Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 5

They reached home and all were happy to see the boy.

 In Ritik’s room

Ritik : We will name him Rishi.

Shivanya : Why rishi

Ritik : because its formed by my name’s Ri and your name’s Shi

Shivanya : Ritik

Ritik : sssssh he is asleep now .

Ritik puts down Rishi goes near Shivanya. He brings his face near to her and kisses her lips. Shivanya also kisses her back. Ritik sleeps on Shivanya and kisses her neck . Ritik removes Shivanya’s saree and Shivanya unbuttons Ritik’s shirt and kisses his bare chest .After some time they sleep like that . Shivanya wakes up and sees Ritik sleeping on her. She smiled and got up leaving Ritik and wore her Saree and was about to go when Rishi started crying  . She picked him up and pampered him and by that crying sound Ritik got up.
Shivanya : Baby, stop crying.  You’re a good boy.

Ritik : He started crying?

Rishi: (crying)

Shivanya : Stop crying, baby. Stop..I think he is feeling hungry. I need make him drink milk. Ritik please can you bring some things which required for Rishi

Ritik : Shivanya,  I’ve some work. I am going outside and I will bring it.. Bye Rishi,papa will be back soon.

Shivanya : Take drink this! Stop crying .

Rishi stopped crying and Shivanya took him downstairs .

In the hall ,

Angad : My baby got up ? You want to come to chachu come

Rishi smiled and went to Angad.

Divya :Bhabhi,  You go rest. We’ll take care of Rishi.

Shivanya :  I’m going to kitchen.

After some Ritik came home and went to the Kitchen.

Ritik : I’m feeling hungry .

Shivanya :  Just wait a minute. 

Then Angad comes talking Rishi

Angad :  Bhabhi,  he did susu on me . Ew…

Ritik holds Rishi and Angad goes away .

Shivanya : Ritik,  please can you do one thing for me ? Mean while I’ll make something for you to eat .

Ritik : Tell me 1000 things , I can do it for you.  Tell me what it is

Shivanya:Can you please please change Rishi’s diaper?

Ritik :  He he no problem. 

Ritik thought to himself

Ritik :  How will I change a diaper?  Ok let’s see.

Ritik went upstairs and tried hard to change his diapers but all in vain . After Some time Shivanya came

Shivanya :  You’ve  still not changed his diaper

Ritik :  I don’t know how to change

Shivanya :  Ok take this your favourite sooji halwa.

Ritik : Shivanya,  how can i eat in these hands?

Shivanya :  Ok I’m making you eat .

Shivanya makes Ritik eat the Sooji Halwa and tells him to wash his hand and teachew how to change a diaper

Precap : Rishi is now of 7 years and going to school. Gurudev to remind about the prediction. ..

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