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Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 4


It was the delivery day.
In the hospital

Ritik : Shivanya, are you feeling something . Any pain or ….

Shivanya : Stop Ritik!  This was the 155th time you asked .

Ritik : If you feel some pain then tell me immediately

Shivanya : Don’t worry!

Angad : Bhaiya bhabhi’s correct.  Please don’t worry.

Divya :  Well Bhaiya do you want a girl or a boy ? I want a boy

Amrita :  Divya shut up!  Let bhaiya tell first .

Ritik :  Don’t quarrel ! I don’t have the choice. I want both .

Angad : oho bhaiya being fatherly.

Amrita : Shut up! Well i want a boy 

Angad : No it would a girl

Divya : A boy only

Amrita : No

Angad : Yes

Shivanya and Ritik laugh heartily but Shivanya gets tensed.

Ritik :  What happened Shivanya?

Shivanya : Ritik if that prediction gets true

Ritik : Don’t worry its not good for you. Whatever will happen we’ll see it later. Okay?

Shivanya nodded.Then a doctor came to ask that during delivery if  patient wants to be with her husband and Shivanya told yes and suddenly her labour pain started

Shivanya : Aaa, aaaa Ritik aaa, aaaaa??????

Ritik : Shivanya,  take in air ! Angad go and call doctor

Shivanya : Ritik, its paining a lot ???

Doctor :Only patients husband can come in , Mr. Ritik please come quick

Shivanya : Ouch !

Ritik : Shivanya, Nothing will happen.  Hold my hand .

Shivanya : aaa, aaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Painfully )

Baby cries and Shivanya gets unconscious. Ritik smiles looking at the baby but tries to make Shivanya conscious. But doctor says

Doctor :Mr. Ritik Its a boy  ..Leave her she just beared 58 dels of pain where a human can only bear 47 dels of pain.

Ritik : Thanks doctor !

Ritik smiles by seeing the baby. He looks up to him and says

Ritik : Your eyes and lips are like Shivanya. And the whole body is like me. You stole the best eyes and lips from your mother.

Ritik goes to Shivanya . Doctor gave Shivanya injection and she came conscious 
Ritik : Shivanya its a boy . Take and see.

Ritik and Shivanya smile and kiss each other. Then Ritik calls Angae and they celebrate and Take Shivanya and baby to home.

Credit to: RS

  1. Wow God episode and plus show some rivanya romance.

  2. Please continue it

  3. Awesome

  4. Please show some rivanya romance. Very niccceeee episode

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