Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 6

After Seven years 》 Rishi is going to school .

Shivanya : Rishi, come take your bag.

Rishi : Yes ma!

Ritik : Rishi,  today is your  test ! So, best of luck.

Rishi : Thank you papa, Maa I’m going to school.

Rishi goes from there and Ritik gets a phone call. It was the phone call of Yogiraj.  He reminds him about the prediction.

Shivanya :  What happened Ritik?

Ritik : Shivanya, Yogiraj called and reminded about the prediction. He’s serious and said to find if Rishi is a human or Naag?

Shivanya : Yes,  Ritik yesterday I was also thinking about that .

Shivanya comes and hugs Ritik from behind sees his Suryavanshi symbol on his neck. A idea strikes to her mind .

Shivanya : One minute Ritik!  You have this in your neck which I don’t  have if Rishi has that then he is a human other wise he is a naag.

Ritik :  Shivanya, are you confirmed that this plan will work?

Shivanya :  Ritik, it will work.

Ritik : By the way, do you really don’t have the sign?

Shivanya : No, I don’t have.

Ritik : Show me

Shivanya turns and Ritik sees the sign there and says

Ritik : Shivanya you’ve the sign

Shivanya : What?  You’re joking

Ritik : No I’m  serious.

Shivanya : I was a Naagin.  How can have this sign

Ritik : Only Yogiraj can tell us lets go

Ritik and Shivanya go to Yogiraj in the temple and tell every thing. Yogiraj says

Yogiraj : That day when Shiv ji had blessed you. He made you one, he made you together, he took Shivanya’s power and made her a human , he made you one and gave Shivanya that sign . Now Shivanya is also a Suryavanshi.

Ritik : Shivanya your plan will not work because now you’re a Suryavanshi also.

Shivanya : Yes Ritik

They both pray to Shiv ji and Yogiraj says

Yogiraj :  But listen to me Shivanya is now a Suryavanshi.  No one can know because it can bring danger as Shesha is still alive .

Ritik :  Yes, Gurudev.

Yogiraj :  After 2 days from there will the maha moni purnima . In the purnima you’ve to go to panchner haveli and bring the book of secrets of Naagmani.  You both have to it and prepare rishi because I’m getting signals of danger after 18 years from now. It will the Mahesmati night . So prepare Rishi for it .

Shivanya : Yes, Gurudev.

The reached home and Rishi came back from school .

Ritik : Rishi how was your test today?

Rishi : Very nice papa, I got 10 out 10

Ritik :  Wow! Now you go and play.

Rishi goes from there and Shivanya comes

Shivanya : Ritik,  I’m not feeling well.  I’m going to rest.

Ritik : ok go

Ritik thought Shivanya doesn’t looks well.  I should go to her.

In the room Shivanya was resting when Ritik came and sat besides her . Suddenly Shivanya went to the bathroom and starts vomiting . Ritik comes there and gets tensed. He takes Shivanya out when she became unconscious.  Ritik called the doctor.

Doctor : Mr Ritik,  Congratulations , She is pregnant.

Ritik :  Thanks doctor!

Doctor goes from there. Ritik and Shivanya smile and hug each other.

Precap : Ritik and Shivanya to go to the haveli and take that book and know all about Suryavanshis, Ichadhari Naagin and   Chandravanshis

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  1. Good episode pls continue and add some rivanya romance ?

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  2. Wonderful episode

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