avni and tries to talk to her

Aman : Avni ……

Avni angrily stares at Aman and she goes from that place .

Aman feels bad . Riya sees this .

Riya : (goes near Aman) now what happened to her ?

Aman : I just shouted at her . And she got angry . I need to do something so that I can change her mood.

Aman and Riya go to avni’s room .

In avni’s room

Avni is seen watching anime on her computer . Aman and Riya enters avni’s room .

Aman & Riya : Hey Avni (sits on her bed)

Avni : hey Riya .

Avni sees Aman and gets annoyed

Aman stares at Avni and he smiles

Aman : Avni I said hi .

Avni pretends as if she didn’t hear Aman .

Riya : what are you watching ?

Avni : Death note .. I love this anime a lot

Aman : (laughs) Avni are you a kid ? You still watch cartoons ?

Avni : (stares at Aman) that’s Anime !

Aman : yeah that’s what I meant . You still watch cartoons like kids .

Avni : (stands) Do you have any problem if I watch anime ?

Aman : eh… Avni I didn’t mean that …

Avni : (cuts Aman in between) and yeah Anime is not cartoon ! Now leave from this room and let me watch the anime peacefully !

Aman : (rolls his eyes) Avni … (holds his ears) I’m sorry . I didn’t mean to hurt you .

Avni stares at Aman .

Aman : I’m sorry .

Aman does 10 sit-ups . Avni smiles .

Avni : Apology accepted .

Aman : (gets relieved) thank god .

Avni hugs Aman .

Riya : what about me ? Did you guys forget me ?

Avni : offo Riya .. come on join

The trio hug each other .

Avni : (breaks the hug) but still . Why did you cut the call when I entered ?

Aman : (thinks) what to say ?

Riya : even I noticed . You were acting suspicious Aman .

Aman : Erhh … pla … plan !

Riya & Avni : plan ?

Aman : umm… actually we all were busy these days and we didn’t have time to talk or enjoy … so I planned to take you all somewhere like trekking or ..

Riya and Avni see each other . They get excited and they start jumping and shouting . They hug Aman

Riya & Avni : (in excitement) YAYYYYY! (They hug Aman)

Aman closes his ears

Aman : Stop shouting … and don’t squeeze me !!

Riya and Avni break the hug . Deeksha comes inside

Deeksha : My god ! Aman , Riya , Avni … stop shouting ! If you keep shouting like this we all will become deaf one day !

Aman : I was not shouting deeksha bua !

Deeksha : I don’t care about all that . You all just have in mind that your Daadi Dayawanti Mehta is a heart patient . She needs to rest . So don’t shout .

Deeksha leaves from that place .

Riya : Aman you could have told us .

Aman : I wanted it to be a surprise . That’s why .

Avni : So tell me . Where are we going ?

Aman : I want you guys to decide . But before that let’s go and shop right now .

Riya & Avni get surprised

Riya : Aman … are you serious ?

Aman : yes !

Avni : You are talking about shopping and you’re planning to takes to shopping

Aman : Yes ! And yeah if you ask another question again I won’t take you for shopping .

Riya : ok fine we won’t question you anymore . But you have to pay all our bills .

Aman : (rolls his eyes) ok fine ! now let’s go and get ready .

Avni : yeah ..

Riya and Aman leave avni’s room

In Aman’s room

Aman : (to himself) I’m sorry Riya and Avni . I lied to you guys again about the trekking thing . If I take you guys to the no one will doubt me . I’m so sorry . But what to do i’m helpless .

Aman , Avni and Riya get ready and they leave the house .

Scene 2:
Police station and Neil’s home

Neil reaches the police station and he goes to his place . Neil’s team (DD,Suketu,Kamal,jaspreet , nishant )enters the room and they salute Neil .

Neil : DD so did you get the information ?

DD : yes sir

DD gives the file to Neil . Neil starts reads the file .

Suketu : So sir …

Neil : (cuts Suketu in between) don’t disturb me when I’m reading .

Suketu : Sorry sir.

Neil reads the file and keeps it on the table .

Neil : hmm .. so as DD said … it’s about stolen bikes are being sold illegally by some group of people . Right?

Jaspreet : yes sir . A person who’s name is umesh Gupta got caught and he’s a member of that gang .

Suketu : And we made him say about what all he knows about this group .

Jaspreet : A person named Karan Kukreja who is also know as K.K is the leader of the gang .

Neil : K.K …. now Give me the details of the other people who are in this gang involved in this .

DD,Suketu,Kamal,jaspreet , nishant look each other

Neil : (rolls his eyes) can anyone give me the details of the gang ?

