Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 8


The Suryavanshi Family returned home.

Rishi : Papa

Ritik : Yes, Rishi

Rishi : Papa, why shiv ji chose us to take care of Naagmani?  Why not   anyone else?

Shivriti: Yes, I also want to know

Ritik :  Ok, I’m saying.  Once upon a time there were two prince Suryapratap and his brother Chandrapratap. They lived together. One day their father gave Naagmani to them. Suryapratap was dedicated to save the Naagmani. But Chandrapratap wanted to steal the Naagmani and take its power. So, shiv ji divided them as Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis. From that day Chandravanshis would attack every 25 years and would like to see Naagmani but never succeeded in their work because of that wall which can only be broken by a Ichadhari Naagin.

Rishi : Papa I’m going to America for official work

Shivriti : Papa, I’ve to go with Bhaiya. 

Ritik : Ok go .

They both go and Shivanya comes in a sad mood

Ritik : Shivanya, what happened? 

Shivanya : Ritik, today is Shesha’s birthday and i can’t wish her because she is now in the side of Chandravanshis.  Now we are not sisters because it was written in the book. (Cries )

Ritik :   Shivanya , its not your fault . Don’t cry .

Shivanya stops crying and Ritik makes her smile. The share a eye lock

Here on the Mahesmati side Avantika made Shesha’s marriage and she had a son named Sheshrad who was against Mahesmati.  Her husband died. Sheshrad lived in Suryavanshi side. He hated Shesha. Sheshrad was a Naag

Ritik got close to Shivanya. He kissed her lips. Then he kissed her neck. Shivanya got shy and pushed him and was about to go when Ritik held her hand and pulled her . She fell on Ritik. Ritik slowly untied her blouse dori and turned her . Shivanya unbuttoned Ritik’s shirt and kissed his neck. Ritik pulls Shivanya’s saree and removes it.  Shivanya removes Ritik’s shirt and kissed his chest . Ritik kissed her lips , neck and then shoulder.  He turns Shivanya and unhooks her blouse and covers them with a blanket . After some time Shivanya woke up and saw Ritik sleeping on her.  She slowly got up and went to change.  She left a note for Ritik which said :

Ritik, I’m going to the jungle to bring some flowers  . I’ll be back soon. 

Your Shivanya

Ritik got up and reads the note and goes to jungle. He founds Shivanya and when they were returning a car kicked Shivanya.  Shivanya fell and got unconscious. The car driver went out and came to Shivanya.

Ritik : Shivanya, Shivanya get up , please Shivanya

Car driver : Oh I’m really sorry!  Please take her to hospital.

They sit in the car and went to the hospital

On the way

Car driver :Well my name is Sheshrad

Ritik : Oh, hi Sheshrad would you please drive fast

Sheshrad was thinking

Sheshrad : Why I’m feeling that she is like my mother ? Why ? Do I have any relationship with her?

They reach the hospital

Doctor :  She is ok now. She’s just unconscious but she’ll gain consciousness within two hours. Here are some medicines . Kindly buy these.

Ritik : Thanks doctor

Sheshrad :I’m going to bring the medicines, Uncle. You go to her

Ritik goes to Shivanya. Shivanya gets up and they talk . After some time Sheshrad comes back and Shivanya gets astonished to see him because Sheshrad fully looks like Shesha.

Shivanya asks 

Shivanya :  Who are you?

Ritik : He is Sheshrad.  The car driver

Shivanya : Come here .

Sheshrad : Yes aunty

Shivanya :  Well can I ask you a question if you don’t mind?

Sheshrad : Sure Aunty ,

Shivanya : Are you Shesha’s son ? Are you a Naag ?

Sheshrad : Yes but how do you know? Are you Shivanya maa?

Shivanya smiles and nods her head . Sheshrad hugs Shivanya.

Sheshrad : I’ve been searching for you since 17 years. 

Shivanya : Sheshrad,  how is Shesha?

Sheshrad : Don’t ask about her . She is not my mother

Shivanya :  Sheshrad, I’m not your maasi because Shesha is not my sister any more.

Sheshrad : But can I call you Maa?

Ritik :  Why not you’re like our son? You’re like Rishi and Shivriti to us.

Sheshrad :  Who are they ?

Ritik : They’re our children. They’re coming tomorrow.  Come with us

you will meet. Well they both are Naagin?

Shivanya : Rishi is not, Shivriti is.

Sheshrad : Shivriti, that’s a innovative name.

They all went home

Precap : Shivriti to fall in love with Sheshrad.

Credit to: RS

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