Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 7

Ritik and Shivanya went to take the book and read it.

Now after 17 years 》Ritik and Shivanya were blessed with a daughter. They named her Shivriti. She was a Naagin and had all the powers that Shivanya possesed. She also had the Suryavanshi symbol as Ritik had it. She also got the boon that no one can take her powers neither her can lose it. She was only a golden snake like Shivanya . But when she used to be snake in anger her avatar comes out very dangerous.There was only 1 year for Mahesmati night. Shivanya and Ritik taught Rishi and Shivriti everything from a very child age . .Shivanya told Shivriti to hide her Naagin avatar and pretend to be In front of the humans.

There was fine morning . The Suryavanshi Family was in the temple and Yogiraj was giving them blessings.

Yogiraj :  Sada Suhagan Raho. Amar raho

Shivriti and Rishi : Bless us  Gurudev

Yogiraj : Vijay Bhava , Ayushman and Ayushmati Bhava

Suddenly there was huge storm

Shivanya :  Gurudev,  what is this?

Ritik :  Yes Gurudev

Yogiraj : Its the blessings of Shiv to all of you.  You are immortal now Ritik and Shivanya.

Shivanya : Why Gurudev?

Yogiraj :  Because,  till now you’re saving Naagmani. So this blessings is given to you.

Ritik and Shivanya hug each other . They go to home.

Precap : Shivanya to hospitalised.

Guys i know I’ve written short because i could not get idea. Would you suggest me ?

Credit to: RS


  1. alia khan

    Hii my friends as you know I also write a ff. But a problem occurs. When I complete my details and the security question, I click the button of submission, it gives the answer”Please do not load this page directly. Thanks!”
    So how to write??
    Plz reply to my question.
    Everyone who writes ff’s.

  2. Shreyaa

    RS why is shivanya getting hospitalised. Plot the upcoming story the way you want. It would be the best as all your ff’s are excellent.

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