Nishant : Sir we don’t have any other information about the gang .

Neil stares at everyone .

Kamal : b.. but ..

Neil : (cuts kamal in between) What ba ba ? Tell properly kamal .

Kamal : Sorry .. I mean we do have some information about another guy about whom umesh told us now . We told him to make a call to that person and talk . We tracked them on call and we got some information . Seems like they were planning to meet in phoenix shopping mall today at 1:00pm and they were talking about that .

Neil : any other information about them ?

DD gives a file to neil

DD : we just collected the information about these 2 . The details are in the file .

Neil takes the file and starts reading

Neil : So The 1st one is this Umesh Gupta and the 2nd one is …. Aman Mehta . So DD I need all the information about Aman Mehta . And yeah we need to go to Phoenix mall soon …. And yeah do you think Aman Mehta knows that umesh Gupta got caught by us ?

Nishant : no sir . He might not know .

Neil : good then . I guess we need to go to phoenix mall soon . And yeah let’s were casual outfits go there so that we can catch him easily .

DD,Suketu,Kamal,jaspreet , nishant : yes sir .

Neil : ok then . Now the time is 11:00am. So let’s go home , have lunch and change our outfits and meet at 12:00pm

DD,Suketu,Kamal,jaspreet , nishant : ok sir .

Neil , DD,Suketu,Kamal,jaspreet , nishant leave to their place .

After changing their outfits they meet again and they start leaving to the mall .

Scene 3 :

The police team reach the mall . They even bring umesh Gupta with them so that they can catch Aman .

Neil : (to his team) guys see … if you find anyone acting suspicious . Inform me .

Team : ok sir .

Neil : (to umesh) hey you . You remember what you have to do right ?

Umesh : Ugh… yes sir .

Neil : if you plan to do something … you know what will I do .

Umesh nods .

They enter inside and they act casual and they start roaming here and there .

Here Avni , Aman and Riya enter the same mall .

Avni : finally we arrived .

Riya : now let’s go and shop .

Aman : you guys go and shop . I’ll come in few minutes .

Riya : Aman are you planning to escape ? Because you don’t want to pay the bills .

Aman : (rolls his eyes) Riya … don’t worry I’ll pay your bills but (shows his little finger) it’s urgent .

Avni and Riya see each other and start laughing

Aman : What’s there in this ? It’s natural !

Avni : now you go and come soon !

Aman goes to washroom

Aman : (thinks) while Avni and Riya are shopping . I need to talk to umesh .

In the store Riya and Avni are seen choosing some tops

Riya : (takes 2 tops) Avni … tell me which looks good on me ? The baby pink one or the red one ?

Avni : Hmm… I think the baby pink one suits you better …

Riya : even I think the same

Avni : (feels hungry) Riya I’m feeling hungry . I’m planning to go and get something to eat . Will you come with me ?

Riya : Ugh … no . I’m not feeling hungry . But still get me an Ice cream and French fries . I’ll be here .

Avni : ok then I’ll take your bag .

Avni takes riya’s bag goes to food court .

Avni : (goes and orders food) so … I would like to order 2 ice cream cones . one chocolate and one raspberry and … yeah … one pizza , 2 French fries and 3 vegetable sandwich and one lemonade .

The guy in the counter : mam seriously you ordered too many things . So are you planning to eat everything?

Avni : (stares at the guy ) why ? I’m feeling hungry and I’m placing the order . Do you have any problem ?

The guy in the counter : ugh … no mam . Pay 900 rupees

Avni : (pays the bill) and yeah just pack the French fries , pizza and sandwiches . Now bring the ice creams and lemonade .

The guy in counter : that’s 30 rupees more .

Avni : oh god ! why didn’t you tell me before !

The guy in the counter : you just now told me to pack the food !

Avni : (rolls her eyes) fine then .

Avni pays the extra amount . The guy packs and brings avni’s order French fries and all … she keeps the food parcel in riya’s bag .

She then takes the ice cream cones in her right hand and lemonade in her left hand .

Avni starts walking but suddenly she collides with a person and the chocolate ice cream falls down .

The person turns out to be Neil . Neil and Avni get shocked seeing each other . They stare at each other .

Episode ends.

Precap : Neil and Avni start fighting . Neil gets angry . Neil gets suspicious seeing Aman’s behaviour .

I’ll update the next episode tomorrow evening or night .

I hope you all liked the episode . And sorry if it was bring .And I won’t drag it , I’ll try to end it soon And silent readers do leave your feedbacks .

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